Purging the past………creating the new

Ye know…the Native Americans may not like what Thanksgiving stands for, the date and story that is…..but the holiday has evolved somewhat, don’t ya think? Either way…maybe stop thinking of the original roots of it, but more to what we want it to be now. For me….I don’t really know about the then, or if there even was a then….what I do know is that nowadays, people gather. They gather and they pray. They give thanks. What better holiday could there be than that? Thanks…gratefulness…..humility and awe. I don’t know how to heal the Native Americans pain, I wish I did. They are suffering so, and I sit here warm in my house with the heat on.

And the gathering…I blew by that at warp speed cuz it doesn’t happen that way anymore in my world, but you guys probably still do. The gathering of family and friends, in joy….is a boon to our soul. Hmmm, I said that just recently and haven’t said it in like 10 years.  Haha, oddly not odd. On that note, the words meet and greet don’t often come to these ears but they came twice and I even found myself saying it for that magical third. We were wondering about a large gathering of motorcycles in the Tractor Supply Store parking lot. I suggested a meet and greet. That’s how Spirit works in my life…usually bringing things in threes to keep me on my toes and to let me know I’m on target with my life. It’s extra special guidance and I am most appreciative.

Oh, the twin towers. It always startles me when I see them in a movie. Have I told you about my list? It stands at 61 now. Started keeping it a few years after 911…I’d see them and think…..I should write that down. It took about 2 years at least before I finally did. Like I said, it’s at 61 now…movies only. Godzilla again.

In the scheme of things…whoever gets their way, is happy and whoever doesn’t, is not happy. I’m analyzing and pondering this lately, and a few other things as well. That is separation. Why is separation necessary? For reintensity? For rebirth of love? Emotions have purpose or we wouldn’t have em. Such a heavy topic was evoked when my son wanted some of the Goldfish crackers I bought today in the BIG box, for the pups as treats to go into the pen for the week. Told you I’d switched to the big bag of animal crackers for 99 cents, but they really didn’t like them, and all dogs love cheese and they love these but they’re not a cheap treat. I told hubby I was gonna have to hide em from Jesse, so tonight when he wanted some and I said no…he went into his traditional arguments of why not…which led to him and I agreeing to give him a half a red solo cup….per box. He was all grins, while I was perturbed knowing hubby is off this week and we may or may not be doing a lot of coming and going….therefore need of treats….thus….this discussion of the winners and losers. Tiny things become large. But all necessary in the university of life.

Yoki……………I adore this gal……after the baby thing last summer, we bonded

Happy hap hap

Miss Tika tik

Would you believe these curls are still on a goat? This is Olive Oyl…most of her coat is VMy trashed, but look at these curls!!!

As the deadline for my Hoegger blog approaches, I somewhat sorta doubt myself. I’m not sure doubt is the right word, that’s why I said somewhat sorta. Maybe nervous I sufficient. Tonight, I wrote another one….same story, just different perspective. I may try one more time and see which I like the best. I had it perfect, tonight till I realized it was 900 words, not 800 words which is the limit. Oi ve, then I had to go and edit it. :=D  All’s good though. There was nothing wrong with the first one….I’m really just playin, checkin…..making sure it’s my best. I can already tell ya, I like the new one better.

As we were headed to town, I told hubby that when he went to move the hay, he should go out the front gate then through the gates into the girls pen. He said….WHY? See……damn good thing I brought it up. He likes to do things in the morning while I’m sleeping cuz he’s a very early riser. Why? Why? Why? Why because if you go in through the main pasture gate….the BOYS will get into the GIRLS pen. And the cows and the horses, but they are just a pain, not a serious problem like the BOYS.  Oh my oh my. My brain/heart has to always be active….to stay ahead of everything.  Speaking of heart/mind….that website was wrong…its .NET, not .com.  Heartmath.net.  Ok, well, nightie night my friends. New ones too…..Viet Nam, Macedonia, and Croatia!!! Welcome and goodnight. Hehehe. 1:47am

Oops…not done………. I’m going through a healing as I write these words. I tried to read my son the new blog thing I wrote today and 2 paragraphs in, he was saying hurry up, hurry up. He did the same thing the other night. He’s like, is it done is it done, as I’m trying to read….and I started to cry. I cried for all the times nobody wanted to read my words, or hear my written words. My whole life…my whole family. It’s strangers who read my words…not my family. Certainly not my husband, not my mom…too long, plus we’re not speaking again, (cuz we are children still)……not my sisters, my nieces.…nada. My daughter reads them, thank you Summer Girl, and my son used to read them then he quit, but I thank him for the effort. It’s just weird.  A writer that nobody wants to read? That’s not good man. But I have you guys. You seem to like to read my words….my thoughts,… want to know what’s on my mind. You are my light. Thank you. Ok, once again….night night….and this isn’t even the reason I reopened WORD. I forgot by the time I got the page opened…..then this happened. Fate? Accompli. (Just a note today to let you know that I didn’t word that very well…..what I wanted you to know was that I cried for a reason. I cried to let go. To let go of all the past disappointments. I’m feeling a deep need to release anything that is still holding me back. As solstice approaches, I’m feeling many such needs.

Precious Valey…..misses her mom…who is in back…breeding

Haha, I named this photo Vitamin D…..my MILK

Mama’s Optimus

Yummy sweet peach…………..Georgia peach

Missy Pearl

Fooey on it………almost didn’t post this cuz he”s tilted, but look how clear his eyes are….he’s thinkin somethin!!!

Mama blockaded the area…..Etta and Belle EAT…yay

And…… Doc Doc. What a lover, and so darn soft.

Jesse informed me last night that we would not be shearing today. Okie dokie. So, I plyed me some Georgia curls and pulled some Lovey curls. Got the fat Georgia yarn spun last night and already had some thin ply, so I plyed it up and it’s ready to be worked in the project. Love me some Georgia yarn. Went out to feed and all the girls in the gentle breeding pen…..are not letting Etta and Belle eat. I went the other morning with the specific desire of feeding Etta peanuts for extra protein. I don’t think she got a single one. Today, I played bodyguard and stood between them and Milly, who wanted the pile I poured just for them……and by George, they got to eat. Decided to go ahead and feed the front girls again today too, cuz I know there’s at least one pregnant goat in there. Hubby is out shredding the main pasture…wonder what that’s gonna do for the sticker burr situation. Arrgh. Wow, well, I wrote too much last night and am over the word limit. My own limit mind you, so you don’t get too bored. Please pray for the Hopi and Navajo…to keep their water. Don’t let the greeds get it.  Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, getting ready to work with my…..Curly Locks.


2 thoughts on “Purging the past………creating the new

  1. I just love Georgia, she is so beautiful. You know it does not surprise me that family doesn’t read what you write, except your daughter. Family is too close, so to read your words might hurt or dig open somethings that they don’t want to remember. Strangers accept you for you, family always seem to want you to be someone else. It is just the way it is. Don’t feel bad, it actually gives you the freedom to write what you want and not worry about what they may thing. Hugs

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