Thank goodness for Gucci…..

It’s us four again. Me and the three little feline beings that seem to
be permanently attached to my lap. Gucci, the black one, has been
shivering all day. I tried a sweater sleeve and after about 45
minutes, she was walking hunched, like a walk of shame…crying. Guuci’s
cry is very high pitched, rather mouseish. Adorable. I took it off. So
now, I’ve cut the thread on the seatbelt cover I’m working on…or
rather not working on, and loaning it to Gucci as a blanket. The
things we do. I turned the heater up for her, but she’s still

How’s she gonna stay warm tonight while I sleep? I keep encouraging
them to pile on top of her so she gets more warmth. 😀 And for those
who are wondering, yes, a seatbelt cushion should be done in one day,
or at least the first part…..I just haven’t brought the sample one in
for a size comparison yet, it’ll happen when I remember, when it’s
supposed to happen. And now, I’ve gone and threaded it with all that
was handy, hemostats, and tied it off and it’s a tiny tube around her
midsection and as I type this, the shivering is decreasing. Wonder why
she’s shivering and not the others. And it fell off as she jumped
down. 😀 Hmmm, rethread time. Didn’t work. Tried different coats,
she couldn’t walk in any of them. Gave her some wormer just in case
and I guess that’s all I can do. She’s not playing with the others
either. And my son is quoting me saying not to talk about it and I’m
telling him there’s a fine line between creating the future and the
now. In the now the cat is acting sick. I need to pay attention to
that. “But you keep talking about it, giving it more energy!”
Unbelievable….I had to go through this a few times with my daughter.
As I’m saying….you’re a baby at this, he’s saying,….what kind of
example are you setting if you keep talking about the cat being sick.
We both have points here. So strange and weird. I wanted him to
understand this stuff, just didn’t count on the insistence of
knowledge from someone so new to these things.

I pay attention. It’s that simple. Jesse isn’t recognizing the
difference. Let’s put it this way, she isn’t acting herself, but I
have to admit, she does seem to be feeling better since the wormer and
the play. She has just jumped up into my lap and she’s not shivering
much. Guess it’s time to relax and say…. bedtime for Bonzo. It’s
3:29am. Night night people.

This mornings first thought was………… Gucci alive? Yes indeedy she
surely is. Still shivering on and off but not so bad and playing again
too. Googled it and it says a shivering kitten isn’t getting enough to
eat. Hmmm, plenty available. In fact, she is playing now. Been sitting
with me a lot more than usual, which I’m thrilled with. I’ve come to
the conclusion that you can’t tell a cat where to go and where not to
go. They simply don’t care. Right now, two kittens are on my
drum…..which they’ve been hauled off of many many times.

Everyone was fine upon morning check. Everyone but Gracie still had
their coats on….that’s 2 days in a row she took the coat off, and I
didn’t see it anywhere, so it’s obviously somewhere within the 6
acres. Guess she doesn’t want one. None of them want them, but jeesh,
I’m only trying to help. I’m still convinced that Ella died from the
cold. Mea suggested leaving a blanket on the ones that I shear….great
idea. It just means that I leave the curls that are on the backline
and partially down the sides. Got the clipper blades today. Hopefully
they’re the right ones. My son made a special cd for us to listen to
on the drive to town. Ha, it was mostly rap….hmmm, what was he
thinking? He kept having to replay the electro songs, which there were
only a few. LOL. Told him he might wanna do another but with mostly
electro and only a little rap…..Mac Miller being my rapper of choice.
Yup, the kid has me listening to this stuff and liking it. It’s the
rap that uses the word nigga over and over that I despise. Yes, it
means my friend, when used that way, but still……runs through me like
fingernails on a chalkboard.

Spent some time in the front girls pen today. That Georgia is
definitely a bottle baby. She loves to stand with her head against my
body. Like Lovey did. I sat in the grass and she stepped into my lap,
and just stood there for about 20 minutes. Luckily this time, her hoof
was on the ground, not on my leg. Hahaha. Because I’m not the actual
bottle mom, she is friendly with any human….but I guess I am the
preferred human. She and Pearl are never apart, finally, and they
still haven’t friended back up with Etta and Belle. Belle. Bella. I go
back and forth. Thank God for the little Pintos. Little Georgia in
particular is helping me live without Lovey. So, what’d ya think of
that Tiny Precious Baby? That’s what she’s calling it so far. On a
commercial ranch, I’m guessing they don’t name too many. She reminds
me of my premie, Cherub. Cherub was a whopping 3 lbs…half the size of

There’s people saying this is a manufactured and manipulated storm on
the east coast. Just watched a video of a lady showing on radar
images, all the things that show it’s being pushed, steered and fed. I
don’t know enough about the weather stuff so I’m stuck having to
choose to believe or not to believe.
It certainly would fit other conspiracy theory stuff. If it comes to
bare, I’ll tell ya. Ah what the heck, I’ll tell ya now…you can find
out when I do. A few weeks ago, there was reportedly a ton of
equipment and troop movement toward DC. Well shoot……nothing else would
need to happen cept the storm……nevermind…’s too difficult to
explain where my brain is going right now. Do I like thinking such
things are true? Nope. What would be the point? Normally it’s money,
but sometimes it’s just plain old power….control. I dunno. Stay safe
people. In the end, all that matters is peoples safety. Please, stay
safe. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.











4 thoughts on “Thank goodness for Gucci…..

  1. Fairly new to reading your blog, and I just wanted to pass along my condolences for Lovey and Etta. I know how hard it is to lose beasties.

    I raised Angoras for about 12 years (concentrating on my sheep right now). I never coated them when I sheared (I’m in Central Oregon, where it gets COLD in the winter), but I always made sure they had access to shelter and hay. When newly shorn in cold weather, I’d give coarser hay. It generates more body heat when the rumen breaks down the coarser hay, which helps them stay warmer. Just a thought. Best of luck.

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