ReNaming….ReFramimg…….Thanks-Forgiving Day

Tonight I read a description of America that was so vile, so filthy, that I just hung my head. All of it was true. What do I do with that? Really Sheri? What ya do with it is ya take it, sit with it, shift and wriggle and realize that while all that may be true……it is your HONEST belief, that the people…..the average people, are harmless. It is those in power and those who seek power who cause destruction, harm and death….Not the everyday people.

I also remind myself that the people saying these painful words are Native American and there is nothing I can do to take away their pain. It’s about Thanksgiving and it makes us, Americans, into horrible people. I can pray that they find ease within themselves, but they might not like me praying for them. What a sad state of affairs. Learn from the past and move forward. Stay stuck in the past and stay stuck in the pain. Simple words to live by. Choose joy. I choose joy. Even when I’m having a bad day, in the end, I choose joy and stop thinking about what had upset me so….I step into the now, and that thing that had bothered me….it’s gone, done, past.  For example…yesterday I was angry with Jesse. Now I’m not. See……simple. Oh good, I was able to get a link. Here it is:  Go ahead….give it a read, you’ll see what I mean. I still want my turkey, so maybe I’ll rename the day for myself…Thanks-forgiving. And now I see that the POWERFUL WE’s, are still trying to take the WATER from the Hopi and the Navajo….you know, those Natives in the Desert!!!!!

(I have to add this morning that…..they do have one point with all this bringing the past to the present…….setting the story straight. Apparently the story of the pilgrims isn’t QUITE what we’ve been led to believe. Understatement.) And here is the link to what they say is what REALLY happened…

cats sleep in the silliest of ways……..

Bad shot, taken thru the screen……but are you kidding? This is one bold mole!!! Digging feet away from Geezer pup!

My precious Gypsy…………………don’t show her enough

Jesse wants to shear tomorrow, and I say no….still wet. Last time we sheared a wet goat, I hung the wet stuff to dry and it just kept getting rained on….and I’m not sure that wet goat is great for the clipper blades, so I don’t wanna do a Bigboy, whose fleece I care nothing about, since it’s been on there forever! Not sure that made sense so here goes try no. 2….. I only have one great fleece left to take off…the rest are goats who still have their spring coats on (Bigboys, that is)because before I could get to them, I had to start taking off some great Fall coats before they went bad.  Cathy is busy tomorrow, so I think I’ll wash some Doc, and skirt something, and maybe even go to town. Uggh. Need to put a check in the bank. Hehe, that sounds better than I need to go to town. Did I tell you that the new internet has a limit? It’s not really new, just upgraded new….and the limit is 15 gig a month. Guess how much Jesse used in 2 days……6 gig. Oh my oh my. Dear oh dear. He’ll be leaving soon. Guess that’s why I’m not going off on him. I seem to be guessing a lot. Why not one more. I guess I can tell you now where Jesse is going.

Here’s the deal. About a week or two after he got here this time, he came to the realization that his life could not really go forward with so much of his past hanging over his head. Many fines, totaling thousands of dollars that I tried and did pay on for nearly a year, but he got in trouble…stole food from Walmart and ended up in jail again. I bailed him out once more but he was working at a good job then and he didn’t show up to court(nobody to take him either), so a warrant was issued, I’m sure. Anyways, he is turning himself in. He’s gonna sit out the fines in jail so that he’s out from under and can get his license again as well, which has a fine on it, therefore, revoked. So…my boy, who has been helping me these last two months…..who was kept away from me for 15 years….is going to jail. Jail……December 21, and he’ll be in jail. I know I know…it could end up as benign as the 2000 thing….do we know? Has it happened yet? Nope. I just want him to stay here….safe.

But no….this boy has plans. He intends to go to a music school in New York, called Dubstep. It teaches electronic music….called Dubstep, House, Electro, etc. Teaches the creation of the music as well as the DJ aspect. Technically, a music Producer. We would love any and all prayers and good intentions toward making this a reality. He will have to get a student loan. After defaulting on a loan with us…not sure hubby would cosign. I feel somewhat responsible but all is as it should be. When he got here the first time, June before last, I pushed him, prodded him, pulled and cajoled, trying to find what he was passionate about. Was it truly graphic design as he thought? I didn’t think so. He was either practicing his lightshow moves, or he was finding new music, new musicians. All day, every day. I suggested to him that maybe that was his passion, I found the school and he set a plan in motion, Jesse did. That plan failed miserably, but on the other hand, it only failed as far as reaching what he had set out…………….it succeeded however, in changing him, aging him, enlightening him. So……now you know what’s about to happen. And why I might be under a little extra stress, on top of plain ole farm life. Goodnight dear ones. Sleep sweet. 3:11am

Silly Milly

ole Popeye

Miyagi……very handsome boy…growing up on me

hehehe………Kachina. Jesse is trying to rename her….Big Bertha!

haha….Jesse wanted you to know that even horses get sticker burrs! His photo 😀

Oh my goodness, it did indeed get cold. The last forecast had it at 39, but apparently it got below freezing. Hubby’s truck wouldn’t start and he had to shake and jostle my car to mix the gas that had separated, then he took it to work. There went the put the check in the bank thing. I did hold true on the Doc washing, and I have Lovey’s fleece in my lap getting ready to tackle it again. Oh, so full of yuk!!! Hubby finally got both internet networks set up again, and he named one of them after Lovey. I finally figured out how to feed the Mimi pen.  Ha! I put 2 scoops in each corner of the v-trough, and none in the middle……wala, all are eating happily without headbutting. Donna and Shortcake eat theirs off the ground behind the house and nobody bothers them. Looked at Etta’s back end and while it isn’t puffy, it isn’t sunk in either. Hmmmm. Gave the front girls food today even though they ate yesterday, they were all beggy…..sometimes I’m a sucker, sometimes not. Bottom line….all are fine and all survived the freeze.  😀

Baby Milky is growing up………………gorgeous, and gorgeous coat

Fun times……for the goats

And Miss Bella……………ain’t she fillin out and lookin good???

While I was reading the Natives rendition of the TRUE story of Thanksgiving, it mentioned Arizona wanting to secede from the US. I saw that and thought, no, it’s not Arizona that I just read that about, it’s one of the Dakotas. Upon further looking, it seems there are over 24 states wanting to secede???? That’s nearly half our states!!! Good grief….what’s happening to my beautiful country? And regardless what some people say… IS a beautiful country, with beautiful, kind generous loving people…….as well as the typical power hungry in all their many variations…..even within the Native community. No community, country, state, is immune….. we have good and evil, plain and simple and fact. Ah well, kinda scary, but it is what it is. Ooooh, just saw another thing about the states wanting to secede, and it didn’t even have Arizona on it. 😦  Signing off at a bit nippy YeeHaw Ranch.


2 thoughts on “ReNaming….ReFramimg…….Thanks-Forgiving Day

  1. That is so cool Jesse wants to do music. Christian has started to blog on a music site, listen3d, perhaps he already looks at it? He writes under Milos. It could be a neat way for him to get started. I love the picture of Kachina, her horns and ears what a great picture. Hugs

    • Ya, now if only we can get those goats sheared. 4, then he can go. Sorry bout your truck and your Maple.sounds terrible. <3. Big Bertha, shoot she's even responding to it!!!

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

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