Lessons learned…….the hard way

So….I have learned my lesson. Never again. We have made up, Geezer and
I and all is well. The hand has been prayed for and reiki’d and is
feeling better. The swelling is now going down instead of up. The
bruise is on both sides of my hand and it wraps around and goes up the
pinky and ring finger. But….I’m typing fairly painlessly now. I also
took an Advil and put on Maslac. An ointment I got from Puerto Rico
when I broke my foot while modeling in the woods and water. It was the
water that did it though. It was a very long excruciating way back up
the jungle and to the hotel, where they put Maslac on me and it
instantly felt better. We bought two little cans of it to bring home.
I was able to do everything I wanted for the rest of the vacation
thanks to the Maslac.

Between the Maslac and the healing I did…the swelling is going down
and the pain is less. Jesse just doubted me and said, can you move
your hand? Ha! Yes!!!! And I then wiggled my fingers, which minutes,
even seconds before I was unable to do. He was all…nah…but I was
like…look dude, twenty minutes ago I couldn’t move my fingers or my
hand and now here I am wiggling my fingers….aren’t you willing to
acknowledge a healing is taking place? No response. 😀 I’d just
told him that I also talked to my body. I do that often I said. I told
it thank you My Body, for helping me to fix my hand. In this age of
change where we are changing so quickly as a species, so spiritually
changing. And now….here I am, moving every finger, petting the Gucci
freely moving my hand about. There’s still some sore spots, but not so
bad. Kitty has been climbing all over me, highly unusual. And now
kitty is strumming the Tibetan Bells hanging by my chair.

My son keeps saying I’m a baby. That I can’t take the pain. Are you
friggin kidding me? Honey, I’ve had more pain than you’ll hopefully
ever know….and I have learned in life to go with my emotions. If my
emotions want to say ouch…by George, I’m gonna say ouch. If I want to
say…ah…uh….ahh…all night to express that I’m in pain….well, hon, I’m
in my own home doing it. That’s my take on it. It’s late and I’m
watching a movie I didn’t want to watch, but in the end I did get
sucked in…..Shutter Island. Yikes….but I’ve watched it. Not sure I
recommend it. Ahhh, word count 444. Time to stop and Hello Angels!!!!
Goodnight my fellow planet people!!! 12:49am.

Ok. Well, we took the sweater off Milly, got the burrs off of Lily,
then moved the stanchion over near Gandhi and it was his turn. I went
ahead and did some of the first side till my hand tired. Jesse had
said….I’m taking it the first ouch I hear. No ouches, just a few
grunts. I did his blanket crooked and his blanket is lopsided. Oh
well. Jesse did the feet for me too and did a fine job. The clippers
were too hot to do another goat so that was it.

Next, during feeding….we discovered that the pups were not done with
poor Ella. Baby Girl was laying there guarding the grave and must’ve
either dug or something cuz Jesse yelled at her and came toward her
and she bared her teeth and growled. He took another step and she did
it again, so I told him to back off. Then I went to vote. I didn’t
know who I would vote for and pondered it the whole way and prayed to
make the right choice. Made my choice when the pencil was in my hand.
It was a tough choice. I didn’t want to vote for either party and in
the end, decided that if I voted for one of the off guys, it wouldn’t
affect things, so in the end….there was one that I REALLY didn’t want
to be president, so I voted for the other one. How depressing.

Then while driving home, I realized what was different with the dogs
and the dead goat this time. Simple answer. They didn’t see any of it.
They didn’t see me find her dead….didn’t see the grave being dug,
didn’t see me grieve….didn’t hear me wailing and crying….remember, I
had to go to a concert that night….literally in minutes from when we
found her, so I had no time to grieve. I did cry when I first found
her, it was a chorus or Oh my God, Oh my God, for quite awhile…..then
we hurried and dug a hole, buried her and then I had to leave. The
pups saw none of that. None. That my friends is what’s different. I’m
ok with it all now….and like Mea said…..at least it wasn’t Lovey they
dug up. Wow. I’m so glad that topic has now exhausted itself. This
Should be the end of it. God I hope.

So, now that I understand…..I remembered someone in the goat group
talking about the different types of animal burials. One was just
leave them out and let nature take care of them. It had a name but I
can’t remember. Like it or not…..that’s basically whats happening
here. Nature….(the dogs)…..is taking care of it. Without being too
gross, let’s just say that pieces of Ella are already part of the
earth. I can’t fight it anymore. I’m done. Baby Girl wouldn’t let me
put her up when I left…and she saw I was getting angry so she did go
in…. that’s new. So, I decided to say Good pups when I got home. Over
and over….mamas puppies! They love it when I do that.

About the hand. Ladies at the polling station think it could be
broken. I dunno. All I know is….when I told my body that I had already
learned my lesson, and no longer needed to experience the pain….that’s
when it left. For the most part. No, it’s not healed. But unless I
move it wrong…..I’m not in pain. Thank you very much, My Body!!! Jesse
peeled the potatoes last night for dinner, and will again tonight. He
had to wring out my clean Georgia curls and all kinds of things I
can’t do now. Aside from arguments over the TV, we are getting along
great. What a changed person. Love it when that happens. He had some
goodness in him when he was here before….he helped me deal with a bad
death situation and I never forgot that.

Oh ya….the internet guy came, hooked it up….showed me how fast I was
gonna go, then left saying when hubby comes home, have him unplug and
replug the router. Well……………………………………………. No internet…..and they can’t
come back till Thursday. More waiting. I’ll live. So, a relatively
good day…..got a goat sheared…figured out whats going on with the dogs
and I did my duty and voted. Scary that. Alright, hope I haven’t
forgotten anything good. 😀 Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
Gosh…somehow some of the blog got jumbled up, hope I got it fixed
right and the paragraphs in the right places.













4 thoughts on “Lessons learned…….the hard way

  1. Yup, it is broken. It may not be displaced so you may be fine, not going to get it looked at, but be careful. Yesterday it was swollen on the side now it is into the middle, blue on inside and outside of your hand. Glad you voted. We did too.
    Hugs and take care of yourself, the goaties need you

  2. I broke my foot and was told by friends you wouldn’t be able to walk on it if it was broken, well I could walk on it but it hurt like hell. You can move fingers, but you can feel it when you move the fingers. Just because it is broken, doesn’t mean it is displaced, it is cracked but still where it should be. You just need to make sure you don’t do anything to displace the bone.

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