I did a Bad…….Again….dang

The kittens are going wild again and the TV is playing…..ya,
Southpark. I need a frowny face that works on WordPress….and Word
combined. Yup, Jesse agrees, the kittens are going nuts. And LOUD!!!!
Boy oh boy, I’ve said it before but when it’s happening as you’re
typing you pretty much are dominated by the sound. Ahhh, he went to
bed…..General Hospital, ya. Something familiar. I actually got to
watch the movie Contact tonight. I own it, but the box is here and the
movie is not. Been wanting to see it for like 6 months, and it played
tonight for me and Jess was willing to watch it finally and I think he
liked it. He rebelled against it for both times he lived here, but
finally gave in…..and liked it. Not 100%.

The plan for tomorrow is……shear, with clippers cuz she’s got em so
bad…Mimi….and then pull burrs from Lily and take Milly’s coat off.
From there, if things go well, we might do Gandhi….an easy catch. I
keep forgetting to tell Jesse that we forgot to count a goat that
NEEDS done….Levi. He will grump about it for a bit. He’s ready to
proceed with his life but I need him here. I will still need him here
after he leaves. Back to just me. Just me in the room, just me
talking, no one to look at me when I talk….hubby doesn’t. No more help
with the feed sacks or the feeding or the catching. It’s approaching
fast….faster if he has his way. Soon I’ll get to tell you where he’s
going. And when he leaves…you’ll probably get to hear me gripe about
all the hard work I now have to do again….or how lonely I am in this

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not sad lonely….just a bit frustrated that my
words and thoughts don’t even spur a turn of the head in my direction.
That kinda lonely. Makes you feel like you’re not there. That’s daily.
I have my work cut out for me, eh? To rise above? To fly? I have
gumption and I have balls. Imaginary though they be…they carry me
along. When you hear yourself talk…..and nobody but you listens…you
tend to start enjoying your own company. It’s a gotta, really.

Ran out of yarn tonight on my project….gotta spin some more….well, ply
would be more accurate. I went ahead and pulled the rest of the clean
Georgia curls so I can spin some more. What fun. What long locks. Fun
fun fun. And the twirly colors….I’m very careful pulling some of the
curls…to get em just so. I also altered the project tonight.
Interesting. I’ve been pondering this possibility for some time, and
God knows why I decided to try it now, with this project, but I am,
and God does know….even if I don’t. No biggie. It will play out
however it plays out….and in the end, it will be gorgeous cuz I won’t
stop until it is. That’s my nature. Either that, or I throw it away.
😀 Nightie night people oh people……it’s 2:14am, and weather pain and
sleep call my name to the bed, to fall into oblivion and wake, once

Well, the day has been productive but not exactly according to plan. I
hear God laughs at plans. Cathy was busy so it was just Jesse and me.
We sheared Mimi of all sticker burrs, leaving as much coat as
possible. Lotta burrs. By then, it was within the time range for the
internet guy to show, so we stopped. It was looking a bit like rain,
so I fed early. No rain yet though. As I drove past the dumpster to
throw the burr fleece in, I then went past the new grave. Oh my
word…..they did it again and this time I lost it. I punched the
closest puppy in the head. Happened to be Geezer….and hurt my hand. My
right hand. Folks….even if they deserve it…don’t go punching no dogs
in the head. Their head is very hard. Well, the Pyrs heads are
anyway. Yes, they dug Ella up again. She’s mostly uncovered. Again.
And that’s with some regular rocks and one huge one.

Lest you think I abused the dog…….I told them to…Leave it. Gave the
command many times last night. Even chased Bubba with the zenbuggy
when I caught him digging. Thought that had sent the message….Not.
Hubby always said to punch em in the head to get a point across,
(these are BIG dogs) but I’m a girl and I don’t punch. But today when
I was so angry, I remembered those words. Oh how I wish I hadn’t….cuz
it hurts. Geezer probably didn’t feel a thing. Let’s just say I
learned my lesson and gonna have a chat with hubby about his brilliant
idea. 😀

The internet guy will be here soon. Yay. Sure hope it works…..cuz I’m
not gonna be thumb typing with my hand throbbing like this. Oh
man….I’ve come to the conclusion that not only are cats unable to
learn or be disciplined….but also, that NOTHING is sacred to a cat.
Everything in the house is theirs to play with, their toy. Just caught
them inside the oatmeal packet box and the oatmeal packets were all
over the floor. It started out on a counter that they are NOT supposed
to be on. How to cope with this? They are breaking the bags and
pulling out fiber…crawling on whatever, whenever. Maybe this many
kittens wasn’t such a good idea, but it is what it is….and I love them
all already. I guess I need to invest in a supersoaker water gun. I
seem to remember that working for my mom. 😀

Well the guy is here, and he’s working on it….while I am just
discovering that my hand is swollen and turning purple. Oh
ya….forgot…I’m also washing up some more Georgia!!!! Well, he’s done
but hubby needs to reset the router so, it’s old way again today…to
post, but I’m thinking there’s enough internet to mail this to my
phone…otherwise….it’ll be a one liner folks, cuz I really am bruised.
Alright well, I think I’m done with this for today. Signing off with
an ouch at YeeHaw Ranch.














6 thoughts on “I did a Bad…….Again….dang

  1. Do you think you broke your hand? It doesn’t look good.
    I am so sorry they dug her up again. I have a big metal cage I put over the graves to keep critters from digging up anyone who has passed here. Like my dog last week. I think I would probably kick and punch anything I saw digging up anything I buried.
    Didn’t tell you that Bear, my dog, lost his collar a couple of weeks before he died, anyway, I found it and told Roman, hubby, and he said I should go and put it on Bear. I was like, I dug the fricken hole for him, put him in it, covered him up and put the metal cage over the top of him. There was no way I was going to dig him up and bury his collar with him. Our LGD Thor has the collar on now.
    I hope Jessie stays a bit longer. I am glad he is helping you. I thought my son would help me and I have gotten very little help, so give Jessie a big hug and say a huge Thank You from me.
    Perhaps the kitties need to move outside where they won’t cause havoc everywhere.
    Hugs and Love,

    • Oh my dear, I’m so so glad you gave the collar to another dog. I didn’t want to horrify anyone so I kept the details to myself. You don’t ever want to do that. Never! The visual is horrendous and mine….had to travel around 300ft. And I won’t talk about the horn or the jaw or how many times I saw them digging and told them no.

      I’m so sorry he’s not helping . Try to remember he’s lost in his head. I told Jesse what you said. He smiled. Huggs my Lady!!!

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

      • I am so sorry you had to see that. The one blessing I can think of is at least it wasn’t Lovely they dug up, I don’t think you would have dealt with that the same.
        How is your hand?
        Glad I made him smile.
        I am off to vote soon. Hugs back

      • You are exactly right. I probably would have hurt myself worse had it been Lovey. No pain unless I move fingers wrong. Thanks hon

        Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

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