I believe in Angels………………………..

I was talking to my daughter tonight about St Germaine and the Violet Flame.  I told her that I’d never been able to buy into it. Then I realized and so said that I believed in a blue flame.  What? Yes indeedy. As a young child, there was a movie that I was so drawn to. It was about a female ruler and she had a blue flame that kept her alive over and over. It was called….SHE. Gosh I loved that movie. I never really understood why I liked it….cuz it was pretty violent…kinda like Mayan Indians rolling heads down a staircase. I still have my thoughts about that one ye know. Anyways…She….I still watch it to this day…cuz they still play it every now and then. So, why can I believe in a blue flame, but not a purple one? And I really really connected to the blue one, lemme tell ya. Summer said that is Archangel Michael. That I should get acquainted.  I’ve always known the angels were around me and I’ve always known they are available to me if needed…..when I say always…I mean….oh say, within the past 13 years. Anyway, I see all the 444 groupings all day…for years and years… But this is different. One on one, with an angel. I’ve never really felt comfortable with that. But I want to feel comfortable with that. I want to know an angel. Calling all angels…….anyone of the highest good wanna come hang out with me? I’d dearly love it and appreciate it oh so muchly. Thank you.  :=D


came to say Hi today

So wow…just the other day I was wanting to see UFO’s and now I’m wanting an Archangel to come hang out. Hmmmm. The times they are a changing. I expect much of the angels. Sometimes I call them out by the league and sometimes by many leagues…..as well as the 3’s and 4’s. Just whatever feels appropriate for the moment. And when I call them out…..I believe…..a mustard seeds worth….I really truly believe all the way through me. I know they opened up traffic for me once when I was feeling desperate and stuck in this throng of cars. I prayed for the angels to come and the next second…the cars in front of me were moving and I was moving and there was no traffic. Magic at its finest? Best? Funny, but I don’t know which word to choose, cuz everything is relative and surely there is magic more profound than causing cars to move when they were at ease. It was almost as if most of the cars in front of me….simply disappeared. I arrived at my destination minutes later, and whooo, that’s another story. (my husbands fiancé wanted to hug me).  Haha. I was like….back up bitch…you’ve packed up all of my belongings in boxes and you want to hug me?  😀  Nah…I had a panic attack.   ;-D  Shoot, ok…lets go there.


I lived with hubby. In my own room. He got an internet girlfriend, then started to visit her. She and I even became friends. We went to Sedona together and I had many spiritual moments…nothing to do with her……Then hubby got sick. In the hospital sick. I spent the night with him there and then I called her thinking she should know. She flew in and he said he wished I hadn’t told her cuz he liked me staying in his room. In the meantime, all her belongings had been moved via moving van and I had to direct where they went in our house. She came then, and spent the night…moving things and changing things and I freaked. The day he got out of the hospital I told him I was leaving. He bought me new tires and gave me money and off I went….I arrived in Sedona Arizona, at the white medicine womans house on Sept 10, 2001. I did sweat lodge upon arrival after driving from Northern California….then….on Sept. 11th, I did sweat lodge again. And yes, there was a Native American running both sweats. Never do it if there isn’t. Time went by and while I was in Sedona, fiancé was dissing me. Hubby didn’t like that. He wanted to buy a piece of land in Sedona and put me up on it and them too in their own house. She said no, so he decided it was over for them. Then I had a friend call him to say that I was leaving Sedona….should I go left or right. Hubby said Left, to him…….which brings us right back to the angels opening up the freeway so I could arrive before hubby went to sleep….he goes to bed very early. She tried to hug me, I saw my disaster of a room and had the panic attack. He’d already told her it was over but she was persistent. She left the next day and within days, hubby and I were married. There’s the story folks. Night night sweet people. 1:12am


Well, I sent in the Hoegger blog for their December newsletter. Hope they like it. Turns out, Ella was the first baby born here. I’d forgotten. Ok, I’m off to feed now. Letcha know if anything’s up. Nope, nothings up…..gotta make changes though. Milly, who I moved over to the other pen to create a gentle pen for some of the first timers, especially Etta, since she’s still considered a newbie and no one is friendly with her but Belle. Guess it’s gonna be a one Nanny pen. Donna, I’m certain, will not be chasing anyone or ramming anyone in their belly, so Milly my dear……..you are rejoining Mimi and y’all can bang into each other all you want. And since we’re doing that….guess we’d better move the three possibles. Well, Tika is a for sure. Now I just gotta decide which pen to put Tika in. Back with the other Pretties…..or leave her with the bottle babies. Think I’ll leave her with the bottle babies. That will make my pens all out of whack, number wise, but it’ll work…..actually no…it’ll be 10 and 9….that’s even.


Yazhi………she likes me


Smiling…always smiling………….my Beautifuls…..this one is Socrates.


pretty lil Sweetpea


Sarah…..a sticker burr mess


ear nibbler


Alrighty, got em moved. Lots of head bashing but thinking it will settle quick. They’re all either 18 months old or 10 months old…plus old lady Donna. I feel better now. I’ll sleep better tonight too. Finally figured out what had injured Liberty kitty. Now that it’s scabbing, I’m able to see it……2 puncture marks. Should have known…..it’s always the same with this kitty….an owie on her back end, near the tail….2 puncture marks always……this makes I think the 6th snake bite for her?  Maybe the 5th. Same kitty who hubby poisoned as a baby with too much flea meds. I healed her with reiki and she is one tough tiger now. Ok, well that does it for me today…oh wait…..Hoegger said the blog was good, it’s a go…comes out first Tuesday of the month….December. YeeHaw!!!  Ok, signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.


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