Creativity is found in………………..the Extremes….not the Mids

That was really interesting yesterday, seeing my dad that way. I honestly haven’t seen a photo of him since he died and that was around ten years ago. I wasn’t the only one it caught off guard and in the end it had been on her FB forever, she musta just been nostalgic and clicked Like while browsing. Strange how we shut the dead away. Then there are some who don’t at all and go overboard. There needs to be a happy medium. Now I’m gonna question myself. Why? Why a happy medium when the creation is in the extremes? Hmmmm. Hmmmm. Wow. Profound. Ok Colleen and Kathy Blue….grieve away. I shall alter my perception to fit this new recognition.

Ye know, I’ve seen people say they’ve spun all these skeins each night and I just don’t understand. I’ve been spinning Doc, what’s washed and pulled that is…. for  2 days and I still have to spin the ply for it, let alone plying it. How do these people spin so much yarn? Do they have nothing else to do? Ahh, I’m so Santa Clausey tonight. Every movie I watch now just makes me grin and chuckle and durn near ho ho ho.  Just then….the Tv said ho ho ho. Then, Spirit worked through me. On the huge 4 ft drum in front of me is an altar. My daughter made it for me. The kittens have redistributed all the items. I saw the white buffalo in its side and had to right it. Then I see the candle that says peace so I place it next to it. Then I see the buffalo bone and place it there too. Next, the Peace candle is Lit. Next to all if these is a beautiful crystal, which I just turned over and the John of God crystal is now sitting on it. I never know why….I just do. I obey. I do.

Etta Place Face……………..

Look………………4 in one!

I’m getting to the end of my rope. It’s a long ass rope. When my husband speaks to me these days, it’s with venom. Next minute it’s about an animal and it’s sugary sweet. Tonight as we all prepared our plates and sat down…..Jesse even sat in the rocker to eat since it was a holiday, he said so as he sat. Then here comes hubby and he slams his plate down on his mini table and rushes back to the kitchen. I immediately knew what had happened and I looked at Jesse and yep sure enough he is eating with a Good fork. Oh shit!!!! I run in and he’s washing a fork. Ruined everything. Jesse said sorry, hubby ignored him and I said thank you Jesse. It’s getting worse and worse. I pretend it’s all ok but it’s not. There’s only so much dis a person can take before they crack open. On the other hand, I been sayin that forever. Think about it. I was abused both physically, emotionally and spiritually, by my 2nd husband. This is more like….disinterest or anger in the voice or ….sweetness and honey…no in betweens.  He seems to be angry most of the time these days and I don’t know why. My life. The excellent and the not so excellent.

One product. Jeesh. What a concept. Haha!!!! I’ve been uploading all my photos at once when the answer is… One at a time. Prime time Miss Sheri, thank you George…I feel ya prayin!!!!! (prime time Miss Sheri is when I’ve had a few beers therefore am less inhibited and can come up with great wisdom.) (Thank God for blogging or I mighta forgot that little tidbit.

The 15 or 16 Gig allowed per month by the new Internet we got, was used up by my son in a week. We had to change the password and hubby says at the rate it uses stuff to do my blog, I have 7 days left…….then it’s back to thumbtyping. What fun, till it resets at the beginning of the month. Night night sweet ones. 2:30am P.S…….Lately according to the Mayans and the Hopi, it’s not and end coming, just a shift. That’s always been a possibility, I’m just not for sure that that’s all that will happen. I dunno. 2:39am  (Hehe, all of the above was thumbtyped on Iphone Notes, so Jess could watch his shows last night….on my laptop with the good internet. The good internet is free from midnight till 5am, and since we changed the password………)

Hubby is out shredding the girls front pen. God, I pray that every single sticker burr is Godly transmuted into pure love and is thus then spread across my field. I went out to calm the girls….they were all huddled in the field. Not sure I convinced them that the big yellow monster wasn’t gonna eat them, but I tried. Then I went and sat with the breeding girls again. This time I sat in a chair and Georgia wanted in my lap. She couldn’t figure out how to get her whole body in my lap, so she just got the front half up, and curled her hooves in, as if her whole body was up. She stayed that way for a good fifteen minutes. Course, I had to swish away anyone who came near with that, tuck the head down and I’m thinking of ramming you in the sides look.  Etta came real close. Remember, she had finally approached me in September and let me touch her…and the very next day I needed to move them for some reason. Well, things like that just slow the bonding down.

In my lap

Love the Valey

Oh my……sure need to fix her up…………get all stoic and tie her down from every direction? LOL

Sarah…………a big girl…not fat, just large

My pretty Pea

And that Pea’s mommy………………Olive Oyl

Ole Hannah

In love with the Milky

………………..and some more MILK

Then I went next door and cut down all the old blue tarp that I used last year for warmth. Time for new tarp. Looks a whole lot better in the pen now and when I get new tarp, it will be warmer. So by this time….even though it was early in the day…..I just went ahead and fed everyone. The Beautifuls grinned at me. How could they all be bucktoothed? They all have different parents? I don’t think they are….I think they really do Smile…..all 4 of them.  And I guess that’s it for today. Not just the weekend, but a holiday weekend. Have a good one people. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.


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