I shall call her……Penelope………….haha, it’s a cow

But it’s all on purpose. It’s all divine….meant to be. There are many ways to say it. All my grouching yesterday…but the above statement is still true. Dealing with that is the point people. It’s the learning. The learning, in my opinion, is why we are here. Here to experience, learn what things feel like. What they taste like….what they sound like. Learn about ourselves…our boundaries, our essence. Our futility and our design and our desire to design. We are so on purpose. The 6th degree thing…the legend thing, the prophecy thing, the human thing, the power thing, the The.

The whining about the dead goat….the whining about the hauling of feed….these things most definitely have a purpose. Why? Cuz they happened. That simple. And because they happened…..the purpose will be revealed to me at a later date…it’s up to me to recognize it. I know this with all my being. I teach it to you. You take or you shrug, either way….is all on purpose, divine, meant to be. My son and I are arguing about the injury. He thinks it’s not very injured if I can use it now and have had no solid pain since that night. I, however, think that I changed the course of the thing that happened to my hand. That in essence, a miracle is taking place. At least what most would consider a miracle.

Seriously? Have you seen the photos? No pain? After I told my body that I no longer needed to experience such dense things…..the pain was gone. Not the whole pain mind you, just the steady pain. On day ONE people. Even if this was a sprain, that wouldn’t normally happen. How many of you have had a sprain….ankle, foot, wrist, hand? How long were you in bad pain? I bet it was longer than 6 hours!!!!! The swelling is mostly gone and since the brace is off cuz it’s wet….I’m typing normally. Yes, I do feel some pain when I move the pinky wrong, or like I discovered tonight, if I press hard accidentally on the top center of my hand.…..but not what I felt earlier….even earlier today. It’s as if it’s healing every second. I can’t believe I’m having to justify a healing. Weird, but then again….a few years ago Reiki was unknown to most people. What I did for my hand included Reiki. Hopefully that subject has been exhausted. Oooh, an X word… exhausted. I play words with friends a bit and x’s are hard for me. 😀 But Q’s are worse. Night night my dear sweet wonderful people. I’m so grateful and blessed that you choose my words to read. Bless you. 1:39am (=4)

Night night Gucci

Since it rained, no shearing. Cathy and I finished up skirting the Yazhi fleece. Threw away ½ pounds worth. I did the feeding by myself today just wanting to spend some time with the babes. So busy this weekend, I barely got to see anyone. The horses came a galloping and the pups came a chasing the galloping ones. I love the sound. No, not the barking pups, but the horses hooves thudding in the dirt. It’s a sound that can be heard from a very far distance. Sometimes they are running and you can’t see them, but you know they’re coming cuz the ground is rumbling. And that’s just 2 horses. Imagine the buffalo long ago, the noise that must have made when thousands ran.

Anyway, then the cows came. Baby Red Feather was curious and walked to the fence to greet me. Nike was scared and ran away with a few little baby cow jumps. Then I saw the new cow. Nope, not a baby. Some neighbors that must use our easement to access their land had moved all their cows off a few months back. There was one they couldn’t catch. Said if we saw her…..just let her in and we could have her. Well, last week she was seen walking down the easement. How she got there, who knows, but someone let her in our pasture and wala…..we now have a black female cow, who I have just named Penelope. When I asked if she liked it….her extra large ears lifted up, I assume in approval. So then I told her all the cows names too…..so she wouldn’t be in the dark.

Baby Redfeather.inquisitive!

Nike………..too timid

Next was the front girls pen, where I had to just avert my eyes, close the zenbuggy door to keep Blue in, and I fed them girls…..but not before first noticing the ever expanding waistline on one little Miss Etta. And the crusty blood on the horns. Lotta horn action still going on around here. Etta certainly does look pregnant, thing is……she looks too far along to have gotten pregnant during the trip. I dunno. Last summer, I thought a bunch of girls were pregnant from the day they got out….that turned out to be grazing belly. They’d always been penned and I never saw a grazing belly. As I look at Etta, I look around at the other girls and I don’t see anyone else with a grazing belly. I just dunno. If she is pregnant, she’s just a baby and 1st timers have more difficulty……therefore it’s best to kinda know, to have a clue….lol. Then it was off to the breeding girls in back. Something odd is happening with Lila’s coat. Either she’s turning into a lanolin goat…..or something’s wrong. I dunno, it’s just not her normal coat…..makes me wonder. Mimi has decided that she gets ALL the food in the trough. She must finally be pregnant cuz she was sharing and now she’s in complete horde the food mode. I mean seriously running round the trough to chase them away. So I put piles around and they don’t want them. They want to eat from the trough. Aye yay yae. Picky eaters. 😀

Etta…….getting pretty wide

All in all, it was an enjoyable visit round the farm. Gandhi was in a feisty mood, rather unlike him, so I quickly fed him….not too much visiting…cuz I didn’t want anyone to get hurt. So tonight it will be 35 degrees. I’m praying everyone is warm enough. I told them all that it would be cold and that they should make cuddle puddles, especially around the freshly sheared ones. Everyone that has been sheared recently has a blanket cut, so hopefully all will be alive when I wake. Not doing any sweaters this time. My hand is improving still…..I can just about make a fist now….ha, what got me into this. Jesse came down last night and asked it I was still……Butt hurt. I said yes. It’s 5:30 pm now, so I’ve had enough time to stew, and he’s allowed to talk to me again. Lol. Hahaha. And it’s that time again. Oh ya…….I didn’t realize how long it took me to do the photos the old way, adding the captions. I guarantee, it’s at least an hour. The |Iphone way, without captions….takes about 5 minutes. Hmmmmm. Hmmmmmm. Anyways……..Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.






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