…………….and it’s BABYWATCH!!!!!!!!!…….breathe…

I’ve been trying to get things done all day with extreme interference by playful little kittens. First was spinning. Lordie, they were either in the bag of fluff or on it or playing with the yarn as it has just that second been spun. Next came plying……usually such a free and easy compilation of moments. Ha. Somehow I only got tangled once. Next came hat knitting. That was the cats meow apparently, cuz they had a blast chewing on my round loom…catching the yarn in their claws and stopping its flow. I’m still dealing with them. It’s been a nonstop kitten kinda day. At this moment Wiz is in my lap and Gucci is close to my neck. 😀

Today while we were in town, I got a glimpse of Hwy. 71. It was packed to the gills. People either going home or shopping…..so glad I don’t travel on holidays or shop. I have no idea how Christmas will transpire here this year….it just feels a bit different. Shall I tell you what it traditionally is here? Well, it’s changed a bit over the years, but as of last year, we wait till 2 wks before and go to Austin. We go to certain sets of stores of hubby’s choice and grab one buggy and go about our business. Meet up, hide things in the cart….ya right, check out and move on. Let’s see. Target, Crate n Barrel, Victoria’s Secret, one of the cowboy stores, Turquoise Trading Post, Bed Bath n Beyond sometimes too. The bags get stored in my room and on Christmas morning, hubby goes thru the bags and places items in front of the person. Oh ya….I wrap it all. Hubby wraps a few. It always ends up with this huge stack of stuff in front of me. :(((. Then we have Prime Rib. :-D. Then hubby’s birthday is 3 days later and I’m at a loss just like at Xmas with what…..what do you buy a guy who if he needs it, he buys it. I dunno. Night night sweet ones. 3:17am


We ended up going to Lisa’s today to shear that goat. I explained how the clippers worked and she wanted like, the bottom ¾ taken off. Basically the same as doing a cape or blanket cut. It was a much needed experience for me, to lose the shame I carried over my mite goats. I realized I have nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just such a horrendous bugger. I really want those bugs off the planet……and lice can go right along with them. Lisa loved the clippers and decided she wanted some for Christmas. All I know, it was truly great to get to help her for a change. Reciprocity……love it. Oops…sounds like Jess is ready to go feed……………..back in a sec. Ok, well, longer than a sec…..about an hour actually. Got everybody fed…extras of grain and hay for the mommies to be. Was telling Lisa about not knowing if Etta was for sure pregnant or maybe sick…she asked if I’d checked for a bag. Duh……nope. It was such a rookie move and top it off, I actually said…..but some don’t bag up until right at kidding. I’m really not sure where in my brain that gem came from and it is true….but the real test and I KNOW THIS, is if they have a bag, is the bag warm and is it taut and shiny? So funny, sometimes I just blank out….even when I know something. Oh, and gee….had my camera in my pocket and not a single photo of shearing Lisa’s goat, Miss Claire…who is the spitting image of Mimi.


Saw this guy on the way home from Lisa’s. That face…is what I usually encounter when I see opossums. The very scary angry face…and apparently this was one angry guy over getting run over!!! He’s very dead and still very angry.






all three Pretties……………hmmm, reminds me…was thinking of moving Lily and Lila over with their mom and bring the Pretties over where Tika is….didn’t do it yet


Tika……………big ole belly


So, I texted Jesse and asked him to come back out cuz we forgot to check Etta. Boy, she sure didn’t like being caught, pulled a bronco on us……but he finally got her still and I reached around back, looking for teats and encountered a cantelope sized warm bag first. Couple more days and my new speckled baby will be having babies. Hopefully very speckled babies. Don’t know who the daddy is. Hmmm….maybe Tracee has a hunch. Oh gosh….I can right and truly get excited now!!!!


Tell ya a secret. Yes, the good goat mama in me was waiting till they were a bit older. Was gonna breed the pinto girls in March if my March thing works……But, the little girl in me, wanted to breed them now. Knew I couldn’t, and so didn’t, but in the end…..some or all of them may be bred anyway…..either from the trip or before, but not from after. The day they got here, they were separated and have been since. Gosh, guess I’d better wash the baby coats up real quick and scrounge up the iodine….charge up the good camera…………. What else? Have gloves and lube, just in case…..have powder colostrum and replacer….new nipples. No…I do not have stuff to tube…not going there people. If the vet decides he wants me to know and he teaches me very well, then I might consider it…otherwise…no….and don’t go telling me I killed my babies cuz of it. I could also kill them BY tubing. And that’s that.


Milly is looking good…..likin all that extra hay


and in the chair she goes again!!!


Don’t go Mama!


but but but…but what about the food?



……and the elusive Junebug………….who’s starting to blow his coat…better get it quick!


So…..now I’m truly on babywatch. Will be watching for signs of digging at the earth, getting up and down, talking to herself..(not, she’s talking to the babies)…and lack of appetite. Oh ya, bashing their back end in with their nose cuz they don’t know why it hurts back there. Oh, the fun is coming, the fun is coming. Yay Lisa. Yay Etta. Yay Mama! I guess there’s something I should tell you. I love babies. Any babies. Human, animal…it doesn’t matter, been that way my whole life, and more so than most people. Not much in this world can excite me as much as new babies. Oh….I’m so excited. Hehe, thinkin bout that song from the 80’s.


Well, I hope you all had your fill of good food and family. I hope you’ve all rested up for the Christmas frenzy and the End of the World. Lol, too funny. The Christmas frenzy is pointless if the world ends. I know, I know. Haha…..what fun!!!!!!! This happy ole Crone is signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. P.S. Even though the signs say Etta will kid any day…..goats are funny….ye never know…but she is DEFINITELY having babies.



3 thoughts on “…………….and it’s BABYWATCH!!!!!!!!!…….breathe…

  1. My dad was just like your husband, except his birthday was 2 days after Christmas. He always insisted that birthday presents needed to be wrapped in birthday paper, not leftover christmas paper. I managed to get him 2 presents over the years that I know he loved, and mom gave both back to me when he passed – a belt buckle that he wore almost every day, and a peanut butter maker.

    Tubing isn’t hard, and a very useful skill to have. Measure the tube against the side of the kid, so you know if less goes in you are probably in a lung. Make sure the kid is warm enough (they can’t absorb the colostrum if they are cold). I put them in my lap and insert the tube (without the syringe full of milk attached). Attach the tube and either remove the plunger so the milk flows by gravity only or push the plunger in very slowly. You will feel their belly swell as the colostrum fills it. I prefer to milk the older moms a bit when they have their babies and freeze it, so that the new babies are getting antibodies to my local bugs. Can’t wait to see baby pictures!

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