Who do you Respect most in the world…………………

Tonight a question was asked…who do you most respect in the whole world. I thought for a second, and after last night’s epiphany, I said…Me. It’s kinda like the airplane rules. Mothers put their masks on first in a crisis, before putting on their children’s mask. Theory is, you must take care of yourself or you can’t take care of anyone. I’m adding taking care of…to loving…..and creating a complete package to wear. As I thought of saying that word…Me, my mind raced through my life, in a flash, and it so easily slipped from my mind as if it was honey being poured on a biscuit. I remembered being a lonely child, remembered nobody telling me they loved me, remembered wanting to die, remembered the men, remembered the drugs, the hatred of myself, the fear of just about everything, the disavowance of myself, the sadness of myself. I remembered it all in a flash, and then I remembered my rebirth, my learnings, my teachings, my writings, my loves, my Love me’s(you, and family), my joy. For a person to go from one to the other…..certainly deserves my respect….and considering it’s inside me, it is me, it also deserves some love. I deserve love. I deserve love. I deserve love.

Oh ya oh ya oh ya……therapy in writing. Healing myself as I go, and helping others along the way…what more could I want? I inspired Carol tonight and I inspired Kimberly yesterday. That, is affirmation at it’s absolutely most decadent and shiny finest. I am in awe with gratitude. I am touched with happiness. A smile. A kitten. A kitten is showing me pure unbridled love…..because she knows, love is what she knows. Love, the heart….it goes together and if the heart is more important than the brain, as I told Carol tonight…..If I, we, can get to that place I felt last night, when I placed my hand over my heart and asked my Self to experience heart……that feeling…that is pure emotion….that’s where manifestation of dreams lies… emotion and thought = manifest……..heart emotion and careful thought = WOW! Hey, I’m learnin as I go, and teachin as I go. See, my core beliefs are strong enough for me to know what I’m learnin is quality….quality out the wazoo actually people. I’d say go for it, cuz I certainly am. And with a collective unconscious, when one learns…we all learn.

Gucci crawled from the counter to my shoulder and sat down.

What a silly kitty

Golly gee…..I was so fretting this new blog thing…not really, but some….and I’d written up the 5 topics they wanted and they responded that they would have a Bio on the page. My first blog was supposed to be an introduction to myself and my farm but when they said that, it gave me pause. So in the end, I combined one and two.  I told the story of the beginning. (No.2 was breeding) I told them if they thought I might be doing more than five, I’d like to break it down more…..I broke it down more. The word count was supposed to be 400-800 words. Can you guess where I went within those parameters? Higher or lower? The word count of the blog I wrote tonight was 796. Honest to goodness, 796. 4 away. 4…my number. Of course…you knew it would be the higher word count, I just can’t help myself. In person I talk a lot too, which is why it’s so painful to live with a person who has little or no reaction to my words.  There’s a lesson there, I feel it…..

Ooooh……5 till 3am. Jeesh. Had no idea it was this late. Nightie night night. Awesomeness dreams and awesomeness experiencing of those dreams for you my friends……Say it be so.

Well, hmmm. I just don’t know what to say about today. Got up, did my hair, put it in a bandana, cleaned the clipper blades…..Cathy arrived and Jesse wouldn’t get out of bed. Then he did. We waited to give him time to wake up, then we gathered the basket and the fancy hot pink clipper bag and told him we were headed out. He said…..I’m busy. I’m making Logos. His thinking is…….he’s leaving next week and he really is now only responsible for helping shear one more goat, Junebug, therefore….he has all week. So Cathy and I go out ourselves. Lugging the 200 ft extension cords, basket and bag…..we get it all set up, find the boys and then here come the cows. Crap. Scared of cows and horses, so we waited till most of the cows wandered off. Then in we went with the big crook. Now, Junebug is the only young’un with a coat on so the mob, as Kimberly puts it…..has chosen him as the IT goat to get, for rut practice. We tried waiting for him to get horn locked with another, but everytime we got close, they’d get free and run cuz they’d see us coming. We chased them, moved them, turned them, almost caught him with the crook a few times, in and out of the wooded areas….for over an hour. This pen the bigboys are in is about 100 acres…..with no catch pen at all. Junebug knows he’s next…damn near impossible. Gonna rig a catch pen….all I can think to do. So…….it was a useless day. Not a thing got accomplished. Sent a photo of Etta from behind to Tracee to ask if it was possible. Yup, just as I figured….boys are removed around 4 months so they don’t get anyone pregnant…looks like someone had some extra vigor. Hope it was a pinto!!! Hehehe. Cathy got to see what it’s like for me to try to take photos of Georgia…haha, she’s always at my feet! I hurriedly back up then swivel fast and snap. She is such a lover…..just adores humans and snuggling. Thank you Tracee, once again, for these special beauties.

Ahhhh, once again…the joys of RUT

He is Spooky tall right now………..poor Junebug

Miyagi (Maya’s twin)

Then Aramis arrives………………and it’s all over…..they flocked to him

Then he……….comes to Mama. Sweet boy..just too large for me

Prettiest goat EVER?

Opti……………….so meek……………I love Opti


An at my feet photo

The photo I showed Tracee….Preggers?

I just came back in from the rest of the feeding with the feeling that WyWy is possibly the prettiest goat EVER!!! Ooooh, wouldn’t it be great if he is the dad…IF Etta is pregnant??? Talked to Tracee and she said it certainly is possible. Guess we’ll see. Ok, well, jeesh it’s dark so early….only 5:30! Makes me sleepy. 😀  Well…..signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Welcome to Vietnam and Macedonia!!! Croatia…………might be new too….Enjoy!  Oh, and one of my readers has given me a link to more info on the heart brain thing….she said they’ve proven the heart has brain tissue! Will read up on it…..it’s called Heartmath if you wanna look it up.      www.heartmath.com


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