Last night with my son for???

Well, things changed up a bit. I started to feel like I could be getting a lung infection plus Cathy couldn’t check Etta on Friday, so……we just arrived in Longview. At dark. Actually had to let Jess drive the last 5 miles cuz of my night blindness. We are at his friends house where I have just learned that not only do I have to go outside to smoke, but I’ll also have to do the freeze the butt squat pee all night long outside cuz there’s no water here. What fun.

On the trip here, an ambulance pulled up me to us. I looked inside and saw the sweetest ancient little woman and I knew she was leaving this plane. I felt sad and deep love for this tiny woman. More than I have for myself? I’m not sure. Why would that be? Why do we love others more than ourselves and even more than strangers? It’s finally sinking in. To Not love myself… the sin. What is a sin? Going against your greater good. (my opinion).

I just found out last night that the finances aren’t good. Guess he was serious about not being able to buy him that Christmas present I’d found. Otherwise, I’d be in a hotel right now. I can’t even go get myself dinner cuz I can’t drive. We will have to start living differently. Not used to scrimping. Normally hubby buys the best of everything he buys but he says my goats are costing too much….and he doesn’t have spare money now. Yikes, maybe that’s why he’s so grouchy with me the last year and a half.

Wow. I just saw on FB that they took certain special cells from dogs noses and injected them into the paralyzed part of the dog and it generated regrowth. Now that’s somethin!!! They can walk now! Read it at (SungularityHUB) probably a dot com. Wonder if we humans have these “special cells”? Nah, read further and say its still a long way off from helping humans with spinal cord damage. Wish I hadn’t read further cuz now I know that these were “controlled” injuries. Jeesh, are you kidding me? Damn.

Well, got the first squat pee outta the way…not so bad. Oooh, and changed the channel on the guys Tv and now I’m good. Transformers, yay!!! Haha, last nights attempt to show more people the blog, by adding the link to a full sized goat photo……didn’t go so great. They liked the photo though!!!! 😀 Ah well. Maybe I’ll keep trying. But for tonight, I’m thumbtyping. I’m not feeling 100%, and I’m sad about what’s about to happen with Jesse. Life. Have a Happy!!! Signing off hungrily at T’s house in Longview.













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