More Prayers for Lovey……….Please

Showing the goats the Iphone. I was thinking about that and it went
all fiasco like. I shut that imagination down, began another and it
went the same way. Yikes! I gotta get my brain in check!!! I’m
supposed to be seeing things as I want them, not as I don’t want them.
I saw them try to eat the phone and I was telling them no, you can’t
eat it, I just wanted to show it to you so you wouldn’t be afraid of
it, you can’t eat it. Twice!!! Not a very progressive thought process,
eh? And then, I just had to laugh. Come to think of it, I’ve had this
same thought process before. Cathy and I even talked about it during
shearing but I never did it. So here I am setting myself up for a
phone chewin!!! LOL

I’m watching Airport. The first one. I love life and death movies, the
clean ones anyway. I hate this need for blood and effect…..showing
cutting into peoples bodies, plunging a food thermometer into a dead
body to tell the temperature, therefore time of death???! TOO MUCH, is
no longer in the dictionary. Times they are a changin. Nah, I like
movies like Twister, Armageddon, Deep Impact, Volcano, and also ones
like Phenomenon, Contact, The American President, Out on a Limb,
Astronaut Farmer, etc. I’m a drama girl. I can only tolerate certain
comedies and they would be movies only, ones like….Runaway Bride,
Knotting Hill, The Pacifier, The Toothfairy, My Best Friends Wedding,
and While you were Sleeping which is a cross between humor and drama.
Many many more, as you know, I am a movie watcher. Any suggestions out
there? Of course there’s a chance I’ve already seen it but
hey….there’s also a chance for one I haven’t…that will be just perfect
for me.

Some of you are from places I’ve only briefly heard about…or not heard
about. I wonder what you think as you read about my life. Do you judge
me(International people only)? Do you think…these Americans are so
wasteful! Or do you wish….or do you think, oh my if only she knew
this? I do wonder. I see so many counties have read my stuff…70
something last time I looked. I wonder what you think, and I wonder it

The kitty toy that hubby bought first, the thing that inspired the
tower, was all a kilter. I told Jesse to fix it and he turned it
upside down, so now it rocks! It’s like a rocker and now they are
having a blast with it. These babies are the cutest things. They are
all so fun, so needing of love, so cool to look at and to watch them
play, sometimes at high speed, and sometimes just wrestling with each
other until someone cries out in pain. And sometimes, giving each
other a bath. The intricacies of being a cat are numerous. The racing
across the room and up on my big huge sacred drum, with the multitude
of offerings upon it as an alter that my daughter built, crystals,
feathers, rocks, words, bones, a hide, candles……all of this sits upon
my huge 5 ft drum. Ya, that’s a no no, but they go so fast I can’t
stop em.

I’m done for the night……watching Jersey Shore now, and I quit that
after he left last time. Yikes. 1:28am Nightie night people. Sleep

I have now given my first muscle shot as well. So now I’ve done Sub-Q,
just under the skin, and muscle. Don’t know if there are any others,
but I hated doing this kind too. I called the rest of the nearby
stores this morning….remember, I am 30 minutes from 4 towns….not one
carries the tetracycline with the no sting carrier added. So, I was
prepared for screams. None. We did what the vet taught me last year,
put the goat on it’s back and shoot it into the fleshy area near the
butt but in the leg. So, we flipped Lovey over, I found the fleshy
area, not much, he’s so thin……and in it went and not a sound. Not a
peep. Yay Lovey!!! Yay Mama!!! He only ate 4 peanuts this
morning…..and a bit of grain, handfed. I’m gonna give him some sweet
water like Mea suggested. Why can’t I remember to buy the Vit E? I was
supposed to get it yesterday but with all the running around trying to
find the biomyicin, I forgot. Bummers. Some drench too, with the

We sheared Milly, one hour…very good girl. Very soft curls gray curls
with lanolin. I don’t often use the high lanolin personally, I hate
having to boil the water and then burning my hands to dunk. The only
goat that is high lanolin that I personally wash up and use, is
Gandhi…..well, Picasso too, but he’s not nearly as sticky as Gandhi.
Anyways, next was Kachina and I just decided not to keep her coat. No
real reason, just that I never use it, so I called it a playday. Shear
it off any way you want….had one of those yesterday too, but that was
due to matts. So, another hour, and we were done. It was so funny, I
had let Georgia, Pearl and Tika out and when I went to the house for
something during shearing, Georgia saw me, started crying and ran all
the way to me, crying the whole way….followed of course by her
bunkmates. She and Pearl came inside for a minute, then they followed
me back, so once I got to the shearing stand, I called them and they
came running toward my waving hand and they hung out with us for a bit
on the other side of the fence. We saw some action with Angel and
Lily, but no consummation.

Internet is wonky again so no captions. Gosh I’m hungry. By the time I
get done shearing, it’s usually too late to eat. And someone broke
out….AGAIN! Had Jesse rewire the hole and she still got out. Hmmm,
what can I use…….rope maybe. Nope….more wire, thicker wire……see how
that does. Well, guess that’s all folks!!! I sound like Bugs Bunny….or
was it the pig? Lol, either way…..oh wait…………..I moved the intrepid 3.
Georgia, Pearl and Tika are now unhappily in the large front 6 acre
girl pen. And my theory? Blown to pieces……Etta and Bella acted like
they didn’t know them. Go figure. And……Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps. Just as a heads up, so you’re not caught unaware, my Lovey is weaker. Gave him drench and split peas and he took a drink of the drench water and ate a couple peas. He took a few peanuts as long as I took them out of the shell, too weak to chew. I’m trying to be positive but it’s so hard seeing him like this.











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