Oooie…..we got hay…..100 bales….YeeHaw

It’s already 1:30am and I haven’t written yet. I’m still giggling to
myself at my sale of three fleeces. That makes me more happy than you
can know. My brain is in that store a lot, listening to the words
again and again….good quality…..skirted well, etc……music to my ears
and a thrill to my life. To have money, as I’ve been saying, is new.
It’s fun. It’s easing. To know that I can buy something for my kid
without having to give a long persuasive endeavor to get something.
Pretty cool beans.

Next though, is another set of clippers. I can’t rave enough about the
clippers. I need to be their spokesperson. When I wrote about them on
the goat group saying that they were basically harmless, trying to let
the newbies know that there was something safe out there….all I heard
was how I could so easily slice and dice a goat with those clippers. I
don’t know how to stress how wrong I feel this is. I haven’t nicked a
single goat with those clippers…neither has my son. I did however,
nick Happy today with baby scissors getting the burrs off her ankle. I
just don’t get it. They must be using different blades cuz….jeesh,
nothing, not one harmful stroke….and I’ve done at least 15 with them.
I don’t remember the count. All I know is….we grin around here a lot
more than we used to. We laugh more and we smile more. The ease of the
shear is gosh, basically a giddy feeling. That’s why we smile. 😀
After clipping a goat for four hours, leaning, fighting, upside down
hanging,….just plain exhaustion…and now this… hour per goat. So
far, I think only Big Wyatt has taken longer than an hour. Freedom!!!!
Ya!!! LISTER, I love you!!!

My husband informed me that square bales of hay were arriving tomorrow
on a trailer to be left here to be unloaded by us this weekend.
Unloaded to where? Onto, or into what? I said…..risky to buy square
bales without a building cuz if they get rained on one time, they
start to mold. Too bad I wasn’t able to say that BEFORE it was
ordered. Yes, square bales are easier to deal with but if they’re
moldy, they’re trash. Can’t feed it. Pray for good a_ _ tarps. Last
year he bought hay without asking…don’t get mad if you read this…you
know it’s true…and it was weeds and sticks, thick sticks at that. It
was called prairie grass, but no way could I give it to my goats cuz
of the sticky things and twigs that would get in my goats coats….Ha,
and now this…the sticker burrs. God please spare me from the sticker
burrs. Remove them from this land and place them safely where they can
do no harm….Thank you.
I’m watching All My Children. Haven’t seen it in ages, nor my other
one, One Life to Live. When the soaps stopped, I was so freaked out.
What will I do? Why do they have to change things? But the answer
is…they do. Change just IS. It lives, survives and thrives…… CHANGE.
Soon my son will be leaving. Change. Soon it will be cold….Change.
Soon the kittens will turn into cats….Change. Soon it will be
Christmas….Change. See, everything changes and everything changes us.
Day by day, we all evolve, not just me. I often say, I’m evolving
people….well guess what….so are you. Speaking of change….right this
minute there are three kittens racing across the room…up and down and
across and onto the tower and down and racing and racing…..this my
friends, is new, is Change. And it’s now 2:19am and out. Night night
my friends, night night.

My oh my, what a non fun event this sticker burr removal is. Couldn’t
finish, Jesse called a halt. Lordie, we are talking…..25-30 burrs per
lower leg…times 4, then expand to the sides, belly, armpits and face.
We did Donna, Choxie, Lila, Yoki and Yazhi…..and we got the burr
covered sweater off of Joy. For back there, that just leaves Lily and
Mimi. Mimi is 8, so I’d planned to leave her coat on for the winter. I
dunno, she’s so covered with burrs that we already know it’s gonna
require the clippers. Hopefully I can still leave a lot of curls on
her for the winter. I took a photo of her face to show you, hopefully
its not blurry. No, it’s not blurry. When you see it…..notice the huge
clusters of hair…those are burrs, many thick. On the foot
shots…..notice the clusters again, not just the single burrs. It’s no
fun at all people, no fun at all. Well, at least they’re more
comfortable. But then there’s still the front girls. 😀

Good grief. Are you kidding me? Tomorrow is Saturday again??? No plans
as far as I know. The Kid n Ewe is on the 10th I think. Would’ve taken
Lovey, he loves those things. Maybe I should try a halter on Georgia!
Ha, 😀 Dunno….just talking out loud. That girl even thinks she
hears me and she comes running. What a hoot. So loving. Dunno,
probably not the same as a goat who wears a halter while tee tiny.
Lovey knew how to walk on one and knew when we wanted him to walk and
when to stop. Not sure how teachable that is at this point.

Also, I’ve been wanting to bring this up in the goat group but figure
I’ll be laughed off the page. Why are we doing designer goats? Why
don’t we run the herd as a herd? The American way sure does get me
scratching my head sometimes. Gosh, I wonder how that would change the
dynamics. Would there even be the horrible rut scenes going on with
the boys….if the girls were able to get got immediately upon estrus. I
dunno, I ponder this idea often. Don’t know that I’ll ever take myself
up on this idea, but like I said, I ponder it a lot. Would love to
discuss the pros and cons with someone. The hay has arrived!!!! 100 square bales just cut thus week! Oh Lordie, please keep the hay dry and safe. Well, it’s that time again, on
a Friday again. Have a happy weekend people. Choose joy. Signing off
at YeeHaw Ranch.













2 thoughts on “Oooie…..we got hay…..100 bales….YeeHaw

  1. I am so sorry you have those stickers in your fleeces. You do need to get them out because if they lodge themselves into the goats skin they could cause a nasty infection. Also check their hooves because they step on them and the sticker breaks off in the sole and again it will cause an infection. I don’t want to scare you but I wouldn’t want anyone to get sick because is a sticker. I know you will do your best, and I wish I was there to help. Shearing them off is your best bet because if you try to pull them out of the fleece you will have lots of holes in your hands.
    Some people do run their goats as one big herd, but then you can’t register them because you don’t know who bred with whom, unless you have marking harnesses on everyone and even then I would think two or more boys might try to get the same girl, so which one was successful? When I first got my goats they all stayed together and once everyone was bred they stayed together. It was really neat, one time we came back from dinner and one of the does was in the middle of giving birth, the sire was right with her. I grabbed her and stuck her in a stall so she could plop the kid out where it was more controlled. Well that buck kept jumping up so he could look in at the doe and kid, it was a top and bottom door so the top was open. Anyway, once mom and kid had bonded I let them out and that buck would kid sit his little doeling while mom went off and did whatever she was doing. Very sweet.

    • Ok so the better question then is…..why is registering so important? If it weren’t for that, they all could stay as a herd. Who knows they might do better at producing than us designers!

      I’ll check the hooves, thanks….didn’t occur to me. It’s bad. ❤ huggs

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

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