Kid n Ewe……and MamaSheri too!

We are 38 miles from the festival. Well, the Fiber Festival. No rides
or cotton candy, but I might get to see some goats, llamas or alpacas.
Last year this lady had 2 gorgeous white angoras at the reduced price
of a hundred dollars but in the end I didn’t get them cuz they had
scours(diarrhea). Funny thing is I do believe that my 4 Pretties that
I traded for……..are the daughters of those same goats. Ironic, eh?
I certainly don’t need to buy any goats today though. It’s odd, I
don’t have the usual sense of excitement. I wonder why? Maybe before I
was coming in a search for something…….my place in this fiber world
maybe. I AM finding my place finally, so maybe my cup is running over
and I don’t need to look outside myself, to find myself.

Well, we have been and gone. As predicted, color out the wazoo. It’s
just so darn bright and inviting. First we came across Lisa, but then
again…we knew where she would be. 😀 She has the same spot every
year and has the largest colored mohair bar, as she put it. Beautiful.
Next to her were a few other friends but I walked right by them to get
to Lisa. Polly Holmes later found me and said I’d walked by and missed
her and Jane. Jane Miller is the one I bought Moonee from in July at
the goat sale. So I did go later and catch up with them. Finally met
Mary Berry, who I traded with for the Pretties….from Fancy Fibers Farm
, and had a nice chat with her. Saw the Yarnarama ladies, and met
Jules Cox, from Lazy Pi. Yay Jules!

The funny part was, I walked the three buildings and singled one booth
as having batts that I would like. I don’t usually deal with batts but
when I was at the Yellow rose Fiber Fest in April, I saw a felted
painting….Gorgeous and had a chat with the artist. She gave me her
card and I wrote her at her Etsy store. Yorkieslave. I like this
ladies batts best out of all I’ve seen, so when I saw a booth that in
my mind was comparable…..I considered buying one. But nah, I want a
Yorkieslave. Later I realized I hadn’t taken a single photo, I made
the rounds again. I took a photo of the gorgeous batts and then
decided to grab a business card so I could give em credit on the blog.
Ha……..Yorkieslave!!!!!! Her sister was running the booth for her!!!
Makes me giggle. I almost got one after that but none of them
screamed….Sheri. So I’ll wait for MINE, on Etsy. Heard something about
a class too…need to check into that. I mean, why not? Before I found
the goats, I was painting everyday…this would be painting with fiber.

Speaking of colors….I’ve been saying how colorful these fests are,
with all the dyed yarns and dyed rovings and dyed batts….and I do love
color and I did have me such a blast when I played with the
Koolaid……but in the end….I personally have a preference for the
naturals. I wash up certain fleeces and then I just combine them. I’ll
have the curls all pulled…sitting at my wheel and I’ll pull a cloud
from each bag and put them all in one hand….and start to spin, pulling
from each color as I want to to go in. Ironic isn’t it that I now have
3 goats that I don’t have to do that now…..I just wash and pull and
spin….no blending necessary. Gotta love these Pinto babies.

There was one little pen of angora goats and one cashmere goat. Many
people were asking what kind of goats they were. Seems that most
buyers at this particular fest…..want their stuff ready to
go…..creation ready. Very few fleeces in the raw. Met a man who
doesn’t spin, but likes woodwork and saw some Amish wheels and decided
to give it a go. No, not spinning, making wheels! And some of them
have no wheel!!! It’s just the spool and orifice…..hooked to a car
battery!!! No pedaling involved. Wow, told him I’d come see him if my
legs go bad again! But they better not. Oh ya, Spin Craft….that’s his
brand. $670 for the motorized no wheel one. Stopped by the FeltLOOM
booth and for the first time….resisted it. Didn’t put a single thing
through it. I think I might have given up hope for that one and
therefore…..detached from it.

I’ll confess. When I go to a fiber event…..I really would like to show
off things I’ve made….but it seems the festivals don’t really coincide
with cold weather clothing. The only thing on me that was made from my
babies was my pouch cord…..and my hair. And let me tell ya…..they
noticed the hair. People always notice the hair….but for the first
time….I actually had people asking if I had mohair in my hair. Ha!
Ya!!! Why yes I do, all of the lighter colors are my own handspun yarn
from my goats!!! I love their reactions. What fun. I guess I’m
confessing that I like it when people stop me and say….wow, did you
make that? Can I touch it? Oh, it’s so soft….and then I tell them
about my goat babies. It makes me feel good that they noticed. That
they liked it……something I created. It’s a boon for the ego, which we
are supposed to be shunning these days…..but considering my past and
the extent of my low self esteem in the past……I think it’s actually
healthy for me. I don’t think there’s any conceit involved…..well,
maybe a little pride. 😀

I texted Jesse and he said all the goats are good and have been fed.
Yes!!! Last fiber fest I went to my baby Kya died. Safe and sound my
babies are tonight. And it is night. The sun is setting as we drive
toward the house. We arrived at Kid n Ewe at 1pm and left at 3:30pm.
It’s not a big fest…just 3 buildings and there were less vendors this
year….and less customers. So, we are now headed to the house to get
ready for the Rick Trevino concert. Turns out hubby doesn’t know what
he sings either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go figure!!!! Now that I know what
to expect at this place…..I will try to have fun this time. Shouldn’t
be too difficult….by the time I get there this time….I will have had a
couple beers. Even better……there’s a cold front on its way in tonight
and I feel it in my hands and legs….which means….I get to have a
doobie before the concert too…..that oughtta make it seem more like a
concert. Remember, I grew up in the 70’s…saw….Aerosmith, the Eagles,
Alice Cooper, Eddie Money, Stix…..let’s put it this way….these new
tiny concerts are the first in my life where there wasn’t maryjane
passed around. Okie dokie people……I could keep on talking but my word
count is high. See ya round the bend…..aka…tomorrow. Signing off on
Hwy 21, headed into Bastrop….home of last years famous Bastrop Fires
and on don’t forget to watch the special editions of Extreme Makeover,
Home Edition…in January…in Bastrop.














3 thoughts on “Kid n Ewe……and MamaSheri too!

  1. Love seeing Jules and Mary in your pictures, but no Lisa, although her rainbow buffet was there. So who’s goats were there? and did they sell any?
    Funny about the concerts. Grateful Dead, OMG, and I went to a Crosby Stills and Nash concert on my birthday and didn’t have any luck finding anything before I went, but luckily there was plenty there. I just don’t think concerts are the same now. LOL life is great I hope you are having a blast

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