I was afraid to wake up

Apparently I was a bit too vague yesterday and it wasn’t blazingly apparent that I lost another goat. I was afraid to wake up this morning. Ye know that moment between
sleep and wake? Where you are just coming from wherever you’ve been
while sleeping and you just start to regain consciousness…..well,
these days, that first moment of recognition of self and this
life….is……Lovey is gone. And today it was topped off with……is anyone
else dead? Believe you me, this is the first time ever that I didn’t
want to go see my goats. I was afraid. Afraid of what I’d find. Never
had to feel that way before. Never had a goat die who didn’t first
present as Sick. All but two were still wearing their sweaters. Milly,
who did present as if sick the other day, who I was watching cuz she
had a runny nose….she got hers off as well as Gracie. Don’t worry,
they shall go right back on. I’ve had a few suggestions that it could
be something other than the cold that killed Ella, and I will check
into it. It was recommended that I vaccinate for something called
Pulpy Kidney. Need to do some research. Was told it affects the bossy
ones, and something about them eating too much. Or tainted feed, but
so far everyone is ok upon check.

It was so completely unexpected. Everyone got wormed very recently,
and the only thing I was watching was like I said, Milly’s runny nose,
so when we went to bring the feed bags and feed the breeding girls,
that’s the first thing I did was check Milly’s nose. Nope, not runny.
Said hi to some others, petted a few, then my eyes went further in the
pen, into the little house…..and there was a goat laying and I could
tell immediately that it was dead. It’s feeding time…..no goat lays
down at feeding time. Walked in, not knowing who it was until I got
close…(shearing kinda makes the grays all blend together as with the
whites) The horns. Those were Ella’s horns. Oprah seems ok and nobody
seems to be affected by the death…..well, except me. She was not my
favorite goat, and that’s putting it mildly, but she was my goat and
I’ve known her since she was born. Goodbye Ella.

So, about that concert. The most operative word would be……COLD. It’s
just a little restaurant with a gravel backyard and a stage. We sat at
a poorly made picnic table which rose and fell as people sat or stood.
Not enough support and the seats were bowing. Made for a few laughs.
I was wearing winter mens sleep pants, a thermal shirt, a long sleeved
shirt, a jacket, a scarf, my homemade coat and my Santa hat that wraps
around my neck twice….and my coat hood. And I was still cold. The
tickets said it started at 7. We got there at 6:15. Around 7:30 the
first band played. Not so hot. Around 9:30 the second band played….a
bit better. And at 11:30, Kevin Fowler finally came out. By then I was
so ready to go. I was sure hubby would just watch until he heard
something he recognized, so I was taken for a loop when I asked how
long he wanted to stay and he said, until he’s done. Well, until he’s
done….was 1am. He was good though. Would have enjoyed it if it had
happened earlier in the evening, or if it wasn’t so dang cold. Just
think……the next one he got tickets for, who I have NO IDEA what he
sings, is for mid November. I’m thinkin it just might be cold then
too. Yikes.

I’ve got the Littles roaming the yard scarfing up greenies. I followed
them around trying to take photos, it was quite comical. They were so
happy to be out that they would eat a bite or two and run. Eat a bite
or two and run. Not very condusive to photo taking. I was especially
trying to get a good photo of Opti. I have so few since his shear.
Since his shear when he stopped loving me. Poor baby. Then I moved him
away from his mom, all in the same week and he hasn’t forgiven me. I
feel bad. Love my Opti. I tried and tried to get a photo that shows
how handsome he is, and I don’t think I succeeded. Haven’t looked yet,
but hey, I was there taking the photographs. I think I did get a few
good ones, but not the look I was going for……head up, alert and
standing pretty. He has a very regal face and ears, but I haven’t
captured the true essence of it.

About these kittens. It just never occurred to me that it would be
three kittens in my lap at a time. Sure, one, ya….no biggie, love it.
But three? It’s difficult to do some things with three, and they’re
growing so fast…lightning fast. I have two at the moment….but it’s
usually three. Could get real interesting when they are full size!!! I
discovered that when I go to bed, they hang out in the bathroom next
to my room. Want to be close to mama I guess.

The shearing…has now become an issue. Did Ella did from being sheared
and got too cold? If so, then how do I shear anyone now? To be honest,
at this point, I can only think of one more good fleece that’s still
on a goat….Junebug. The rest are fleeces that I don’t care for….that’s
why they’ve been saved for last. So, the question is……do I or do I not
shear Junebug. It’s a silver fleece, 3rd cut. Gosh I’d sure hate to
lose that one. On the other hand, would hate to lose the goat himself
more. And he’s with the Boys…..what would they do to him if I put a
sweater on him? Jeesh, amazing all the things ya gotta think of.
Looking at the forecast, if I wait til Tuesday, the nights and
mornings will be warmer. That’s a plan. That will give him a week to
grow before a 45 night and another week before another 45 degree
night. That should work. Then I guess I’ll just leave everyone else in
their fleeces for the winter. I had already planned on leaving the
older ladies in their coats, this just extends it a few more. Ya gotta
do what ya gotta do.

Well folks…….I guess it’s about that time. I have three kittens in my
lap now and I’m about to get back to spinning some Georgia curls. Just
a bit more ply and they I can ply the two together and start on my
project. It’s gonna be some gorgeous yarn. I’m gonna share some
candycane curls with my friend Kimberly in Australia cuz they can’t
get goats from America and I want her to experience this pinto
awesomeness. She’s been very sweet and is sharing her knowledge with
me and she has tons of experience cuz she has a very large herd. Oh
wait…she said there was a photo up of the baby born when Lovey died….I
gotta go find it. Got it. Adorable. So, the baby photo you will see is
the tiny baby born at the same time as Lovey was passing. 😀 Signing
off at YeeHaw Ranch. Later, my friends. P.S, got those 2 girls re-sweatered. Was all out of large so had to cut up two of my own winter shirts. Love my goats. Oh ya, one more thing. Made a change to the shearing decision. We’ll go ahead and shear the 3 Big Boys who are wearing a double coat right now. Would be too much to get a triple coat off come spring and they’re big therefore more hardy. Later!!!












2 thoughts on “I was afraid to wake up

  1. Leave a cape on them and in about a month you can shear that off because they should have enough fleece to keep them warm. Not real chatty. Hugs to you

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