A Rant…………………And….oh ya, Rick Trevino concert was great

Turns out this Rick Trevino is a Grammy Award winner!!! Wow! Playing here at this new tiny town bar……for about a hundred people. Freakin amazing. Well, I may not know him…but he’s earned my respect and I shall listen. I can already tell you, even though this is the first song…these guys are good. Musically. Alright, bring on somethin I know and you’ve got a fan! YeeHaw!!!! I know this song!!! I’m Learnin as You Go!!!! Oh ya!!! Also….Everything is Better Here in Texas….and one more…I’m Runnin Out of Reasons to Run. Awesome concert. Loved the part where his dad joined him and did a song together. I recorded it as soon as I realized how fun it was!

From my chair…Iphone…….zoomed

I was just thinking about concerts being Impersonal. Normally, at a concert, everything is detached and the only connection is the songs being sung. But I just realized that I saw a personal moment tonight. When he went to the keyboard to play and his entire band walked off stage, leaving him alone at the keyboard…the author/poet in me wants to say piano…..I decided to go up close to get a photo. Upon arrival, trying to get the right lighting and not get in anyone’s way, I realized there was a completely empty Sponsor table, so I sat down to photograph in peace. As I watched, waiting for a good photograph, I realized that this guy was in a personal moment. He was in a memory. Not once did he open his eyes, and he played that piano with such beautiful vigor that it was encompassing. Genius…at work.

The Piano scene……………..

Speaking of the Sponsor table….the concert was a cancer fundraiser. By the time we got there after the festival, at 8:30, the first 2 bands had already played and they were preparing for the auction. The guy from the TV show….Storage Wars….the auctioneer, was the auctioneer. Thing was….he couldn’t get much money out of the people. Maybe they didn’t know. I know I didn’t know there would be an auction….and it was discussed in the ladies room, how embarrassing it was that nobody was bidding, and that the ones who were, were bidding low. There was a topaz necklace and earring set that he refused to sell when he couldn’t get anywhere near it’s worth. It did sell in the end for $1650…..at cost.

Walt Cade………….Storage Wars Auctioneer…….he hung out with the locals after his gig was done…. 😀


It’s 2:45am….but I just saw a ton of 4’s, so I’m good. Think I’m ready to lay my head down for the night. Goodnight sweet people.
Hype. It’s all bull and hype. Fast Internet? Sure, the numbers are high, went from download of .38 to 20-22. But if ya still can’t watch a movie on your fancy new Tv, on Netflix or Hulu…….. Then it’s all crap. Fine. I guess I’ll settle for the stinkin simple ability to caption my photos, Woohoo!!! I just feel so disillusioned. A year ago, hubby bought a BlueRay player. After hooking it up, I was ecstatic to discover that I could watch Netflix on the Tv instead of the tiny Kindle screen or my IPhone. Only to discover not enough Internet. Fast forward one year and now I have Two such Tv things, allowing Netflix. Can I watch a movie? NO. Was so peeved about it, I had a tiny meltdown in Chili’s restaurant…..in other words…..I cried. I know, it’s silly….. it’s just the disappointment factor. Oh well…..I’ll live.


Today I am not singing Jesse’s praises. Today I’m ticked. Came time to unload feed and it’s rainy. I asked him to come help. In a minute. I had already loaded 4 bags, which is all I want to load at a time and he comes out and loads all the rest…well, cept that last one!!!… So now all the bags but one…8, are loaded on the buggy, in not so easy ways to get them down and he starts making fun of me for thinking that my hand is broke…yet miraculously healing fast. Fine, rudeness….I’ll do it myself. And in the house he goes. So now it’s ME that has to deal with the friggin 8 bags all over the friggin place….falling off…then I gotta get the fallen 50 lb bag off the GROUND and lift it 5 ft. Oh ya….why did I ask him to help? Cuz I thought I could get them loaded without injury to my hand…but didn’t think I could do the dispensing part safely. So…..who dispensed? Me. I’m not a very happy camper right now. AND, my wrist brace is now soaking wet so I can’t wear it…..and I’m typing. Like I said….not a happy camper today. Several other things have built up all day…..the tarps were blowin in the wind…in the rain….100 bales of hay????!!!! Also…..hubby didn’t move the goat. I spelled it out…the best way….nope…still laying in the friggin garden. Ahhhh gosh……I shouldn’t let you guys see my rant….but then again…even ranting is a part of life.


I have to acknowledge this. Just two weeks ago. I had the expectation that if I put a dead animal in the ground, it would stay there. Then I had to adjust to one being dug up. Then I had to adjust myself to the fact that a few days dead animal could be moved, let alone seen by these eyes. Next I had to adjust to the animal being drug out of the 2nd grave. Then I had to adjust myself to watching the animal slowly disappear. The reason I bring this up…is we all think we can only deal…if things are just so….a certain way……but that’s not true. Change happens, our thoughts shift. What we couldn’t accept a few weeks ago, can now be the norm, and no big deal. I’ve been fascinated with this realization. I’ve just never had my……can accept’s………………..be so challenged, and changed into ….accept’s….so rapidly. It’s the speed that it happened, that allowed the recognition to come. My guess is that these things usually happen so slowly that we don’t even notice that we’ve changed our view.


Smilin Socrates………..


Little Doc






Wet…………Georgia and Pearl………always first to greet Mama


Sorry it’s not an extremely cheerful blog. It’s a dark rainy day…the cold front is coming tonight…to the 30’s and things just have not gone great today. Shit happens. Anyways….guess I’ll go ahead and sign off at YeeHaw Ranch…..with the hopes that hubby’s rewiring of the routers, etc…..allows me to post this. Otherwise…..I’m in no mood to thumb type a whole 1000 word blog tonight…so here’s to hoping.  Oh….and the stupid photos are all wrong…size wise….apparently WordPress has changed something? I dunno….tried it 3 ways…this is the best, biggest size I can use at the moment…till I figure out what the heck.



2 thoughts on “A Rant…………………And….oh ya, Rick Trevino concert was great

  1. I need to see Einstein better, might have to come get him. Sorry things aren’t great, I think the stars must be doing something funny.
    Can’t stop crying over my stupid truck, no clue why, well I guess the fact that hubby wanted me to get a 4X4 and I wanted my truck, now he is getting his way and it seems I an not even going to be able to get what I want. Ugh, OK I won’t rant either, hugs

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