…….and LIFE goes on

As we were driving to the vet hospital yesterday, I drew on my new
butterfly. Ya, bumpy roads and all….but I knew I was doing it this
time for Lovey, not for the sad people. I’m still coloring it. I never
did get to do reiki on him….I don’t know why I didn’t before that, but
by the time we got home, I knew reiki was too late. So how many of you
noticed the kitty photo, that it was after Lovey had passed. I worried
about posting it and hubby said caption it. I told him I couldn’t
since I was posting via Iphone and he said….hey, this is how our cats
say goodbye. This husband of mine is an introvert, especially with me,
and that comment was like, wow. I’m rambling. Geezer. Geiser. I was just reminded to
tell you that I’ve been misspelling my dogs name. I meant the name
Geiser, to mean…an old man…it was a joke, cuz he was a baby. Jesse now
informs me that Geezer is the correct spelling for it. Let me check
google. 😀 Yup, he’s right. Now maybe spellcheck will stop
highlighting it. 😀 Geezer. Yup…no highlights! Photo to follow.

I guess I’m not done talking about Lovey. Sorry. I thought I could
just go on…just go on about the blog in the normal way, talking about
the lesson I want you to learn about the movie I’m watching, or
talking about the things I myself have learned or about how happy or
unhappy the goats are or I am with them. Or about the lack of things I
want here, like more shelters. Remember when it was more fences? More
pens? Well, I have two open at the moment. Funny how life goes. And
all these things we bought for Lovey, the vitamins, the meds, they
will be a reminder, as will every friggin thing. Lovey touched
everything. He nibbled at my trash and on just about every electrical
cord in this room. He sat in my husbands chair on a regular basis and
was just king of his hill, he loved to sit with Andy. He followed Andy
as well. Everywhere. And every Sunday Andy let him and Gandhi, (at
first, until the numbers grew), out to eat greenies all morning and he
would bring Lovey in. I can’t tell you how many Sunday mornings I woke
up to Lovey in the living room. Lovey changed the way I do goats. The
sale show did too, but Lovey really educated me. I was able to study
his little hoof any time I wanted….or mess with his curls, and inspect
his skin the other night to discover he was turning silver. Silver! My
red boy was turning silver. I posted a photo but wasn’t able to
caption it. I will post another and now that you know, you’ll
recognize it.

He wore a stoic look upon himself. Always ready to try whatever it was
we wanted him to try. He was the star of the show at the Yellow Rose
Fiber Festival in Texas this April, totting along on his harness and
leash or in our arms, whichever was warranted. People flocked around
us. Just like the day after he was born. It was Saturday. You know
Saturday is for chores, plus we needed fresh milk replacer powder…so
we took him with us. He needed his bottle before we would return home,
so off we went, him in a scarf sling I tied around my shoulder. People
flocked then too. The feed store, Lowes, HEB for groceries, and maybe
even Walmart. All I know is I was exhausted and people were coming at
us from everywhere. Little children and adults alike oohed and ahhed
over him. So you see, he was a star way before I blogged about
him…nah, maybe a month. 🙂 He slept with the pups, and showed the
Washington babies where to go and what to eat. The sound of his little
hooves was sweeter than the sound of children’s feet. It was unique,
and so sweet. Because of Lovey, we now let goats into the house. Never
did that before the day he was born. Now there have been 4. Lovey was
a testament to strength of will to live….his and mine. We both wanted
him to live and live he did. And oh……did he love his bottle. Last week
when I told you so nonchalantly that he took his bottle well….hmm,
well, he loved it. He was a baby again and he was so happy, I could
tell. And the next day, till I realized he wasn’t eating, so I stopped
the bottle thinking grain was higher content. Now that I know what I
know…that he had ulcers in his mouth from the liver and kidney
failure, and eating was too hard. Now that I know….I would have fed
him a bottle every 8 hours forever.

So, as far as I’m concerned, and Andy said no, not to think this way,
but if I hadn’t added the 2 new babies into the pen, if I’d made them
another pen, like I did for Georgia and Pearl, then he wouldn’t have
been kicked out and spent the nights in the rain. If only. If only I’d
noticed somehow, like I finally did. Seeing him laying out in the
rain, all by himself…..that’s when I knew. That’s when I built the new
pen and put Gandhi in with him. His buddy, who had been with him since
he was first put outside. For a long time, it was just those two. For
months. Then I added his twin, Opti. Then Moonee, then the Washington
two…..Wyatt and Doc. Ahh, just think, he even got to experience girls,
since I put the Washington girls right plum next to them. Literally
sharing a fence, and seeing the boys in rut….even within his own pen.
The big boys were like, oh, 15 ft away, on the other side of a fence,
and they too were excited by the girls presence. Lovey got to
experience most everything there is in life to experience…..good food,
good friends, good times, good memories, and best of all…..good love.
Pure D Love. Honest as a baby, honest as Lovey, pure pure love.

Goodnight my friends and all my new friends as well. Thank you for
sharing Lovey’s journey. To the rainbow bridge my boy, to see Cherub,
and Duchesse and Bella and LuLu and Koko. And my Grammy and PapPap and
my two fathers…jeesh….run to waiting arms baby….there seem to be
aplenty. 2:10am

Life goes on. Shearing has resumed, but the clipper blades are giving
us fits so it was a one goat scissor day. It was Shortcake and she was
a dancing bucking bronco. It was very frustrating and my mood is not
the greatest. Seems everyone wanted to get on my nerves today. The
pups dug under that gate again and one got out and I let the other two
out cuz otherwise they would have kept digging. So who knows where
they are, and I hate to leave the house when they are out cuz I don’t
want them hearing or smelling me leave, then try to follow. But I need
a new blade. I have to go. And the kittens knocked Blue’s water bowl
over….again…..and Blue licked the kitten food cans clean while I was
outside to boot, and I even left him with his bowl of food. Hubby
isn’t answering my text, so I guess I am closing out the bank account.
Shoot, better go before they close. Nope, hubby said he’d buy em and not to close my new business account. In the end, they’d sold the replacement blades but one of the guys there helped me figure out how to take the blades on and off and they just needed off and cleaned. Should work now.

All the pups have returned home. Sure wish we knew where the hole was. Two were at the gate when I was leaving for town and Baby Girl was waiting for me at the gate when I got back. All safe and sound and not a ton of mud on em. Yay cuz the coyotes are really thick right now. So everyone is safe. Everyone is healthy. Everything is back to normal. A new normal. A sadder quieter normal. I’m still numb and haven’t been able to grieve. Highly unusual for me, the one who usually wails as I bury my babies. I think you all cried for me. Ahh well, it’ll come. Thank you again for all the support and kindnesses. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.











One thought on “…….and LIFE goes on

  1. Sheri once again thanks for sharing your incredible journey with Lovey with us. I think it is good for you to share all the wonderful stories of you life with him in it and and all ther changes he brought about. It is very sad he is gone, but he had such a full little life and experienced so much and brought so much joy to everyone who met him, and/or read about him. I love your sharing the stories of your adventures together. He was such a blessing. Sorry today was such a rough day but sounds like it all turned out all right in the end. Hugs and thanks for sharing your life with us.

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