Left my heart at the vet hospital…Lovey please live baby

This is a just in case blog. Just in case the one I started last night can’t be posted due to rain. We are all loaded up in the RV headed to the famous Texas A&M animal hospital. Jesse’s in the back watching Tv and Lovey is in his playpen sleeping. Hubby went to work, had his meeting then left and got sandwich fixings on the way home. I made egg salad sandwich’s while waiting. Lovey was able to stand this morning when I took him out to the grass and stood him up. I made a joke saying he’s trying to get away how are we gonna catch him…..then when it came time to put him in the RV, haha, he’s slow as molasses but he had an oak leaf and he tried to get away!!! So cute. He can barely walk and was trying to keep grazing by trying to run from me. Silly baby. Well, we are about to arrive. They are expecting us. Neither of us want him staying overnight. I said last night if he’s gonna die, he’s gonna die at home with us.

There were 4-5 doctors and or doctors in training, all tapping pushing and listening to Lovey with stethoscopes. He did the Mama I’m scared thing……pressing his horns into my legs. Then they made us leave. I hate that!!!! So we are in the RV. Jess is still watching Tv, we just ate sandwich’s and hubby is playing phone billiards. I started pulling Georgia curls last night and brought it with me so I have somethin to work on while we sit and wait. They called and said he has a slight case of pneumonia but not enough to cause his symptoms so they wanted to let us know where we were on fees. $130 so far and another $130 for the chem panel.

Wow, long time since I wrote that. Stayed with Lovey for hours while we waited for lab work. Liver failure and kidney bad too. They give him a 30% chance of surviving even with the fluids. Said he would die without fluids on a day or so. So I said ok but when they took him to put catheter in, he kinda gave up. They don’t know if he’ll survive the night. If he does and the fluids did what they wanted they will continue fluids. If fluids didn’t work they want me to put him down and when I said I wanted to take him home instead of euthanizing, she said he would be in too much pain and I really need to. So, bottom line is he needs to survive the night. Ahh please baby, Live.

So. I told them I wanted him to see me while he was in the Icu, and after he was all strung up with the Iv, I went in and petted him. He was exhausted and his head just fell back. I had to go then. So horrible. When we made this choice last night it was with the understanding that he would NOT stay the night. Damnit. Shouldn’t a brought him! We are driving towards home and I just wanna turn around and go get him….put him in his playpen and go home. It’s gonna be a rough night.

I am counting on the baby being a fighter and seeing him on the morning. Shoot, he wouldn’t wanna go and do somethin as drastic as dying without Mama by his side! I see the fluids hydrating his little body, and him gaining strength and weight. I was right, he had gained some weight then lost some cuz he was 18 lbs, then 27, then today 23 lbs. See, he IS a fighter extraordinare. May God bless you as you sleep tonight My Love. Mama’s here, you just can’t see me, so Feel me. Thank you all for everything. You’ve been very kind. Guess I’m gonna sign off now….. From Hwy 21, Texas.










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