Waiting for a UFO…………….it’s my turn…just a view, not a ride

I’m watching ET. One of my facebook friends left recently for Peru, to do the Ayahuasca medicine. Pretty little thing, went all by herself and lost her phone on the airplane, bought another and is chatting still. Two nights ago, she said she’d seen a UFO. It started as a star, then it began to move. THEN, it shot a shooting star out of it. She ran downstairs to post about it…..and when she went back upstairs, it did it again….very close. One of my other FB friends, said he’d seen one too, isn’t it exciting? I said….Ok, My turn. Then someone else comes in and talks about Orbs. I said, oh…well, I’ve seen orbs, and heard the wings, so I guess I’m good, but I wouldn’t mind another such encounter! And it’s true. I wouldn’t mind. Just don’t cart me away.


See, I never really knew what to consider Orbs as. Are they alien creatures? Are they God spheres? Are they Angel spheres? I’ve seen several, of different colors…all in the same timeframe, within days. I should say nights, cuz that’s when I saw them. Others too saw them. We were having a campfire type sing thing in the yard. Had a brisk fire going and stories and songs were aflowin. Then we saw the golden sphere going towards the tornado barn. Soon after, the wing sound…..very loud…..sounded above our heads. We assumed angels. Then…..in the L……we saw another Orb….I don’t remember for sure the color…maybe pink…maybe blue. We were singing Rainbow songs. About the earth. About joy. And we had the fire. All conduits. Fun times. Me, Summer, George and Amasa. Good times. This was right after the winter solstice experience I had. God had told me that my 3 foxes were coming. And they did.


Hubby surprised me today saying that I was going to a BBQ tomorrow at noon. Then he said he had the week off. I’m supposed to take Jesse sometime next week. Maybe he’ll drive me. Maybe I’ll get to see my brand new niece and nephews. Ah, I guess they’re a few months old now, but still!!! When hubby’s off work….plans go out the window. Not great, since I am now on babywatch. Can’t believe I just went from wondering if Etta was pregnant, to thinking she’ll go any day…all in one week…..but, it is what it is. She is way too big to be pregnant from the trailer ride here. That means, it HAD to have happened when she was still with the boys who had yet to be removed, baby boys that is. Given her birthday, go forward 4-5 months, weaning age…4 months…baby would already be here….5 months…baby due NOW. Or close. That’s my calculations anyway. I wasn’t there. I can only guess. She is very rounded on both sides. Bella also has a belly, but not as pronounced…..gosh….This conversation must be ridiculous to my friend Kimberly in Australia, who has around 800 goats. This probably makes her giggle. That’s good. I love to make people giggle. Well, I gotta save room for tomorrow’s stuff…haha, stuff. Yup. Stuff. Everything…stuff. lol. Night night sweet people…..night night. 1:22am.




Here I am at the BBQ. I knew I wouldn’t know anyone so I wanted to take things to do. Even made hubby turn around and go back to the house when I realized I could take curls to pull. Met a lady who has always had a curiosity and desire to spin yarn, so I whipped out my bags of freshly washed Georgia and Doc. I gave her some to pull and she had fun. I love showing people this stuff. I guess this wasn’t just a BBQ. It was a meet and greet for people who’d been burned out in the Bastrop fire. Our friend Bryan, who had the BBQ, lost his automotive garage, but the house was fine. He’s since rebuilt his garage and it’s way fancy now. So basically, nobody knows each other at this particular party.  Haha.


This is Formula One weekend. I was so opposed to it. I like the country to stay country. The traffic is unbelievable. I heard about a sheik. He didn’t get a hotel room in advance….everything is sold out. So he went around Austin trying to buy a hotel. Nobody sold him one.  😀   People are taking vacations and renting out their homes, apts, pastures……if it weren’t for the goats, I’d rent my pasture out but trusting strangers, in the dark…..with my babies? Nope. All I know is…I’m sure glad I don’t have to drive into Austin for any reason!!!  Hubby has the week off, so we probably will wait till Monday to do the shopping chores…avoid all the crush and traffic. Oh…..and, they lowered the price of gas….so there are long lines at every single gas station. Never seen such. Hubby said there were lots of wrecks because of it. Reason? Well, a HUGE Buckees gas station store came to Bastrop along the highway. We all wondered why…I said cuz of Formula One…everyone said, nah…………….Ha, I was right. They opened just in time for the race and lowered the price of gas to $2 and said they vowed to always be the cheapest gas in Bastrop. Can you say……..Walmart? Same thing. Lower the prices till you run all your competition away then wala…you are now free to raise the prices as high as you want. What fun.


Silly Sarah


Sarah too!!!


the PEANUT crush


Miss Etta


Moonee…peanut fanatic!!!


me me me




Opti……otherwise known as Lovey’s brother






Miss Etta


3 in a row


There is a dog here…..a bulldog, a fire visitor….his name is Lovey. 😀  Ooooh, they just said to me……ah, that would be a wasp on your hat!!! Man, one brave wasp…kept landing on people. The people who survived the fire. That is the topic of conversation, since it’s a meet and greet. They area all talking about what they lost, and what survived. Not one is realizing that……they also survived the fire. Sad, just plain sad. Well folks…..I’m at my self imposed word limit….don’t wanna drive you away with too many words!!! Signing off at Hwy 21, at the BBQ Meet & Greet. YeeHaw!


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