Sittin with my Girls…..

The best part of today, was sitting with my girls. Hubby chose a
restaurant I don’t like….so I’m still hungry…the grocery store and
feed store were practically empty so it was easy in and out. Got my
smoothie, headed home….Jess and I unloaded and distributed the feed,
then I went back out to visit with each set separately. They’d all
just been fed, so I didn’t expect any interest in me…..I was wrong.
Moonee and WyWy wanted attention, so they got some. The girls in front
were all weirded out about the mowed acres….so I fed them to make it
better. It sure does look different in there all mowed. I didn’t see
any huge balls of burrs on their feet either. Might be ok.

Then I get to the back pens. The baby making pens. I go into the Girls
one and take my chair. Immediately upon sitting, Georgia tried to get
in my lap. So I lifted her back end so all of her could be up, but it
didn’t work so I put her down. She got the idea then and just leapt up
into my lap. Ouch!!! 😀 Haha, so she just stood there. Ahhh, little
cutie. It’s so funny…..the goats are all spread out around the place,
yet when we pulled in from town, it was very clear. What’s the matter
Doc? What Moonee? Georgia, mama’s home now….What’s a matter
Yoki?…..and Neida Nida….tomorrow, you get grain tomorrow. At least
150 ft away from any of them, yet each voice as clear and individual
as each of the goats and the goats personalities. No, I don’t
recognize every voice, but quite a few.

If I had a dollar for every sentence I left hanging in the air cuz no
one was listening to me…..why, I’d be rich. I’ll tell you instead. I
was saying that Pearl was acting a bit unusual…..hunching up as if
going poo, and scratching all around her back end. Reminded me of
first time goat mommies who didn’t understand what was happening to
them. Remember, I have no clue about these new girls, just know that
they were in a trailer together with boys for 3 days. And Etta, well,
sure, I could be wrong….but I’d say not only is she pregnant, but
pregnant with twins. If I knew the last possible date when she’d had
access to a buck….I could calculate 5 months forward….but I don’t
know. All she said was….anything’s possible with goats.

I texted Lisa to ask about her kidding stalls………..hog panel cut up,
then secured into corners with metal screw things…..lets you set up as
many stalls as you need….anyway, she wrote back and said it was the 16
ft hog panels she cut…… then she asked if I could come and teach her
how to shear with the clippers. Finally, something I can do for
her!!!!! She’s helped me many times and it feels good to be able to
help her instead. Sometime this week. Well, I’m gonna end this early.
Not many reading over the holidays, but I didn’t wanna put nothing!!!
So, for me, it’s back to the Christmas movies and kitten snuggling.
Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.













2 thoughts on “Sittin with my Girls…..

  1. Love the pictures but I must tell you I had to look at the peacock twice, I thought it was hanging from the tree, and was thinking, that is an odd one for her to post, hugs and glad I mistook it

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