Peekaboo….bullfight…..and the Last shear…sorta

Ha! So, I’m in a rush to start blogging early so I don’t have to type so much on my phone. By brain will want to spill forth and my only outlet at that point will be the iphone. My brain is working well tonight and I realized I have a second computer. Jesse asked to use it the first night I got it back after being wiped. Wiped. So stupid. Anyway, it’s there. I haven’t used it since I got this new laptop but surely it still has some kind of a word processor. Anythings better than a tiny phone. Why are apostrophes so necessary? I know that I am supposed to put one after the g and before the s… Ya, I’m being nice and letting Jesse use my laptop once midnight strikes each night. That’s blogging time. Tonight he seems to be into the movie he chose….Notorious…about Biggie Smalls, deceased rap artist. Actually, there’s not all that much violence and I can handle it as my background music for writing. Dang, there he goes for my old computer…oh well, fun for a minute. Weeee!!!!

OOOOhie!!!! It’s all still here that I can see. What in the world did they mean by wipe? Now all I gotta do is get it from here to there. Oh my goodness…aside from relearning how to type…..I, little old me…..installed my new network on here, this old laptop……and everything is here. How strange. It’s very different now. The keys seem huge, it weighs a brick or two and it’s really slow Kinda figured with a wipe it would be faster but I won’t complain cuz darn…I got a new alternative to blogging..…YeeHaw!!!! So now, I’ll just mail this to myself cool beans.

Jess and I had a fun evening so far. Yes, even watching a thug movie. I treated him to a special night. So far so great! I told him today that Etta was fixin to have her babies any day and he should stay….he smiled and shook his head and said No. He loves the goats…who wouldn’t for goodness sake….and he’s never been here for a birth, the most miraculous part of raising goats. I’m a bit weepyish about that. I’m so excited right now that I could just spit. Been praying for awhile already cuz I really kinda knew. Praying for a safe birth. I need to check Belle tomorrow. I did check both Georgia and Pearl…cuz it was easy. They let me. Found their teats but nothing else. That doesn’t rule them out cuz as I think I’ve said, they arrived here Sept. 6, five months for that boygirl trip is Feb 5. Or somewhere around there. I’ve counted it down on the calendar every year but in the end, it seems to me it’s exactly 5 months. Checked the google and the calculator and it comes to 4.83, but I just say 5 months. 😀 How much easier is that. Cuz they are pretty predictable that way. To the day. I dunno. I’m funny that way.
Kimberly from Australia, gave me, well, as I told her,….you are a treasure trove of information. The main things she mentioned were the heat lamps and the water bottles. I am working on the heat lamp issue, but the water bottle never occurred to me. In the past, if a baby is too cold, I bring it inside….Opti and Lovey. I heated Opti, then took him back to his mom. I heated him with a towel and my hubby’s arms. Lovey is the one who got the hair dryer treatment…..but then again, he was in bad shape. Anyways, ya…water bottles…on the LIST. I got a comment from someone….can’t figure out who…telling me how to tube. Thank you so much, but that explanation is not nearly enough for me to feel comfortable doing something doctors and nurses usually do. Inserting a needle load of medicine into their skin or muscle is one thing, but putting a tube down the throat of a newborn…risking going into the wrong area….is just NOT something I’m willing to do. I will make every effort to get the mama attached in that moment if I can…if I can’t, like say if it’s 2am and I’m dead tired, then I’m gonna bring that baby inside and offer it a bottle. I haven’t had one refuse a bottle yet and if they can’t take a bottle, they probably can’t live. As I said….this topic….oh whatever…let’s leave it open for now. Nightie night people from and of everywhere. 2:10am….even though I’m not ready for bed yet…not even close.

Oh my, well, the elusive JuneBug has been caught!!! He knew he was the last holdout…well, Munchkin that is….What a scene. Jesse wanted food, lots of food, so I found a bag of allstock and we just started throwin scoops around. All the cows and horses were part of the melee too. It looked like chaos, but it really wasn’t. It worked. We got him sheared…or thought we did…haha, after we got him down and back in the main pasture……realized we missed a swath on the neck. Oh boy does he look funny. Forgot the after photo so hope he’s around later to catch one. He was a good boy for shearing…it’s the getting to the stand that’s interesting….to say the least. Beautiful silver curls. He is the Last goat to be sheared for the coat. Other shears may still happen, time depending.


New fashion statement!!!


Bullfight!!!!!!!!!!! And mommy comin to the rescue

Pups penned right there by the stanchion………..letting them out cuz we are all done. If wondering why….hassle to get goat into yard with pups out.

It was interesting today. Emmet the rambouillet sheep was laying down and rocking back and forth….the two bull boys got into a fight and one got knocked down and I thought the other was gonna hurt him, and to avoid a dug up grave, we put the pups in the makeshift pen that Georgia and them used to be in….right by us shearing….gave em water and they slept through the whole thing. I used to just let them hang out with the front girls…..but that’s not gonna work anymore.

Just went out for feed and checks. Belle has NO BAG….so she’s either not pregnant or is only pregnant from trip and still has 3 months to go. One relief off my brain. Etta is very curious about me. She approaches cautiously and rarely lets me touch her maybe a fingertip sometimes….but keeps coming up to check me out….but stays just far enough away. Whereas Georgia, just runs to me when I sit. Today I sat on the ground and she just walked to my face and stayed there the whole time. Then there’s Shortcake, who used to be one of my favorites…she’s feeling jealous and waits to wham Georgia…..right when we are so into visiting that we don’t notice she’s about to pounce.

Still tryin…………Love you Maya

hmmmm, Shortcake thinkin bout pushin Belle around

Pretty girl Tika

My HerdQueen………….Mimi

Etta playing hide and seek with me

Heheheheeeeeee………………peek a boo!

Poor Shortcake…..I’m not singling Georgia out…it’s just that Georgia is a bottle baby and sticks to human legs like Velcro. Shortcake definitely has a belly growing. I hope I made the right decision to breed her….took me years to decide to try, cuz she’s so small. Forgot to move the rest of the girls around while Jess was helping me catch Belle. No rush….I may even change my mind…things are settling. Just tryin to get the right mix of goats in such small spaces. Etta is still just walking around, eating hay. I’m still hoping that she delivers before Jesse leaves. Good treat for him…before he goes you know where. I wrote a ton last night and had to delete a lot, so better go now. Signing off happily at YeeHaw Ranch.



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