A Feather Story…..

One day I was out with my daughter Summer and her/our female friend
George. We were meeting my husband for lunch. During lunch we decided
to go to the rock shop. As we were pulling away, we started to head
right, toward the rock shop, then all of a sudden, God said, no, go
home….so I quickly turned the wheel and we went left. Wham…..no, turn
around. And then again, the whole thing repeated until we didn’t know
what to do or which way to turn. We pulled over, took a breath,
laughed, and headed toward the rock shop….speculating the whole way
what it was all about. As we were nearing the rock shop, someone
googled it and discovered it closed in 15 minutes. About that time, we
see it. Should we turn in? It’s closing time. It’s 4:44pm. Finally I
took the turn and in we went. Nothing significant happened. What?
Sure, some of us found a shiny or two but nothing earth shattering
that would warrant the big deal of which way to go. So, we head home.

As we’re driving down a very lonely country road that we would NEVER
have been on unless we were at the Rock Shop…..we see a fire. On the
side of the road, in front of a house that was oh, about 100 ft
away….maybe 150. We turned around and pulled up to the fire and all of
us jumped out of the car and jumped on the flames. We had nothing to
put it out with, except our own feet. So, we stomped that fire out.
The owners of that house may never have known what we did…or maybe
they noticed, we have no idea. It was about 15 ft from the mailbox, so
maybe they know that someone saved their house that day, we will never
know. We drove down the road feeling pretty darn good about ourselves,
when suddenly……there was a dead hawk on the side of the road. We
whipped, I whipped the car around we gathered it up……Knowing that it
was a gift….OUR gift…for putting out that fire. For listening to
Spirit. We did the spiritual thing….praying over it, thanking it, and
harvesting the wings, tail and feet. I had a hard time with all of it,
especially the feet, but I knew I was honoring the bird by utilizing
all it’s parts. Well, not all, but most.

We have used those wings and tail many times to pray and smudge
ourselves and this place, this haven for animals that I adore. The
more times I tell my point of view to people….the more that they are
saying that I am an organic farmer. More….I am an organic…to the best
of my ability, goat farmer. As little amount of chemicals as possible
is the bottom line. Sometimes there’s no recourse, and I do what I
gotta do. Like my Lovey….he had all kinds of antibiotics…some of which
I injected myself. I do what I gotta do, but for the most part….if
they ain’t sick….they ain’t getting no chemicals.

Now the bugs…so far no help for that…but I did get the DE,
diatomaceous earth that I have yet to try. I haven’t yet bought a
powder type dispenser nor am I eager due to my emphysema. But I shall.
The permethrin really isn’t working well, so I gotta try something.
Speaking of that….everyone says that the goat lice is breed specific
and you can’t get them. Wrong….oh so wrong. They are indeed breed
specific. That part is true. The bad part is, that they do get on
humans. The solution is, to go out near a goat and they will jump off
you and onto the goat. Problem I’m having now, is that with Lovey in
the house, I guess they got on the kittens. So damn…guess I gotta take
the kittens out one by one….shoot…I’ll put the pups up before I
attempt something that monumental. Cats outdoors that are unfamiliar
outside? Clawcity people.

Lovey is on my mind every second, yet I still haven’t grieved. It’s
still like he isn’t gone. He was so integral here. Hubby said tonight
that he was Ambassador to All. To the goats, the pups, the kittens,
Bluedog, humans….whatever came here, he was ok with it and wanted to
be friends. There are bottle babies and there are bottle babies. He
was my first true one, who lived in the house and only fed from the
bottle, although he did get colostrum from his mom the day after
birth. Even if we had other new bottle babies, none would be like him.
Each of us, even the animals is so unique, so special, so very
special. Each fat, tall, big, little, red, white, purple, green, old,
new, smart, challenged, male, female, religious, non religious. Each
person, despite their place in life….has a unique point of view. Only
you can see life that way. You can try to tell someone, but it fails,
it is dull and dim and without structure. Wiggly, like jello.

Like for example…..some people believe in survival of the fittest.
Some would say to cull the weak. I can’t do that. I didn’t do that. I
brought back to life, a waif in the direst of straights…who some
ranchers would have disregarded. That’s what Lovey died of. He was
against all odds….and he lived 7 months. Did this teach me a lesson?
Do I now want to let the weak ones die? What do you think? Are you
freakin kidding me? Of course I’m gonna save em! If not me, who? I
intend to give them all every chance I can. Shoot, it cost nearly a
thousand dollars, just for the hospital stay and the vet visit for
euthanasia…..but we didn’t bat an eye. They were like….it’s gonna cost
this much and this much and we were like…get on with it already.

Tonights movie is Evan Almighty. I was just telling Jesse that since I
was a child, I thought I was supposed to do something like this guy
did. Change the world…and yes, even the robes were in my visions. I
hear a lot of people felt this as a child. I felt it bigtime after my
2006 Winter Solstice experience. ((((((LINK))))))))). I’m beginning
to feel it intensify. Who knows what it means, I just know what I
feel, and I do things based on what I feel or what I feel is wanted of
me. I used to think I would walk, with a staff, across the world….but
alas, I have leg issues….ha, and lung. These are old diseases that I
still haven’t found a way to find a mustard seeds worth to fix them.
One day. Oh wow…it’s 2:30am. Hopefully I remember to show you my
feathers and the silver Lovey curls as promised. Goodnight sweet ones.
Many blessed and significant dreams for you. Nightie night.

Wow, I went way over board with that story….took up a lot of pages.
Todays shearing did not go so well. The clippers still didn’t work,
then Jesse decided to quit, and after 2 hours with a dancing goat, we
too quit….will finish her up when the clippers work. It was Gracie.
Very frustrating. She looks really funny right now. And boy was she
loaded with sticker burrs. We got as many as we found…..I always find
more when skirting. Purple burrs this time, jeesh, another species.
Now I’m calling all over looking for the right clipper blades. Only
Fine blades in any of the 4 surrounding towns. Looks like Fine blades
it is. That’s the ones that come with it, I bet Mediums are better for
mohair. I dunno, just gotta decide….order em and wait to shear or pay
$50 for the local Fine blades. I think I should just go drive and
scream. That’s probably what I need. Either way, I need to end this
before I go too too long. Just wanted to tell the feather story, since
I’d told you how much I love feathers. Oh wait…..I forgot a part. For
5-6 years, I’d asked the universe for a hawk feather. But I didn’t
want it unless the hawk didn’t need it. I waited, year after
year……………I guess they all needed their feathers. In the end…..due to
the wording of my request…..I got my hawk feathers, and guess what…he
was dead, so losing a feather wasn’t gonna cause him any hardship
while flying….and I got more than one. Patiently waiting on
prayers….yup, that’s me. 😀 Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. PS, most of the photos are to show you Georgia and Pearl. They stuck to us like glue…..and one photo even shows Georgia sleeping with her head resting on Pearl.














4 thoughts on “A Feather Story…..

  1. As ususal I love reading your blog Sheri. I had to laugh about the diatomaceous earth. I bought a bag too and it is still sitting in my Pathfinder after a month and a half for the same reason. A little afraid to deal with it due to COPD. I printed up all this info in how healthy it is for the critters, yard, garden and for us, but need a good mask on to deal with is as afraid of inhaling it. I still have a couple of goats I need to finish shearing and can relate to that also. I had the dull blade problem also and bought new blades but have not been able to round up anyone to help hold them and no shearing stand. may try a coller and leash and see if can do it that way, Actually I am really nervous about trying to do their undersides and around delicate parts but it needs to be done. Sending big hugs and think about you and your journey with Lovey a lot.

    • Thank you I’m so glad you enjoy the blog. Goodness, no stanchion and no helpers? Yikes. Wish I could help you. Underside is not so bad. Just go slow and careful until you uncover the pizzle if it’s a boy and if a girl, watch out for the nipples. And beware of sideways pizzles. The hair pulls the pizzle into a new direction and usually the pizzle can be pointed right at you and as you shear there they sometimes pee so if you see a pizzle looking at you, quick, snip those hairs to free it before he pees in your face. Lol I’d be glad to talk you thru anything if needed. If you need help, just message me and I’ll give you my #. ❤ thank you

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

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