meditation and releasing old emotional cargo……….need to

I’m feeling that urgency again. That I haven’t done enough…learned enough….learned fast enough. I’m now regretting the fact that I hate to meditate. I used to, and sorta still do, believe that I was supposed to avoid meditation in it’s typical sense. The reason I feel that, is cuz of my absolute abhorrence to the deed. I mean, YUK. The closest I come to meditating is my art. Whether it be painting, spinning, pulling curls, crocheting and creating a new item as I go. Things like that, where I get lost in time and space, in the doing. Where my mind wanders deep. Deep into the abyss of my mind/heart. Where new ideas are created, problems are solved and breathing is easy. But right now, it doesn’t feel like it’s enough. It’s just fear talking, I know this. Yes people, I truly am a 2012er. I really do believe that something will happen when the planets align. I realize how crazy that must seem….but while I was studying that….I was also telling people……hey, your thoughts create your world…………..ha!!!!………… they believe that one and it’s all anyone talks about. Craziness.


I’m listening now to that song…over the rainbow…the newest version…gosh I love that. I sing a rainbow song to my goats. That reminds me….I haven’t sung to them in awhile. I think they like it. They all seem attentive when I do. I haven’t seen a rainbow in quite some time. They used to appear here on a regular basis…now….nada. What’s up with that? Where are my rainbows? As we pulled up to the gate to look at this property, 11 years ago, Spirit/God whispered…’s Noah’s Ark. Haha, I have a few animals….lol. In the beginning, they actually did come in twos. Well, they sorta still do. The big pups came as 2, the baby pups came as 2, 2 geese, 2 ducks, 2 peafowl, 2 horses….guess that’s all the animal 2’s we have at the moment. The rest are either in 1’s or 3’s, with the exception of the goats and cows…..our potential monies.


now thats a tight ball of kitten!!!


I got a bunch of Doc curls pulled today at that BBQ, which btw, was fajitas. LOL.  So, anyway…pulling the curls…progress, toward Christmas gifts. I still can’t believe I can’t get that chair for hubby…that was a shocker and a bummer. Now what? He’s the most impossible man to buy for cuz if he wants something….he goes and buys it. Plus, I have to get the $$$ from him. I ordered Jesse’s jeans and still have some left for Summer, if hubby doesn’t come through….but dang…there are things I need to do. For the goats. So frustrating. I’ve been thinkin about Ella. There were only 3 things different. 1. She was moved from pasture to dry lot pen. 2. Mineral block was placed in pen. 3. She had access to a buck and may have had a pregnancy complication. That’s the only things different. Still scratching my head. Oh ya…and it got into the 30’s and she was fresh sheared…guess that’s 4. I’ll never know cuz she was too far gone to take in for an exam. One of those Wondering things I guess.


I told you Jesse is wanting to leave. I told you my injuries made me wonder if he’s not meant to go yet. Plan was to take him next Friday….after he got his jeans. Then hubby told me that that’s Thanks-forgiving Day weekend. Oh crap. Guess he has to stay another week then. 😀  Good for me, but not so good for the internet situation. He has used around 12 gigs in less than a week. We are about to be out of our allotment….and back to the thumb typing it is….till next month, that is. Then, I should have plenty of internet while he’s in jail. Sounds horrible. Is horrible. My poor baby. Damn. Childhood indiscretions….fines…now = jail. Sucks…and right before Solstice, 2012!!!! So…how many of you are laughing at me over my 2012 thing? Makes my heart skip a beat. What will happen? Anything? Something? Nothing? Something awesome? Something horrible? Something Grande??? Nightie night fellow people on the spinning ball. We shall see what comes next, eh? Love ya!!!! 1:29am = 3 (1+2=3….+9 =12…….1 +2 =3). Simple numerology.


Well, today, for us, was Saturday. Jesse stayed home and hubby and I went for feed. Finally found a shake container for the Diatomaceous Earth….it’s a margarita shaker. Think we’ll store it upstairs, out of the way of kittens…once it’s opened…’s a 50 lb bag and I can’t let it get messed with cuz you’re not supposed to breathe it. The Ella saga is mostly over now, just a few parts to fight over, and the skull really is all that’s left. Not too too gory, so I snapped a photo. After all the hoopla….it’s kinda pretty. I said kinda.  😀  But at least it’s over now…and I got my Pups back to their near normal selves.


just a skull


Last night I’d decided to go ahead and buy plywood and close off the front girls house. I woke to find 20 round bales in the L. My previous solution to the house thing was to put round bales around their house…to block off wind and cold. So I was slightly ticked. If I’d known, I could have told him I wanted it there, but no, I wasn’t told….so now it’ll have to be moved again….more work for hubby. But yay!!!! Warm goatie girls!!!! Looked around again……Tika is for sure preggers. And the little Georgia and Pearl….well, possibility, but just dunno yet. For each of them, they had small bellies, hard on one side, squishy on the other. Possible. Guess I need to move them just in case….jeesh, nearly all my girls are in back….won’t be many left out front if I move those 3 as well.


3 little Pretties…….


pretty little pintos, eh? Belle has the cutest body shape


Now that’s a face………………..


The L twins…..Lily and Lila


a Happy face!


they love their hay…..especially this stuff…..which is either all or part….Tifton bermuda…………….I mean….they absolutely love love it…..way better than normal coastal


Feeding time



Ahhhh Mimi……………..cutie pie


Oh my…. AND…..I got to calculating. Why oh why did I go to that dang goat show? I put the first of the girls in with a buck early, cuz everyone else was. That’s what I heard at the show. Dang….that makes the babies due beginning of February?????!!!! Dead of winter. Yikes. Just that first set though, thank God…..the Pretties and Milly. Oh my, this could be a hoppin kidding season for me. And a cold one as well.I’ll have to buy plumbing tube to thread the electrical wires through to protect them from the pups, so I can have some heat lamps. Jeesh, pups.  Goodness, the excitement is starting to build. Yum. Okie dokie people……………………..meditate if you can, haha. Have a great day tomorrow. Blessings to you all. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.


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