Upon demand…..a Saturday Blog……and a Lovey update

People!!! I’ve been gifted the Beautiful Blogger Award!!! That’s so cool! This is what Ashtoreth said…… “Your blog inspires me, makes me laugh, and makes my fingers itch to keep being creative, I would like to present you with the Beautiful Blogger Award. You are free to accept it or not, but either way, I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful blog.”     These words are music to my ears. Thank you so much!!! W hen you get these awards, you usually have to answer some questions and then choose a certain amount of blogs who you think are also worthy. This particular award calls for 7 things about me and 15 worthy people to receive the Beautiful Blogger Award. So, first I’ll give ya the blogs I like to read and then follow it up with my normal blog, but I’ll incorporate the 7 things. Ok? Cool. Here they are!


This is the lady who made that awesome rainbow coat for me, Valerie!!!


Neat little blog….check it out.


Lori Jeff, The World….wonderful travel blog. I don’t read many, this is one I Do read.


This is one of my favorite blogs….little Eli is adorable and something special.


Wonderful farm blog for folks that like to see the food grown. I go there a lot. 😀


Great photo site….I keep losing it, then finding it again….just refound it.


Sorta self explanatory….but usually it’s channelings.


Another great photograph site that I’d lost till tonight, now I know to add it to email notification.


This is Kimberly, one of my readers. She has a very large ranch in Australia. Go see her, eh?


This is about a dog. I love dogs. 😀


I also visit this travel blog very often. Fun.


A combination of spiritual and religious.


This is the wonderful lady who gifted me this award. She talks of , well, witch things. 😀 😀 I am most grateful to her, and honored to boot.


Her words:  Diary of Adventures Moving to Myrtle Beach (or Cape Cod!) with 5 Kids!


And last but not least, the gal who was trying to get to Iceland….made it there not too long ago. Follow along.   😀

Okie dokie then. I guess it’s officially Saturday again….cuz it’s 12:30 in the morning. Ha!…….good time for an award blog…..Saturday was my day off but I was gonna post a little something for my hard core need the blog everyday people. So, 7 things.

  1. I love green peppers now but hated them my whole life until about a year or two ago.
  2. I do that thing where I’m trying to call someone by name and I call out 2 or 3 before my mind finds it!
  3. I buy multiple pairs of the same men’s sleep pant, if I like em. Need more that aren’t so dang flashy, but they’re so hard to find.  😀
  4. (Before I tell you 4, I need to let you know this isn’t easy…coming up with that many things you don’t already know!!! :-D) I gave my thyroid meds to someone with the same prescription who couldn’t afford them. I barely remember to take them anyway.
  5. I once raised two wolf pups from birth to a few months. Tala and hmmm, can’t remember. It was all very odd, the circumstances, I mean. My friend showed up with this about to deliver white wolf, he was with a rescue and for some reason, there was no place to safely have the litter, so he drove 5 hours to my house, go figure, lol. We found good homes for them cuz I was leery of having a wolf here. That was way before the goats came.
  6. (Gosh, half an hour’s gone by and I’m only at number 6!)  I collect feathers. They are pretty much everywhere. In bags, displayed, in vases or boxes. I just love feathers. I gave a whole bunch to my daughter for her birthday, plus I also collect the tiny ones for her in a ziplock baggie daily….or not so daily, it depends. I even tried to get some from a zoo and they didn’t like that. Go figure. Just laying on the ground! Most of my feathers were either found on my property or were gifted to me by Creator/God.

(Ahhh, finally…..the elusive number 7!!!)   I once won a radio contest, in the 70’s, for saying the Big Mac ingredients the fastest. Two all beef patties, special cheese, lettuce pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.  Isn’t that hilarious? Ha!

Ok, finally got out of the numbering…jeesh, learning curve here with the new WORD. Man, these kittens are just flying across the room! It’s very loud, I know I told you but wow, it’s very loud, and well, it’s happening again!!! 😀  I’ve got some ice cream out…haven’t had any in awhile and I’m…..ooop, she found it! It still has the lid on, so she….she being Smooch, can’t get to it. In fact, I haven’t had any since we got the new kittens. This could get interesting. Better not. Nah, went about as smooth as usual, with Smooch harassing me for the first ¼ of the container then finally giving up. And they are still racing…..like a half hour later. It’s actually kinda stressful when they do this. The sound, and my stuff getting run on and flown about. Luckily, they only do it late at night.

I’ve told ya bout my Bluedog barking whenever I give any animal a scold, or a no, or any sound of correction. He doesn’t care if he’s indoors or out, or if people are sleeping. Right now, with all the jumping on my special drum, the noise is, well…..it’s special. Yikes. And just now, I couldn’t stop my momentum, I was sitting down as Gucci ran on my chair and I sat on her! Ahhh! Took me a few seconds to lift myself up and she ran away. Smooch, who had just been the one getting the scolding…ran up to her and kissed her. Guess she saw the whole thing. 😀 She’s ok. Wonder if she’ll be back in my chair? Crap. Well, it’s 2:44am….hello Angels. Nightie Night night. See ya tomorrow.

Mama’s Love…….little Lovey Love…………..very weak, this photo makes him look good. I love him so.

Lovey had a couple peanuts for breakfast, 2 vitamin E caps for dinner with a spoon of peanut butter and calf manna and grain. As of today, he has been delegated a yard goat, so he can eat greenies any time he wants and Gandhi will have to go elsewhere. The pups will just have to get used to him. It’s the best I can think of to keep him alive and with us. He has discovered the garden and we didn’t even shoo him out. Anyway, that’s the main update for today. Oh wait….Georgia hears me and comes running. I matched her cry earlier until she quieted. She’s fine, just new surroundings, new goats. Ok…….Signing off on this beautiful Saturday afternoon at YeeHaw Ranch.


17 thoughts on “Upon demand…..a Saturday Blog……and a Lovey update

  1. Thanks for the update on Lovey. I enjoyed the rest of your blog also. email me your address at Hiramst@aol.com. Have some beautiful white and lolac guinea feathers and a blue and gold Macaw that just molted. Also some rooster feathers. Will gift some to you. Lovey looks so precious. still have him in my prayers.

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  3. Many thangs to you for the nomination. I’m trying to accept it but it just keeps directing me to other links. However, I am grateful that you thought of me. I pray that all goes well for you as I believe they will. Continue to grant others smiles and watch God perform a miracle and make your own heart smile. Take care ❤

    • Hi, if you can get to my blog titled…. Upon demand a Saturday Post, the instructions are there. It’s fun and it stirs up traffic and meet new folks. Try it. 😀

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