Lovin me some Candycane Curls………………..

I’m watching Men who stare at Goats. An elite secret group of people trained in the 70’s on psychic powers. Rumors of such a thing have been around forever….therefore they could be true and probably are. Guy says he’s at the 3rd level on Invisibility. Red Cloud, also said invisibility is possible, in fact many other sources too that I can’t remember right now. I’m sure it’s just a training of the mind….I’m just too busy. I should probably take the time, and soon. Ya, I know…I’m a 2012er. I just saw a Hopi video where this guy says war is coming here. It’s not a new prophecy, many have it…..but I don’t want war. Interesting how the conversation went there. Interesting flow.

twins…………………Lily and Lila


Hahahaha…twins….look again at both photos


On Sept 11th, I had a conversation with a Medicine Man who told me he’d had a Sundance vision. He saw camps here. Concentration type camps. So, how does one equal out the prophecies, while yet maintaining a positive creative thoughtstream? That’s been my challenge. After my Rose baby rebirth in 98, when I started my journey, I’ve been studying the past and many prophecies and many stories from way back to Mesopotamia and the Garden of Eden. That’s why I’m a 2012er. I’ve seen enough to make me think Something is going to happen. I don’t know what and I don’t know for sure that it will be on the Solstice, I just feel like something Big will happen. Seriously folks…..when you see the same thing from native legends all over the world….you begin to say, hmmm. Maybe there’s something to this.


How many of you out there always felt different. Didn’t quite fit in. You felt a pull to something and a need to fix the world?  Just curious. I feel that I was and that there was a trigger song. As a child, the song Aquarius was very important to me and by letting my new record get stolen just a few hours after it was gifted to me…was strong enough to do the job. The job as a Trigger. Something to like wake me up, snap me out of the state I was in. It obviously worked. I’m no longer a hermit, no longer depressed and no longer suicidal.  I’m joy overflowing, well, some of the time. I am in awe. Awe of life period. All of it. From the ant to the elite greed powers that wield the serpent tail on the innocents. Awe of the nature of animals….the similarities to human life, the intricacies, and the power. The need, the exchange. Animals are everything to us. What would we be without them? Pay attention to the messages from the wilds too. I dunno, seems important so I’m saying it again. Night night!!! 1:47am.


Yay, we have shelter!!!


haha, Mimi


Dearest Hannah, eldest ambassador.


Doing lots of loose end things today, but most especially, I’m washing me some Georgia! It’s nearly done, maybe one more rinse, then it will go into the dryer on a flat drying rack for 23 minutes to take out the excess water, then into some long flat containers to dry. I will flip them every now and then till they are dry. I’ve been rinsing and washing for about two hours now and all that’s in the sink is probably about a pound. So ya, it usually takes about 3 hours for one pound…..and a tender right hand from all the dunking in the hot hot water. Ya, I could and have dunked with a wooden spoon but I prefer to do it by hand, that way I can feel what’s out of place…..poo beans, sticks, leaves, barbed wire……whatever might be in there. Just love my candycane curls. When they’re dry, I’ll pull a few out and show ya.


Yay……washing up some Georgia Peach!!!


getting the excess water out…………….in my dryer, like I said, 23 minutes, no tumble



Final resting place until fluffed and dried…………..then I get to play with it. Yay Georgia!!!


I am sadly reporting that the rattle is back in Lovey’s chest. He seems fine, ate his peanuts with vigor, but that damn rattle. I sent hubby a message giving him the options and told him to think about how far he wants to go. Lovey has never been what you would call healthy. I don’t know how far to take it. Like I told hubby, the options are……..xrays and blood work, that may or may not tell us anything…….a trip to A & M vet hospital for tests………..or let him live peacefully as long as he can without harmful interference. He is hubby’s goat, so it’s up to him. It has been my experience so far, that the sick ones are the sweetest ones. My Kya was never strong and she loved me with all her might. And Lovey, has been the best bottle baby one could hope for. When he comes in the house now, he doesn’t go potty. Not once. Hubby says, “come on”, as he taps his chair and Lovey jumps up and lays next to him. And the face. He looks at you with this……what about me…face. So sweet.


Definitely not goat related, but made the goat Lady happy………we did some cleaning today. I gathered things into bags and Jesse hauled em to the dumpster. Do you have any idea how many empty feed bags a farm accumulates? I wad em up and stuff em into one bag. There were many many bags full of empty bags that needed hauling. I also threw away some junk fiber, probably missed a bunch, but hey, I got what I got. Next he’s gonna go get the empty bags that are outside in the cans at the feeding stations…..gotta make room for more!!!  😀  Gosh I love it when there’s less junk in the house, yay oh yay. So much more room!!! Mama’s smiling now!!! Time to go see my babies. Already saw Lovey and Gandhi to give em peanuts this morning, and Georgia was hollering up a storm….come see me, come see me! And at some point, I’d best be making up some dough for the pizza!


Moonee munchin


Well, I got three out of four of em to look!


Most critters fed, no surprises…… breeding group is last. Dough is rising…..outside bags getting collected, yay. I’d call this a productive day, even if nobody got sheared. To tell ya the truth, I’m not really looking forward to the shearing being done anymore. When it’s done, Jesse leaves. I’ve really enjoyed having him here…..and I can’t lie, I also really enjoyed having the help. Help with heavy things or yukky things or difficult things. It always takes me awhile to get used to having someone in the house, cuz hubby’s only home weekends and from 7-9pm weekdays, and I’m alone the rest of the time. Then, just when I get used to it, and come to enjoy it….they leave. Then I go through a mourning time of sorts. Rinse and repeat. Well, Yoki escaped again and Joy was stuck from trying it herself, jeesh. I’ve rewired and closed that hole so many times and they always finagle a way through anyway. Time to cook the pizza meats and get em ready. Getting ready for the X Factor, ya, it’s good this year. Love it. Alrighty then people, Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.


8 thoughts on “Lovin me some Candycane Curls………………..

  1. Try Lovely on Biomyicin, you can get it from the feed store. it is like LA200 but it doesn’t sting as much. He may have mycoplasma, only the tetracyclines work and have to be given every other day for 12-14 days. Might be worth a try?

  2. I can only imagine how exciting it must be to play with your tricolored curls. Such nectar eh? soft cozy. warm squishy, blue white… yes. And, i have to send my kudoz to Jes, for helping you clean! yayayayayay, thats less i have to do hahahahaha when i come …. Love U

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