An apology to Oman…..

Ye know, I’m always talking about how much I love living in the country…..and I do, but I gotta tell ya, the Internet situation just plain sucks. We have 2 Internet companies and I have to jump through hoops to get a simple blog up. I called Wildblue the other day telling them we’d had no connectivity for months and they suggested an upgrade. What’s a blogger to do? Get the upgrade of course. That happens tomorrow but for today, I’m thumb typing once again.

Let the Littles and Beautifuls out at the same time. Usually it’s just Gandhi and one of the Beautifuls getting into it so I figured why not. NOT!!! The Beautifuls wanted to play Rut with my babies!!! That means rape folks. I caught and dragged 3 of em back to their pen and hubby got the last one. The Littles are still out. Then the BigBoys saw them and it was a snort and spit fest. The babies didn’t care, they had greenies. Btw, when i say spit, it’s not like llamas or alpacas….just a sound, rather like a fart. Will put them up in ten minutes when we go to put the tarps on the pole barn. And….rebury that poor goat. Of all times to get a new reader….when I’m talking about laughing about crushing the dead goat!!! A new Flag, Oman….they don’t know that I’d just buried my baby pet goat and that Ella died a day or so later. They don’t know that I haven’t been able to grieve much since my Lovey passed and that last night, my grief came out with giggles. Or hysteria, not sure. Anyway, by some chance, if you are back today, please…my apologies.

Jesse and hubby put up the tarps but I was busy feeding and digging so I didn’t get a photo but once again, I’ll just bet it’ll be there ready and waiting to be photographed tomorrow. :-D. Suffice it to say that I think the hay will be safe and dry. I won’t go into details but I did get Ella reburied and put large rocks on top. Didn’t put any rocks the first time cuz it was in the L, where pups can’t get unless invited. Seems they were invited in during the hay unloading. It was pretty damned awful but it is done.

Hubby’s in trouble. They’ve started playing Christmas movies already and once I start…….Katie bar the door! Yup, last night and all day today! He’s bored to tears with them. Every year it’s the same but this one is worse. They usually start the day after Thanksgiving, and play and play and play some more…..right up to…..Christmas. On Christmas, when you’re all Christmasy, there are none. Go figure.

While we’re in gripe mode….daylight savings really sucks!!! Twice a year I go nuts. I’m nuts now. 7pm and its pitch dark! I know I know, it’s to keep the kids safe. I still hate it though. Alrighty then. My thumb is all typed out. Happy November people!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














2 thoughts on “An apology to Oman…..

  1. Gotta love the running goats, and I ❤ you gray and white cat, that is my favorite coloring and I don't have any like that. Hugs

    • Ya, I love running goats too. They’re usually blurry. Wiz, that’s the Wiz. Very laid back, gaining weight fast, very sweet and gentle and huge paws!

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

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