A needy kitten….and an Awesome son

Gucci is extra needy. It’d be fine if it weren’t for those darn claws….and that cry of hers. Gosh, precious. Her need is a bit overwhelming at times though. Never seen anything like it. I think this kitten was too young to be taken from her mama. I’m her mama now and she’s really thinking I’m mama. It’s an odd mix of feelings…………ahhhhh………use number 4 for hair ties…oh there have been a gazillion but I mean from yesterday’s blog. So,no. 4….tied my pinky and ring finger together so I’m forced to use only my pointer finger to type. The bruise now goes from top joint of my pinky down 7 inches. I’m thinking maybe I’ve gone and injured myself. I guess I’m just a baby and my son is awesome.

My mind is racing with thoughts and ideas for that new blog. It’s really, for me, more of an article or a column than a blog. So it takes some thinking. It can’t really be random top of my head kinda talk. It’s once a month. What do I want the subscribers to learn once a month? What do I want to teach? What do I want to get out there? Got it. Took a break and decided the first 5 topics. Not so hard after all. Fear had tried to come inside me and I said nope, not opening the door to you today or tomorrow. Then I had to shoo the kitties away, the bathing finally got to me and they are now bathing happily in the fiber basket next to me. And Jesse continues to be chilling happily in his room being awesome and what not.. Golly gee willickers he’s so awesome.

Jesse’s wanting to leave soon. He wants to get started with his life and I can’t blame him but jeesh it’s so awesome having him here. And now with the hand, oh man. First I told him he needed to stay to shear the goats and we are nearing that end…finally. Or at least the ones we need his help with. May still shear a few more girls now that I’ve remembered the blanket cut. But ya…I totally understand his need to go, to start his life, he feels like he’s on hold here. He’s not though. He is living and he is helping me in more ways than he knows, he doesn’t have a clue. But mostly with the goats help is so awesome..male brave help to go into the throng of male goats and grab the one that needs to be sheared during rut, if he weren’t here it’d be me and Cathy doing that. I do wish he could stay and live here, but he’s destined to be a star so I need to deal. Gosh I’m gonna miss him. We were best friends when he was a baby up until he was 3 when he was taken by my mom, and I hoped he would love me again someday, and he does. He says he does and his actions say he does. I visioned him being 18 and him coming here and me telling him the story, the truth, and it happened, just as I visioned it. I just forgot to vision him as kind, gentle, compassionate and loving. I took care of that when he left and here he is..back around 6 months later all and more than I could ask for. I am SO proud of my Jesse Lee. He’s just amazing and is going to be a billionaire one day. He should just run for president.. No really. Okay not really. But I’m hungry and tired of typing. But I digress.

Everyone is telling me to get my hand xrayed. I called my friendly sister to tell her about the blog gig and she threw a fit. If its that bad I should be in more pain. I asked my body to adjust to the non need for pain and dis-ease and it complied I shall see what it’s like tomorrow, but I’m thinking that it’s healin just fine. 😀 and on that note I say may you have the sweetest dreams and may your day be merry and bright. Haha pun on early Christmas crap! 2:26am and Jesse is still awesome and I’m still a baby. Heaw.

What an odd duck day. We went out to shear and the boys were nowhere to be found. Cathy went looking and in the meantime, Jesse decided that they weren’t gonna show up therefore no shearing today. Just as he starts to wind the electrical cords up..here come the goats. He said…nope…we already decided. I said but your wanting to leave. He said but you’re wanting me to stay. I said…signs are pointing toward maybe you should stay…otherwise why all the injuries to me. Either way we did not shear. But Cathy and I pulled vm (vegetable matter) from little Loveys coat. My poor dead little Velcro baby. His tiny fleece is infested with vm. I am one determined old goat though and it will happen. Hubby will get a memory pillow of lovey. Couple hours later 2 of us pulling the hay and crap.. And we cleaned a tiny bit, many more hours to go. ….knowm sayn?

Still waiting on the Internet guy and no Internet at all right now. Not even enough to mail this to my iPhone. Which means if he don’t show, you will never see this particular set of words. And if he does show….you will see captions under the photos….unless of course it’s so late by then that I end up just posting by phone due to time constraints. We shall see. Oh ya the topic that was supposed to be done…never to be talked about again, is still open. They have pulled the goat completely out of the grave and about 15 ft away, just laying in my garden. I am learning a lot about decay and how it transpires. Jesse said, Mom do you think she was pregnant…look how big she is. I had to tell him that’s a normal thing, that death bloats. And yes she was probably pregnant with teeny tiny pinto twins. Well that’s if WyWy did his thing. I have no clue…didn’t use markers…never have. Ahhh,where is this guy? Guess I’ll go start on the pizza dough. Well…a no show again. Jeese oh petes. Goodnight sweet folks. Signing off with a disgusted sigh from YeeHeaw Ranch where my son will be typing (just typed) all of this on to the iPhone. Good luck with that. Hope it works…it’s already 6:15 and there’s over a thousand words. Now it’s 7:12 and jesses still amazingly awesome. Best believe. Heaw Ps, the kitty photo, they are watching the mixing bowl go round and round! 😀













3 thoughts on “A needy kitten….and an Awesome son

  1. I am so glad your son is making you so happy, I know how nervous you were before he arrived. remember release them and if they come back they are yours. He came back, he will always be a part of your life now. Don’t worry about him going, he will be back when you need him. Maybe he will move to Austin. It is a great town for the young ones. Hugs and love

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