Fiber Fest… I come!!!!

Normally I would be blogging now, but what’s the point? I can’t publish anything without Internet and certainly can’t expect my son to keep phone typing for me. So, I’ll just sit here. I’ll sit here and somehow try to find joy in this silly show…Family Guy. Not exactly sure how that’s gonna happen…. Oh, cool, an answer already! He’s talking! Jesse is talking candidly to me about his future. That’s why I’m here watching this rediculous show!!! Good to know, good to experience. Ahh, right now I’ve got the Wiz kitty in my lap, the Gucc is on my left armrest and the Smooch is to my right. Surrounded by purrs….even Wiz, being jostled by every word I type but apparently loving it.

Once again, I’m so proud of Jesse. Wasn’t that cool of him to type that whole blog for me….over a thousand words!!!! Ha! Somehow the word count went up while he was typing. How many of you noticed? He added his own words at the end of some of the paragraphs. And, he had to type stuff about himself and didn’t change a word. That’s impressive to me. I was just about to tell you his plans when I looked up and saw the clock. It’s 2:52am….,.and out for the night and intending that you all have blessings fall into your lap, as they are falling into mine. :-D. Oh ya……if only I were blogging. (ps, all thumb typed today by me)

Well, another nearly wasted day. I say nearly cuz even though we didn’t shear cuz we were waiting for the Internet guy, we did at least skirt a fleece. Cathy and I, that is. We skirted Yazhi who I’ve been anxious about. These 4 Pretties, received in a trade, have extremely dense fleeces. I was worried about felting but nah, very little!!! Turned out to be as nice a fleece as I originally foresaw. About 1/4 left to skirt.

My hand is healing really fast. Remarkable, really. And the cause of the injury….the non topic… still a topic. I’m not liking the situation. It’s kinda scary outside now. The pups are treating the corpse as a prize. Their prize. There’s a lot of fighting going on and I actually drove the zenbuggy over to visit with the girls cuz I would have to pass near the death. Each one is very protective of it. No, not liking this at all. The thought of having to move it again……at this stage….is truly unthinkable. I mean, I knew this goat! Dipped her cord in iodine minutes after her birth three years ago, I shouldn’t have to see this, especially not up close. Life. The beautiful and the ugly.

So this weekend is Kid n Ewe and Llama too!!!! It’s a fiber festival a few hours away down near San Antonio. I adore going there. Haven’t missed it once since discovering Angora Goats. I love to see all the creations that awesome minds are conjuring up. I love to see all the colors. A fiber fest screams color from all directions. Lisa Shell, from Kai Ranch Mohair will be there as usual with a humongous amount of curls and roving dyed in every color of the rainbow and even colors that didn’t get into the rainbow. Course, I can see her and her pretties any time I want cuz she’s only a half hour away. But there will be others that I’ve met online but not in person and one I know for sure will be Jules Cox of Lazy Pi Farm. I will enjoy that. Hopefully more people as well. All I know is, I look forward to this all year long. Hope y’all won’t mind seeing festival photos!!! Hope those links work, it’s just me and the phone.

Then there’s the Rick Trevino concert which won’t start till after 3 other bands have played. Around 11 pm or later. We have VIP seats this time, whatever that means. Oh man, we have a cold front coming in the 30’s! What are the odds it will be that night? I’m afraid to look!!! Oh yay and thank you Spirit!!! A low of 68!!!! I can do this now!!! Thing is….what the heck does he sing? That I know??? Haha!!! Guess I’ll find out! Well my friends, I shall pop in with a few words tomorrow!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch and still waiting for the Internet guy at 6:07pm.












7 thoughts on “Fiber Fest… I come!!!!

  1. Have fun at the fiber fest! Was hoping to get to go and meet up with you, but doesn’t look like it’ll happen. Maybe we will meet another time. Love reading your blog! Best wishes, D’Wanna

  2. I hope you have a great time at the KnE. In your eyeball picture is that a spider on her curls just behind her eye? I think perhaps you need to rebury your goat. Hugs

    • It’s a weed flower! Ya, I’m thinkin somethin has to happen if I’m not comfortable around my dogs. Have to figure out something. I will have fun always do

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

      • I would worry that they might get a taste for goat and might want to try another one. Perhaps you could erect some panels up around her, then get a couple bags of mulch and topsoil and cover her back up. Just thinking

      • Yes that’s also what I worry about. Good idea. Lisa said how but I didn’t know about moving her. Can probably just do it where she is. Thanks for thinkin of us. Huggs

        Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

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