More excitement…..YeeHaw

Ok, so things went wonky. We’d already taken Picasso out, cuz they
were bashing each other through the expensive fence. He’d already done
Mimi, so I thought it was cool. Then I saw Yoki flagging. That’s the
term for wagging her tail at a boy. Later, all the Pretties and Milly
were there. I’d seen Milly there earlier. That means Moonee didn’t do
the trick, neither did WyWy….at least not everyone. So, I decided to
let Marshall in, figuring that Milly must be particular. He wasn’t
around so I called and soon, the whole tribe showed up…really cool.
Jesse put him in the L and he made a beeline for the girls, singling
Milly out immediately, as well as a sniff at Yoki. Next thing I
know….Milly is running, and he is chasing. They ran and ran until she
finally tired out. I don’t know enough about it to know for sure that
she was or wasn’t pregnant when this happened, but she did finally get

Next, he goes up to Yoki, a small young gal, a first timer, and he
romances her. For a good ten minutes, he sniffs and nuzzles and she
wags her tail and stands still. I did see a mount, then she got scared
and maneuvered away. I guess the dates will tell. Do they ever try for
more when they are already bred? I dunno. So ya, I put 2 males in the
pen, within 24 hrs of each other. I have to take advantage of when
Jesse is willing to help and he was willing to help then. But think
about it…she obviously didn’t like Picasso….so Marshall is the guy
she’s been with 2 years now, made sense to put him in. All the other
girls, aside from the Pretties, browsed away….including Mimi. Oh my
goodness, this is all so exciting for me. I was really hoping for some
Pinto babies, and maybe there’s still a chance, but either way, the
Pintos can come next time too. Yay. Too cool.

I’m sitting here boiling cuz my kid has played the stupid control card
and is forcing me to watch this stupid childish stupid show…
guy. Gosh I hate this show….and I’m seething. He’s pulling a sympathy
card….boloney. That’s weeks away. Just what I like….getting angry
before bed. But hey…this is my life at this moment. I also have been
feeling some dark energy needing to get out. Lit some sage, and
feeling some ease. Not much. Not much at all. Jesse knew I was
aggravated so he gave up his show and went to bed. Jeesh. I’m tellin
ya, I feel a bit of anger, negative energy. Why isn’t the sage sucking
it up like it usually does? Maybe I need to release something. Maybe
it’s even still the grieving thing. I sure don’t know. And it’s 1:44am
and nightie night sweeeeeet ones.

Last evening, while doing the Marshall thing, Jesse was up near the
throng of girls and said they had bad sticker burrs. Dangit. So,
shearing was taken off the table today we went to remove burrs from
the poor things. Got one done in the field, not easy….then fed them to
get them back in the pens. Did Happy there, who had all those long
curls still attached here and there after we had to quit her shear for
everyone’s safety sake….well, those long strands of curls, collected
more burrs than I can possibly describe. 2 people cut while one held.
Good Lord. Around 2 hours later, that’s it…2 goats deburred. Tomorrow
we’ll take the stanchion down and then all three of us can cut them
out. Oh, it’s just awful. I’ve had sticker burr years here before, but
this, this is so overwhelming. And that’s just my perspective….imagine
how the goats feel having those sharp stinging things all over
themselves, face, feet, chin, belly, armpits. Just awful people. Huge
areas growing in the field. Gotta find something to kill them. They
are also in the front girls 6 acres, just not so thick. Oi ve.

So, after we got them deburred, Jesse and I headed to town for
pumpkins for the goats and his haircut. Got 9 large pumpkins for 99
cents each and when we got home, we drove the car around and dispensed
them. A little unsure. Curious though. Ahhh, but I have just brought
us home in the story, but I’m not quite done…..back up a bit, 15
minutes from the house, we pulled into the Yarnarama to see if it was
finally a good time to look at fleeces. Yes!!! It was!!! I took in 6
fleeces and she bought 3!!!…. YeeHaw and rose petals!!!! That’s
enough for another set of clippers, but my boy needs some jeans and my
girl needs travel money, so…….. Gosh that’s exciting. I’ve used that
word a lot this week, haven’t I? Exciting…..jeesh, much better word
than sad, eh?

Gosh, I’m still in the yarn store, in my mind. She said she liked them
all, just couldn’t get them all. She said they were well skirted and
good quality. I think I just might take some photos and post them for
sale. Haven’t tried that yet. I did start building an Etsy store after
that first buyer fell through, but I haven’t finished it yet. Too dang
many things to do, as well as too dang many things I Want to do. And I
do have photo lights with an umbrella, but where in this house they
might be is…..well, a riddle or mystery. Well, folks……the Gucci is
getting ansy….she’s right, XFactor is coming on soon. Have to tell ya,
for any who watch it……what’s up with these unknown people putting on ,
or trying to put on an all out show…something they normally wouldn’t
do until many years into their craft. Nutso, that’s what it is. Just
sing for goodness sakes. Ah well, excitingly signing off at YeeHaw













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