An Exciting Day……..and that damned Storm

Someone must have prayed for me. I was sneezing and trying to think it
was my allergies vs a cold, and I asked my son if he prays, could he
pray that I don’t get sick. He went to bed and all of a sudden, I felt
the barometric pressure in my legs. It was excruciating. It was
pulsing. Never had that before. All I know is, I was in extreme pain,
I got up to finish hubby’s lunch and when I sat back down, the pain
was gone. Love it when that happens!!! Thank you thank you. It’s not
gone completely, but it’s tolerable. I’ll take tolerable. I see these
things on FB all the time about people having invisible pain that no
one can see therefore there is no sympathy factor. People can’t relate
to pain they can’t see. I understand this immensely. I’ve experienced
it my whole life. Pain is relative. Pain is unavoidable. Pain sucks.
And, I don’t know what’s wrong, but….Love you Emmelita!!!

I feel kinda bad taking up prayers when so many are needed in the
storm area. Something different about the coverage this time.
Something weird. Something empty. It doesn’t feel real. I dunno, hard
to explain. Is New York City really under water? If so, it’s like a
movie. I pray it doesn’t play out that way, the way of a
movie…..except for the ending part, most movies have good endings.
Like I said, I feel kinda bad, but not bad enough not to accept the
painless state that it’s providing. Surreal. That, I think is the word
to describe this storm. I dunno.

I don’t know if I sufficiently described the Gucci thing. When we saw
the kittens and the black one was taken and I saw that hubby wanted
the gray one, I was disappointed. Then the lady said she had a black
girl at the house and it would only take 5 minutes….we said yes.
Around an hour later, she showed up a kitten that she said she’d
stepped on the tail and the kitty was afraid of her. Right. Jesse
stuck her inside his jacket and endured many scratches. Upon getting
her home, they just dumped them out. Yikes. No acclimation, just
dumped. Took awhile to find them. Anyways, Gucci was very fearful. She
still is. Wiz isn’t. Wiz is very laid back, like hubby. The Gucc, is
now my lap buddy. She takes her vicious claws out less and less. And
vicious they are. Never seen anything like it. But lately, she’s like
a Velcro kitty, permanently attached to me when I’m in the house and
when I come back in, she’s all…….eeee, eeeeeeeee, eeeee, with her tiny
kitten squeal. Oh Lord, I’m watching CNN, goodnight and be
careful….think first…..follow the tiny whisper people. May you all be
safe and sound. 2:05am.

Oh Man, the east coast damage is horrendous. I’m sorry this is
happening to you, whoever you are. Sad, just plain sad. Wow, look at
all those vehicles there, ready to pick up the people. Mighty lucky
thing all those vehicles were moved about a month ago.

Oh my, I’ve had an exciting day. You’ll probably laugh when you hear
what makes for an exciting day here, but what the hay. So, we needed
to shear some within The Big Boys. Thing was, they were nowhere to be
seen. They’d been hanging out in the deep woods due to the cold
weather, but it’s warming up again, so I thought they’d be available.
Nope. So, I let the breeding girls out of their pens, to eat greenies
in the L. I was hoping the boys would somehow hear the girls. Joy
couldn’t figure out how to leave the pen and kept crying at the others
who were free. Did the trick. Here comes this line of goats out of the
woods. Junebug wasn’t there, but Picasso was, I’d forgotten about him.
So, we sheared Picasso and left a cape, or blanket on his back. Never
did that before….interesting. As the clippers were started up and that
first swipe was happening, I think we were all holding our breath…
see if the new blades worked, or if we killed the clipper. Yay….they
cut like butter. I kept saying….butta butta butta! So, that was the
first part of the excitement of the day.

As we were shearing Picasso, I was doing double duty…watching things
in the L. I needed to see who went to the fenceline for the boys. Only
one. Mimi. Shoulda known Mimi wouldn’t have sex with a young
whippersnapper like Angel. Nope, she was holding out for the big guns.
Aramis and Marshall is who she was flirting with, but I’d planned to
use Miyagi as the clean up buck. Hmmm, her son. Hmmm. Then I thought,
well, if she’s the only one not bred, then I can let in who she wants.
Then I had another thought. Picasso. He has beautiful curls….his horns
are a bit wild, but his fleece more than made up for that, why
not…it’s just one gal. So, we got him in there and he made a beeline
for the girls, ran around the bunch, flirted a bit. Then within 4
minutes, he’d found Mimi. Flirted for a few seconds and then wham, the
deed was done. I took photos. 😀 LOL. It was fascinating. She was so
ready. In fact, they were still doing the deed a few hours later when
we were out to feed. He came along to eat, and cornered a few gals,
but no real interest so I’m thinking they’re all bred now. And don’t
forget…….those 6 babies that came on the truck over 3 days? Those were
boys AND girls, together in the same compartment. Just in case, I need
to be prepared for possible births 5 months from that date too.

So now you know what makes for excitement here. Goats having sex and
clippers that work like butta. In my defense, this is the Only goat
sex I’ve actually seen with my own eyes this season. Oh, haha……Picasso
sprayed us just as we were finishing up and deciding to put him in for
clean up. Guess he got a little excited when we were clipping near his
pizzle. Got my new clipper bag and my jacket and a few chairs, and
maybe even me, cuz I know I reek!!!! Gosh, I sure needed a fun day.
I’ve been thinking about how I found Ella. Her legs were not bent. She
was stiff, and her legs were straight. That tells me that she was
standing, then fell over dead. I wonder if maybe it was a pregnancy
complication, aggravated by the cold? Or maybe the cold didn’t have
anything to do with it. I don’t know, wish I’d found her sooner so I
could have had her tested. Everyone seems fine, although Hopi is
standing in the weeds again, so I plan to worm again because of that.

Thrilled that the clippers work and thrilled that the girls are all
bred. Gotta start selling goats soon though. Ahhh, nobody sick
yesterday or today. I’m starting to lose my sense of panic. Kittens
doing good too. Gucci is still shivering some and even the Wiz, but
not like before….and I’ve been giving them bunches of cans of food as
well as 2 kinds of dry. Oh dear, I’ve gone over word count. Alrighty
folks. I’m still praying for you people on the east coast. Keep taking
care of yourselves and if you think you need to move or change
something…do it. God Bless You. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.













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