Oh my goodness……..guess what?

Mea says, by the pictures, the hand is broken…cracked…just not
displaced. She was the 5th person to say that to me…well, that it
looked broken. I told you guys I was a stripper once…or, exotic dancer
if that sounds better to you. I broke my ankle and danced on it for 3
weeks before finally getting it xrayed. I’m an odd duck. I’m
fascinated with the bruising and swelling so I’ll be posting more
photos as it heals. Everyday it heals. Every second it heals. Speaking
of healing….I have a new reader who seems to be on a similar path. He
has been reading a lot of my blogs. I’m really glad to connect with
another who has ben reborned…never in the same way, but reborned

Well, the vote is done. I did my thing and I don’t know how I feel. I
truly hated the options before me. Oh well. Breathe everyone….the ads
are over and life will take another step. But I want it made clear….I
didn’t want either one. I wanted another option. The other options
available to me didn’t seem viable to me…knew there wouldn’t be enough
votes, Anyways…..it’s done. Gosh the ads were endless weren’t they?
Endless and many. Enough of that awful subject.

On to my wonderful clippers. It’s funny, I’m not a cleaner, but
knowing that I could ruin these things if I don’t clean them, causes
me to clean them everyday. Gandhi is my absolute highest lanolin
content goat and it still sliced through it like butter. I’m using the
FINE blades, on the Lister Star. Still haven’t nicked a soul. It’s
just so darn fast…and easy. I was so scared of these Listers cuz they
looked huge to me and were oh so heavy to me….but folks, I’m still
bragging and I just sheared with a broken hand. What does that tell
ya. It’s easy peasy people!!! I’m saying this cuz I know there are
still some reading who are using scissors. Maybe someone near you will
let you give it a try next time they shear? Give it a go. 😀 Okie
Dokie folks……….it’s 1:56am and I’m outta here. Have a splendiferous

Ok. I woke to an email from Hoegger Goat Supply telling me they would
love to have me as their blogger. Say what? Oh my, I really have been
grinning all durn day!!! I was so excited that we chucked the shearing
plans and went to town for my inhaler and to shop for hubby’s
Christmas present. I said, I’m just too smiley to shear. 😀 My brain
has been whirling with options….what topics do I want to bring up?
What do I really want to share? This is a gem. I want to polish it
pretty, so others will see what I see, what I love, and what I do that
makes me so happy. I have to say….the closest thing to something like
this…was when I won the essay contest in college. And now, I get
people telling me they love my blog…..and then this???? This is like,
wow, I am a writer!!! Haha, I knew I was a writer….but now I have
people reading what I write! Still smiling.

So, nobody got sheared…..and poor Gandhi…the permethrin that goes down
the back does something different to the white goats….it’s as if it
burns them. Poor Gandhi, he’s all red and didn’t want to come to me
today. I hate that. He was happier after I explained it to him and
then gave him some food. Yoki was out again….and yesterday…she is one
Houdini goat. If she has a boy that’s what I’ll name him. Marshall is
still in with one of the pens in the back, but not really for any
reason. Think it’s done now, he’s just still there. He’s a very sweet
goat and definitely not a troublemaker. Lily was actually still
nuzzling yesterday. Jeesh…she had a chance with Angel, then Picasso,
and now Marshall. Come on Lily, jeesh.

Ok….this is something I’ve been wanting to tell you but keep
forgetting. I buy the larger of the stretch simple colored hair-ties.
Yes, I use them in my hair, but I now wear them on my wrists as well.
Why? Well, so I have an instant fix to many solutions. Just yesterday
I used one to tie up an end of a scarf I was using as a sling, that
wasn’t quite right, till I added the tie. I use it for pullover
sweaters for the goats too. Just put the sweater on, then gather it on
the rump and tie it up. I also used one at the concert cuz I didn’t
have a huggie for my beer, so I wrapped a napkin around the beer and
put the tie on and wala…instant huggie. Oh…unbelievable. Smooch kitty
just was watching TV like she does…but this time she did the stand and
stretch on the face of the LCD or LeD screen(whichever it is) and I
jumped up to stop her, nearly dumping the new laptop on the floor but
I caught it……and……..hurt my ring finger on my Left hand!!!!! It’s
already swelling and blue! 😀 heheheeeee What is Spirit trying to
tell me?

Ok…finally remembered to take the photos. I won something a few weeks
ago. I won some soap from Pure Hart Soap. I don’t remember entering
anything but jeesh, I’m so glad I won! I have been waiting to use it
till I remembered to take the photos. This stuff smells yummy. One of
them is even Sweetgrass…gosh I love sweetgrass. Anyway….I look forward
to using these beauties. Thank you Pure Hart Soap….goat milk, of

You won’t believe this. My 19 year old son just begged me to let him
form the meatloaf into a mans parts. Lol, then he wanted me to post it
on the blog. NOT. But he did get me to say I’d put it on Facebook.
Haha, boys will be boys. Wonder what hubby will think. Hmmm. Wow, time
flies. Oh, I got a wrist thingie to keep my fingers from moving. Also,
if I type with my pointer only on the right hand…I can still type
fairly well. I keep thinking there’s still something I’m forgetting to
tell you but oh well, maybe I’ll remember for tomorrows. Tomorrow the
internet guy comes AGAIN. Relaxed about it now, lost my excitement.
When I actually have fast internet……then I’ll get excited. Speaking of
excited…………….the news out of Colorado….Washington State,
Massachusetts, and now…maybe…….are you friggin kidding me?…….maybe
Texas?????????? Oh please oh please. Why? Cuz I hate hate hate feeling
like a criminal…just to live with less pain. Oh ya……Signing off at
YeeHaw Ranch.(just heard that Texas bit on the news plug)











13 thoughts on “Oh my goodness……..guess what?

  1. I love seeing how much the newbies love you. I love the little goatie kisses. So very excited about the blog!!! Congrats. wish legalization would occur, as I know no one here so it sucks big time 😦 I really wish people knew exactly what it does for pain and spasms. Did you know you can buy it online somewhere? My son knows but won’t share, it is very secret. Well I guess it was until now!!!
    Goat hugs and kisses.

    • Oh you are so funny! And I’m sorry you have a hard time. Turns out the news was hyping and saying ppl wished it wAs on ballot. And they brought up a former attempt. Maybe til spur things here and you can move back!!!

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

      • Maybe Obama will do something as it is apparent that a lot of states are moving that way, and now he doesn’t have to worry about re-election. It would save the US a ton of money in law enforcement and they could tax the hell out of it, maybe it would be cheaper to get it legally then illegally. I can’t wait for Nationals next year in Estes Park, Co. I hope you can come and we can giggle together 🙂

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