Lil bit a Hay…..and sold more CURLS

I said that casually last night, about the hay…but a hundred bales of hay is a lot to move. I’m just little ole me, tried this once before for a friend and I ended up useless, but I’m all there is besides hubby. Unless Jesse gets up. Yikes and jeesh…..but yay……..hay!!! And it looks good too!

Guess what? I sold another pound of curls!!!! Miyagi, 2nd cut this time. A local gal who does needle felted creatures wants a pound for now of tight white curls…that’s Miyagi. I already have it skirted. I forgot to tell you which ones sold the other day….Maya, Sendai and Oprah, all 2nd cuts. White, silver and white. This is fun. This gal messaged me and asked if I sold any of my fibers and did I have any white?……Do I have any white? Yuppers, got all sorts of colors! Man I need to wash up some Moonee to see the difference between it and white. :-D……..:-D………..:-D

No kitties in my lap for two nights! How strange. Oh well, I can do more things now. Night might people……1:44am

Ok, well the bales are 70 lbs plus each so that ruled me out completely. I got Jesse up and after 3 wake ups, he came down the stairs and straight out the door. They worked really hard getting them all stacked correctly. I however, was in town, having a lovely first meet with Joyce Hazlerig. I took her pound of Miyagi and a sample of Moonee to boot. She had on the sweetest needle felted rings. I just had to take a photo. I told you she makes the cutest tiny felted critters and I have her Etsy site.
It was fun. We talked about washing, dying, felting and classes. Ha, got me out of some work!!! Anyway, happy creating Joyce….and thank you!

Came home, waited a few minutes for hubby to shower, then off to town like it was a normal Saturday…just a few hours later than usual. Got home at dark and I raced like a madwoman to feed in the dark. Thank goodness the zenbuggy has headlights…..but here’s the bad part…..the pups, I guess, dug up Ella. As I pulled out of the L pen area, I stayed as close to the pen as I could, thinking that if I went any further right, I’d run over the dead goat. Guess what? I ran over the dead goat! Oh Lordie…..the crunch…and then a second crunch. Thought I was gonna pee my pants. People, don’t do as I do. Cathy says its a Halloween Special!!! Oh Lordie, the tomorrow part of that story is……yukky!!! 😀 ha, what a story that. Still reeling and luckily, while typing this, it struck my funny bone. Laughter is way better than gagging. Sorry for the visual folks, just couldn’t help myself. We have to find humor somewhere! :-D. Can’t stop
Laughing. So sorry Ella!!!! Wow, well I’m ready to relax now…’s only 8pm!!! Jeesh! Have fun people and don’t crush any dead goats. 😀 Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps, Internet out so had to thumb type the whole blog and it’s now 5 till 9.












8 thoughts on “Lil bit a Hay…..and sold more CURLS

  1. Ran over Ella, I don’t know what I would do, I think it would depend on my state of mind how I would react. Those rings are cute, mushrooms? Tell me about the owl in that picture. Night my friend.

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