an Echo from the past……..and remnants of my Now

Oct 7, 2008:  ALERT….old BLOG alert….2008

Swiftly Moving Time

I evolve before my own eyes.  What used to be out of my bounds seems to be in bounds today.  My muscle pain that has plagued my lifetime, has eased.  Some.  Enough.  Breathe.  It’s not that there is no pain, but more so that I can go beyond it now.  I’m 47.  Certainly not logical that the pain would lessen and I would be building fences.  Or that my sleeping schedule would be changed so drastically.  I normally go to bed between 1 & 2 am, and wake up at 11am.  Now, in the past few weeks, since I fell in love with my goats, I wake up at 8am, and go to bed at 12-1am.  I think it’s because the Great Pyrenees pups we got sleep during the day after their hard work protecting at night.  So much is changing.  Time is speeding by like a bullet.  I erase all scary thoughts as they come.  Everything I need is available to me and life is grand.  The economy is scary, but has not affected me as yet.  I’m in the 9th year of my Spiritual Journey and my excitement is never-ending.  As half of the world sleeps an unknown sleep and the other half waits for the change, the irony is as a circle, as usual.  As the world crashes around us, I fell in love with Angora Goats.  What a special time to fall in love.  I am so blessed.  I used to scream  in mental agony, I’m so grateful to have had that drop off the grid.  In the past 3 weeks, I have learned to knit, felt, weave, hand spin, and fence.  How blessed could a creature be?  But yet, that is against my very nature.  I am lazy .  The pain causes me to be lazy.  So, something is obviously happening, at this time so near to 2012, that is changing my very core.  Seriously, the pain, so excruciating, is almost an afterthought right now.  Hurricanes activate it especially, and even then it has been  much less than usual.  Little ‘ol me did 10 hours of fence work today.  My fingers are cut everywhere, and my body aches but my goats are almost here.  Love at first sight.  There are seven.  Old lady Bonnie, Choxie, Baby Demi, Baby Duchesse, Baby Damien, Baby Doug Nobles, and old man Aramis.  I recently read a book that wrapped up my 9 years of learning, called The Serpent of Light, Beyond 2012.  I only recommend it to ones who have been studying awhile.  I am less scared now.  Fear is a thing I have been  at war with for most of my life.  I am winning now.

So, in a nutshell,  everything is happening very fast and furious, changes everywhere.  Go with it.  Relax.  Have fun.  Live, while we can.  Dream when we can.  And Love Always…………………Sheri

Well, there’s Donna, (mislabeled as Bonnie)….and not Choxie, but her most recent twins…Lily and Lila.

Wow…pretty cool, huh? I have changed, but I haven’t…..since then at least. I tried to write a blog about what is a rainbow warrior….but after two trash tosses, I said to myself that apparently wasn’t the right topic. Was trying cuz I still see it in my search engine stats. Oh well, maybe another day I’ll try again. I’m gonna let this stand as my night portion cuz it’s half a blogs worth of words, like normal. The rest will come tomorrow. As normal. And Jesse will take this laptop over into his chair there and I will get to watch Christmas Movies!!!!  Yay!!!!!! Been watching his crap for 3 icky hours! So, night night my wonderful friends. Yes, you at least know me…we are friends. 11:51pm.  And see, this is perfect. I have another old one lined up for tomorrow, then the next day will be right before I leave to take Jesse. Then it can all go back to normal, internet and laptop wise. But Jesse will not be here. I wish I knew how to make a frowny face here that would translate to a frowny face in wordpress. Ok…..Midnight exactly…outta here.

Donna’s most recent……..Valey……baby Bella, her twin was dead at birth czu she got fluid in her and I didn’t arrive home in time to swing her.Grab by the hind legs and swing like a pendulum.the liquid will come out….even if it’s too late.

My Pretties…..Yaz, Hap and Yok….Tika still in other pen

Milk…scratching an itch……..dang bugs

More Milk

Some of the Grannies

My peach…hi Georgia

Emmett…………..and Pokey cow….way in the background

Some of da Boys

Went to town today to mail Summer’s Christmas gift…money….some Blue curls and a Mama crystal or two. She likes my crystals. Then on into Bastrop for a burger, stuff to make cake, a belt for the Jess and a smoothie. See, I asked Jesse if there was any food item he wanted me to make before he went you know where. He said chocolate cake. Was planning on a fresh from scratch kind but he decided box would be better. So, at the store, I grab devils food. He says a light brown icing. Many hours later, I realize what cake he’s describing. Grammy’s cake. Which is…devils food….and the icing consists of pwd sugar, butter slices, milk and nestles quick powder. Shoot, already had half the correct ingredients when I bought the durn box of cake!!! Yum, Grammy’s cake….haven’t had it in ages cuz my newest favorite is the scratch one…yellow cake and actually chocolate in the icing.

When we headed to town, there was this horse. Very pretty and regal….running. told Jess to snap a photo. He did but the horse ran by us…so we backed up…he ran again….did the same on the way home. This was one excited horse. This is a treat to make up for y’all seeing the dead opossum from my last outing.  😀  Nothing happening in the kidding pens. And it’ll just be Etta for now…more will follow in Jan and then Feb and March. Kinda spread out this time. Very unusual and what I get for listening to others instead of myself. The hay was dry…thank you Angels….and Jesse fixed the tarp…for the moment….a good wind comes and off it goes. It’s kinda cold today. Think maybe, to save $$$, I’ll try using cardboard on the girls in the backs fences. It might last a little while….instead of tarp. Hubby wants me to use tin, cuz he already has some. Way too much work for this old gal to do alone, so no.

One very excited horse…he was playing with us!!!

I hope you enjoyed the blast from the past. Just so you’ll know….when I said…old lady Bonnie….that would be Donna. Haha, didn’t even know their names good. Hadn’t even arrived yet. This is from my old Myspace blog. Don’t worry, there’s not many left. I still think it’s fun to look back every now and then. Well, better get to going…got dinner and a cake to make. I’ll probably be leaving on Thursday and coming home Friday….10 hrs driving alone is too much for me. Unfortunately, Cathy won’t be available to check on Etta on Friday…just Thursday. I’m not worried though cuz Prayers should have it covered. Ah boy. Hope I don’t cry the whole way home. 😀  Ok, well, have a great night and a special day tomorrow. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.  And here he is… all his glory….looking fresher than fresh….in his new jeans, shirt, shoes and hat…most of it earned with his own hard earned money…….Jesse



4 thoughts on “an Echo from the past……..and remnants of my Now

  1. Awesome pic of that horse! that being has some forca, yes?!
    Nice to see Jesse =) looking crisp
    wow i remember reading the serpant of light book, years back. it changed my life also. =) love

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