Jack of all Trades…Master of One

This is Neida Nida……….I don’t show her often cuz she’s just not friendly with me

Another view of her

I’m watching The Last Holiday and I just love her enthusiasm. When she picks up the menu, sees the chef’s name in raised letters, she runs her fingers across the name as if she is tasting the name. Then, top it off, she orders all of the Specials because the chef never repeats a Special. That my friends is a demonstration in passion. Pure D passion. A feeling that intense I can relate to…as a writer my whole life, I know the urge, the need to create, to write, to spill forth my thoughts. Nowadays, it is the need to pull the curls, shear the curls, crochet or knit. The writing is in second place now. And as most of you know, I also painted for awhile. Nothing came of it, on the other hand, very few saw them till last year. I posted some for my friends grief group. In fact, it was in doing that that I rekindled my writing desires and restarted the blog I’d begun a year earlier. And here we are.

I’ve always considered myself as different. When most people were learning one thing….I was learning many. I spill out in many areas. I endeavor to understand as many things as I can, as I try to make sense of the spinning ball. I am proudly….a jack of all trades….master of none…..oh wait, one…I am a Reiki Master, did insist on finishing that one thing.  Numerology, sacred geometry, prophecy, ancient history, scrolls, pyramids, crystals, energy, light, color, weird happenings, ufo’s crop circles, you get the drift. I look into and read about all of these things and have pretty much along my spiritual journey, day by day, as life evolves. These items by the way……are the answers I’d been searching for my entire life. My entire suicidal life. Which was from birth to age 38. The learning about the above items, was my cure. Thank you very much!

Mimi wants something…

mamas milk..love this baby

I had a brilliant thought but it evaporated before I could get back here. Hate it when that happens. I know it’s happening to you too. I hear it all the time. Doesn’t even seem to matter the age anymore. People are forgetting. The bad thing is, I know that it was a solution to something I needed. :- (   Ah well, it’ll come back if it was truly needed. Do you ever get this thing come across you where you need to eat something. This something is very specific. Just out of reach and maybe even out of century.???? Obviously, from the intensity of the  question, I Have. It’s rather almost, quite durn…..painful. There for sure is a bread out there that I haven’t found in this lifetime, but oh….I keep searching. And there are others, unnamable others, undefinable others, that haunt me and tease me at vast and varied times. (And yes, the period before the 4 question marks are on  purpose, cuz it was a statement and a question.

Wow, and another thought bites the dust. Wasn’t meant to be is all I can figure. And this new Word, is underlining in all these colors what it thinks I’m doing wrong. I’m used to the simple red for a misspelled word and that’s it. This thing corrects everything. I do not talk grammatically correct folks. Did ya notice? I know….I’ll look at it as a rainbow! If I can look at it like that, it won’t bother me so much.

Gracie Grace……daughter of Hannah

I keep forgetting to tell you about my perpetual purrer. My Smooch purrs before I even pick her up, so I think she just purrs all the time. I heard that was the sign of a happy cat. I love that she’s happy. Oh, and I’m getting used to the keyboard for the most part. I had all 3 kittens in my lap at one point again today and that’s always cool. Here comes Smooch….you can hear her before she gets here. 😀  I need to move Georgia, Pearl and Tika tomorrow. In with the Girls. Like I said before, they shouldn’t get beat up too bad cuz when they get there, they will join up with Etta and Bella and then they will be 5 strong. That’s my theory anyways. I also think it’s time to bring Miyagi in as a teaser, to get things going in the breeding pen cuz I ain’t seen nothin. Hope it doesn’t cause too much problems in the doing though…..cuz I need to wait a bit of time so I know who’s the daddy. It’s never for sure unless you wait long enough, which I don’t want to do due to winter.

Well folks….it’s getting late and I need to wind down. Always gotta wind down after writing the blog. Goodnight and most wonderful dreams come true for you and may you realize the power you have in thought and word. 1:22am hello half angels. Ps, the lady in the movie, Georgia, haha, Byrd, has a Possibilities book. In it, she places photos and brochures from places and things she wants to experience. Very much like the boards I’ve heard of, but in a book. That might be a good beginning way into the spiritual life. A start position maybe? Some of you may be looking for a starting point into thought power?  Here ya go. Night.

Silly Bella

My babies…Milky and Valey

In case of wetness, we moved the stanchion to the breeding pens where they have shelter and would be drier. And they were. Caught and sheared the Joyster first(Joy). She is not a friendly to me goat. She was pretty good though, and I gave her an E-, not quite excellent. Took 55 minutes so we grabbed Ella, who’s fleece we now know needs to be shorn at probably 4 months to keep from matting cuz it’s a flyaway fleece. Very very soft, but we threw the entire fleece away. Got to do the shear how you want thing since we knew we weren’t keeping it. So, now I’ve taken a couple minute break…haha, if you call blogging a break, and next I have to go to town for various reasons. Most importantly, meds…tetracyclines for Lovey. Because of that, I’m finishing this up now…we got a time issue here folks! Love chatting with ya. Next time then…..lol, till tomorrow. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. P.S. Many stores later, nobody had the no sting kind, so I had to buy the owie kind. Will call around more in the morning. Poor Lovey, don’t want to cause him more discomfort….but since I had two readers recommend these meds, I’m going for it. Basically fed the babes in the dark or pert near. Long day.  Ok…later y’all.


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