Tears flow…..and the Other kind of Excitement

I finally cried. Tonight while I was in the RV so I could watch the
Voice, I was petting Blue and telling him I loved him. I said it in
such a way that it sounded like I was talking to Lovey. That’s when I
finally broke down. No wailing, a few silent cries and many tears,
along with the tight stomach. Yup, grieving. It continued for awhile,
then Jesse showed up. End of grieving. Yes. Finally. No, it’s not
really the end of grieving, it’s actually more like the beginning of
it, but for me, they are one and the same. It felt good to finally let
go…not fully, I felt contained, like someone was watching me, even
though I know no one was. I wasn’t free. It wasn’t a free cry, but it
was a cry and by George, I’ll take it!!!! All I really know for sure
is…I miss him. He was such a unique goat. I still see him so clearly
in my mind. So I cried…..it’s a beginning.

I’m starting to wonder why I’m breeding. Last year, I only bred three
girls, due to feed prices. This year, I’ve gone berserk and am even
planning a spring rut to try for fall birth. That’s a lot more goats,
when I haven’t ever sold a one. Interesting how God works, how things
work……why am I growing so many goats? It’s the new ones. It’s the BLUE
and the PINTOS. But Spirit sent me to them, so it’s meant to be. But
why. Why so many goats now? I ponder such things. I mean, I just do
what I do. All of it is Spirit led. I feel it, so I do it. Like the
concert. Did I want to go to an outdoor concert when it was so cold?
No. But I “felt” that I needed to, for my hubby. Or like I “felt” it
was time to cry.

I ponder about the people on the east coast. What are they going
through, are they blaming anyone? Are they hungry? Thirsty? Are they
scared? Are they worried, lost, trapped, forgotten. NO. Someone will
find you….them. Lift up your spirits, find joy in the tragedy, for it
is always there…..hiding in the dark….like a star pointing the way.
The way to your new path…the new road….choose the less traveled one.
Oh, exciting times folks….exciting times. It’s just about November. Oh
my goodness, this is just too cool. I feel like the gal on the movie
Independence Day, who is so excited to meet the aliens, and creates a
welcome sign and goes to the top of a tall building with other
enthusiasts, and waits for the aliens to arrive, in full and absolute
trust that they are harmless and loving. Whammo…. Not… Bad Guys.
Hmmm, why am I associating the stupid franken storm with that gal with
the welcome sign???? Ah, it’s late. Night night sweet people. I love
you. I also believe in you. You can do it….whatever IT is, that you
want to accomplish, easy peasy people….easy peasy…Go for it….. 1:44am.

We had a bit of excitement again today, but not the kind like
yesterday…not the kind where you find out you did NOT kill your new
expensive clippers and not the kind where you watch the goats being
bred. Nope, this was the scary icky kind of excitement. We weren’t
able to catch Junebug……they have 100 acres to run from us in….so we
went with Wyatt, my Old Wyatt. An Aramis boy…which means HUGE!!! We
never got his spring coat off him cuz we had to start on fall coats,
so he had a double coat. I have a few of those. All of my Big Boys,
except Marshall. Double coats actually aren’t that bad to shear cuz
it’s like there are 2 coats, one on top is felted, one on bottom is
normal….and with the clippers……all of it comes away like you’re
blowing it in the wind.

Cathy was struggling with the face and head and worrying about his
neck. I came over with the clippers and zoom…..off it came and she was
giggling. Ha, doesn’t take much to make us happy. While we were
shearing, Picasso started banging heads through the L fence….again….so
Jesse put him back with the boys. Anyway, Big Wyatt wouldn’t let us
cut pee curls. He danced and revolted everytime we tried. We got all
but the very strip in line with the pizzle. In other words, all but
one thin line all the way across his belly. I wasn’t willing to give
up with pee curls still hanging so I kept trying. He danced himself
right off the stanchion…it started to go down but Jesse caught it. I
said no, still gotta get those pee curls. So I started toward said pee
curls and off he went again, only this time the whole thing crashed.
Cathy was trying to keep him from breaking his neck, Jess was trying
to stop the fall……I just stood there with my clippers in hand,
laughing uncontrollably. 😀
A split second before he fell, one of them said…if he does it
again…he’s done. So, we decided to deem him done. Man, that’s one big
boy. Glad that’s over. Left him a cape down his back so he doesn’t get
too cold. Due to the “excitement”, I didn’t get an after photo….too
bad too cuz he looks really funny….an uneven cape and a line of brown
pee curls. Oh Wyatt…. Maybe he’ll be nearby at feeding time and I can
grab a shot of his hahawesomeness. I don’t think Yoki is bred. After
we got Picasso out, she goes up to the fence and starts wagging her
tail. Wouldn’t do any good to bother putting anyone in…she’d just run
from them if we did, like she always does. Oh boy, should make for an
exciting kidding season, since so many of the gals will be first time
mommies. Lordie.

Off to feed, and see what I can see…..and snap what photos I can snap.
Ahhh, nothing exciting….guess we already had our fun. Ha! Dunno if it
was fun, but I sure did laugh! Don’t think they did, no time…catch the
stanchion!!! Nope, there was no catching it this time. Like I said, he
is a very big boy. All through the shear, he was fussing and we kept
thinking he was gonna crash it by tipping over the front. Nope, tipped
over the side. Ahhh, the joys of being a goat Mama. Haha, or the
friend or son of a goat Mama. Alrighty people. Tonight is the X
Factor. I just love these singing shows and these people finding out
they really can sing and people really do like their gift. My kind of
show. I’m off to the pork chop factory….aka, the kitchen. Signing off
at YeeHaw Ranch.














2 thoughts on “Tears flow…..and the Other kind of Excitement

  1. Boy my emotions must be on edge because I started crying when I started to read this. I am glad you are letting everyone sheared now have a cape. You should be able to take the capes off in about a month or so. You look like you were doing a goat nose study with your pictures!!! Hugs

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