Saturday Blues…………and #?*!

Another Saturday. The shopping part is done and we are homeward bound….smoothie on board. My husband has a new friend, that’s why we ended up at the David Allen Coe concert. The next day, hubby hands me 4 sheets of paper, printed on. Tickets! Tickets to 2 more concerts!!! I’m a homebody as y’all know, so this is throwing me for a loop. Tonight’s is at a tiny bar in my tiny 200 resident town, 15 minutes from the house. Basically at the end of the windy road to my house. And this time the star is Kevin Fowler, the country singer who does the song Pound Sign###. That’s the only song I know of his. Supposed to be a costume contest (I don’t do costumes) and even a bikini contest. Ha! It’ll be 50 degrees and I bet they get cold!

The dang Tractor store sold the blades I needed so now I gotta go hunting, I guess tomorrow, do we can shear on Monday. Somethin on Tv last night said that grief is more explosive when there wasn’t a goodbye. Maybe that’s why I’m not grieving. Maybe it’s cuz I saw it coming and I had lots of time to say my goodbyes and share my love with my sweetie. I get the choke up part, but no all out stuff. Either I don’t need it or it’s building up. And, either way, I’ll be ok. I know Lovey is ok where he is and I have other babies to care for. Oh ya, Kimberly from Australia said she had a tiny one born at the time of Lovey’s death and wondered if I believe in reincarnation. Sure do. Maybe my Love is already back!

Well, about to pull in, which means putting up groceries and distributing feed as well as feeding. Fun stuff folks. Well, the feeding part is, cuz I get to talk to my babies. I didn’t coat the goats. Told ya I should have. I’m too disgusted with myself to say more, let’s just say every naked goat is now wearing a coat. Damn. So, they better leave them on!!! Tonight will be in the 30’s. Too early for these temps.

Damnit, I can’t believe this. Not my week folks. Not my week. And here I am driving to a concert…well, I’m the passenger, but still. I’ve just lost another goat and I’m headed to a concert. Think I’ll have fun? Dang, this makes things difficult. I still need to shear some. Get more sweaters I guess. Sorry, don’t mean to be cryptic, I’m just still…., what?????? A perfectly healthy doe, who is a troublemaker and was beating everybody up as usual yesterday. Ella. My only for sure pinto carrier doe, hates to be a mother. I had to force her to feed Oprah when she was born. Had to literally pin her to the wall all day and night for 3 days before she fed Oprah on her own. I hadn’t planned on breeding her again but I got my pintos. And anyway, Ella is gone now too. Jeesh.

Well, concerts fixin to start so, Signing off at Papa Woody’s Icehouse.












8 thoughts on “Saturday Blues…………and #?*!

  1. Hugs Sheri. sounds like a lot of mixed emotions today. Haven’t sweatered mine yet either but all have some mohair on them. Still need to finish shearing also. some of that grieving you have not done yet may be working its way to a head, so don;t be too surprised if it hits soon. :(. Hope you can just forget everything for the night and relax and enjoy the concert. Stay warm. My thoughts are with you.

    • Thanks Judy, glad all yours have hair on. Just hope mine leave em on! Ya I know, it could creep up on me. It’s cold out but music has started should get better. Huggs

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

      • Ih Sheri when I read your blog tonight I missed that you had lost another goat. Hugs, and I am so sorry. This has been such a hard week for you. Mea and I were mesaging each other and she said something about it and I came back to read it again. I am really at a loss for words and just send hugs and more hugs. Now I am worried wondering if mine need sweaters. going to get some ready for them tomorrow and build a better more closed in shelter. At least not much wind here tonight and did put tin on the lower part of three sides of one end of the pen the girls are in. It is under a pavillion so hope that will be enough. Going to go check them again. Once again hugs and you are in my prayers.

      • Hi Judy, ya, worded it funny I guess. Was feelin shamed. Glad y’all are checkin and getting things warm. I still need to find a way to close in my girls house. Stay warm. Huggs

  2. I am so sorry. Do not beat yourself up, you did not know this was going to happen, or you would have done things definitely.

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