My Precious Two……..on my 200th post day….and……Thank YOU!…..yes, YOU!

I would like to dedicate my 200th blog to the two goats who touched my heart with pure love. Pure, unbridled, pure love. These special two are Kya and Lovey. I don’t think there are really any stories left to tell, but I wanted them to be remembered. Kya…..the only baby who acted like a bottle baby, but she wasn’t. Maybe she should’ve been, I will never know…..but my point is that she loved a human like bottle babies do. Like they are the mama, the safe place. To Kya, I was her safe place. I will never forget her standing with her sister, with her mom cleaning her up and talking to her, and she walked away from that. Minutes old….barely walking…..and she leaves the comfort of her mom to venture 5 feet away……to me.


Just a minute or two before she walked to me………….shes on the right


I had been very quiet, watching the wonder of it…these two beautiful shiny wet white new beings, slithering around trying to figure out how to walk. They made it to moms head area where she was busy cleaning them. That’s when Kya just strode right over to me, as I sat on the step watching. I was so tickled that I cried….then I shooed her toward her mom, so she could eat… she wouldn’t get confused. Maybe she did get confused after all. I dunno. Anyway, after that, I was IT for her. Absolutely. 2 days old and coming to me. 2 weeks old and following me around. I know I’ve already told you, but I wanna tell it again. When I came around the corner…she would squeal and run to greet me. I would go sit indian style in the dirt and she would climb in my lap and kiss my face all over. When she tired of that….she crawled into my lap to sleep. Every day. That, was my Kya.




Love love this one……………my daily Kya kisses


A few days before she went to heaven…Milky huggin on her from behind



And what can I possibly say about Lovey that I haven’t already said? Lovey slept in my bed the first two nights of his life. Up by my pillow, on a towel, all wrapped up for warmth. I could hear him breathe. I went to sleep hearing him breathe. I woke up……listening……hoping…..praying, to hear him breathe. Then we went to Walmart and it was as if we’d just had a newborn, which we sort of did. 😀  We probably spent an hour, just in the baby section, getting a playpen, diapers, wipes, bottles, and we even looked for a better warmer coat than the one we had. Oh ya, and formula. Just like a baby. Lovey was pretty good really, quite easy to diaper. Sure, he’d try to wriggle away, but not that hard. He soon knew the drill, at only a few days. We took him with us to the store that day and he was king of the world. Everyone wanted to meet him. We bought dog halters that day too, but as it stood, I carried him in a homemade scarf sling. He took to the halter with such duck to water ease that it was remarkable.


headed to Walmart


Bottle!!!!!!!!!!!! That baby loved his bottle


a pecan leaf


His other first bed……..besides mine. 😀




He was pretty good in the house….not bothering too much and not wandering off. He always wanted to be either by my side, or hubby’s. Teething time brought the wire chewing. That’s when he had to go outside, for his own sake, as well as ours. I certainly couldn’t put him by himself, but I tried putting him in with the girls…NOT, oh man….they left him behind and didn’t care a whit about him. We built him his own pen and put Gandhi in as a buddy. They did everything together…..till one of us came out…..then Lovey made a beeline for us, and we’d bring him inside, where he would sit with us in our chairs for awhile. Gosh, we sure did love that little bugger…little Velcro baby….Mama’s Lovey Love…….My Love. Sleep my babies. Sleep. Mama will ALWAYS Love you.


Ahhh, gosh……hard that…..joyful that…… that. What a grand life I live.  I’m not talking about the money aspect of grand. I’m talking about the fulfilling aspect. To have found….been pointed to, led to…….the one thing that brings out the passion, the create…the need to create…the will to create……the drive to create…..the creator. Hmm, the word ate is inside of it…….ate, food, fulfilled. Yum. ;-D  The one thing that can draw love from my veins like an ole water pump, a few cranks and out she gushes……   Mohair goats. My babies. Mama’s babies. Nightie Night sweet world people. Sweet baby goat dreams to ya…………lotsa Kya kisses and Lovey snuggles sent from heaven. 1:14am.


Ahhh, it’s been a grand day. A productive day. It was established last night that Jesse wasn’t shearing today, so it was either Cathy and I do a girl or two, or just skip it and do something else. Skipped it!!! Got out some of the skirted fleeces and took photos to offer for sale. Posted them on my FB ranch page, then I realized I hadn’t promoted the page, and only a few people knew about it, therefore only a few people would get the posting….SO…..I invited my friends. Don’t know why I waited so long to do that. Fun, it’s been fun. Then, I said….ok, time to move some goats.


Ha!!! Shoulda moved Marshall first. Moved Mimi and Choxie over to the Ladies pen….10 ft away. Reason? Well, I do believe it has been established that Etta is pregnant….and she’s fairly new, therefore, a target. So, I wanted to move her to a safe gentle pen. Had to create it first. So we moved the more aggressive ladies to the Ladies pen, then moved gentle Maya and Milly over to the girls breeder pen. It was really easy….only had to move em 10 ft, across the alley that separates the two. Haha, Mimi went first, and there were a few heads butted. Next was Choxie and Marshall made a beeline for her and was aggressively courting her. She was aggressively avoiding him. Marshall was like…new girl!!!! Jesse snatched him up and into the zenbuggy he went. Poor guy stood at the gate wanting back in….then got beat up by the boy gang.


ahhh…poor Marshall…………………..about 300 ft from his girls…and a fence


Fixing to round us up an Etta!


Gotcha!!!! Trapped in the catch pen!!!!


Joy’s belly……….hmmmm, I’m thinkin


Then we went for the precious cargo…..didn’t wanna stess Etta, so moved Bella with her, loaded both of em into the buggy together. Not sure how we got there cuz Etta laid down on my gas pedal foot, but we did. Even little tiny Shortcake whammed em in the belly. Gosh I so hate that aspect of goats. Fed em to calm em. Checked later and it was settling down. I feel much better now. Now I can watch her more carefully…..she’s a baby having a baby….Been there done that with premie Cherub and her mom, Yoki. Cherub lasted a month. This could happen any time and it even looks like she’s carrying twins. Remember, most first timers only have a single. Etta is not only a first timer….she is a baby. She is only 10 months now…..and it takes 5 months to grow a baby. Looks like Bella might be also, but with a single. Then, I looked around and I saw other rounded bellies. Oh my goodness!!! This is the best part….the babies. A boon to my heart.


Well, I hope you enjoyed my 200th blog…wow, time flies. I dedicated this to Kya and Lovey, and told their story……..but in real truth…’s dedicated to YOU. You, who have found a safe haven in my words and thoughts. You who encourage me and give me love. I thank you from the top of my heart and the bottom and all in between. Bless you ALL. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.


2 thoughts on “My Precious Two……..on my 200th post day….and……Thank YOU!…..yes, YOU!

  1. Tears for the two sweetest babies you lost, but glad for the joy they gave you, and me while they were with you. My goats bellies are getting bigger, the funnest is when they run, their back legs no longer are anywhere near each other. One today was actually throwing her legs out to the side when she ran. Of course they were running to one of the feed troughs a head of me. Oh how I laughed. I love looking at your cute babies, Thank you so much for sharing them with me.

    • Ahhh, you’re sweet as always. I’ve never really seen them run, smallish pen. That would make me giggle too my dear. You’re very welcome into my world. Have fun with your brothers visit!!! Huggs

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

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