Rainy days and Tuesdays………hmmmmm

Scored another point with the kitty. The Gucci girl. It’s been a very slow process and tonight she leaned into my petting of her head. Then…..she started purring. That my friends is a real step toward love. And when you have love….that’s all you need. ;-D    Watching The Terminal now. This guy has love, love of honor and love of country. You know, the one where the guy get stuck at the airport for like a year?!!  It’s a great movie. Slowish but funny and what a story and the acting is great too. Jeesh, pay me for the endorsement movie people!!  I love the goat scene, where he’s translating for a guy who is trying to bring meds to his dying father. Tom Hanks knows the rules of transportation so well by now that he knows and says that the meds are for his goat. He gets the guy to say the meds are for his pet goat. I have a goat…..that’s why it tickles me. I tickle easily.


I feel like a movie reviewer. I wonder if any of you ever choose to watch or buy a movie because of my talking about it.  I have no idea, but it’s fun to speculate. I just love how life creates itself as we just exist from second to second. We don’t see the changes occurring really….not unless we pay real close attention…. And even then it can ooze on by until we blink and realize that it has changed. Happens to me all the time. With the kittens, I’m seeing change on a speedy path. I’ve never experienced such fast paced growth.

Haha…..fiber up a tree…………….unfortunately I forgot to get it down before the dew set it….more work for me, but how was I to know there would be night dew at 8pm?

Firefly……about to be naked

Firefly in his naked glory



Maybe I should look under a microscope. I plan on getting one. Imagine the things I will see, because I can guarantee it ain’t gonna always be fecal samples. I plan on having fun with it. Imagine the potential candidates for ultra zoom. I’m gonna ask for one for Christmas, maybe I should update my list and give it to him soon. It’s getting closer every day. October 16. 2 months. 2 months till Christmas and 2 months until the THE DAY. THE DAY that has been prophesized and speculated on and acted on and is coming faster than we are aware. For me at least that is…cuz time is speeding by at a pace so fast that I blink and what????


I bought The Print Shop as a download and it didn’t work, so when I was taken to Best Buy on my anniversary, he told the guy to download it. It didn’t work and they only give 3 tries. Crazy, eh? So today the disc came in that I had to pay $8 for and I haven’t installed it yet. I sure am hoping it’s better than what’s available on Word. Yikes….they don’t even have blanks…..for people who want to create their own. Unless I’m missing it……any Word fans out there? 2010 Word? Like a blank greeting card, seriously? So here’s to hoping that the disc works. I’ve got this birthday card for Courtland….told ya about that….the friend trying to get a card from all 50 states and some countries too? Well, I bought a generic one but I haven’t sent it, and it really doesn’t matter cuz I know she’s got plenty from Texas. But see, I wanted to make my own. Like I said, here’s to hoping the disc works and the Print Shop is all I want it to be. YeeHaw!!!


What is Gucci……without a little Bling?

Maya is changing

I swear Yazhi was posing for me….but then again, I was talkin real sweet

Valey…she has gorgeous eyes to boot

Opti eating greenies


It’s really wet outside. It may not be raining, but the dewpoint is high, and the goats will be wet. Guess that means I’m going to town in the morning…..haha, morning for me is like leaving 11am at the earliest. Unless of course I have something important to do, then I tell myself what time I want to wake up and wala, I wake up. It sucks that I can’t shear with….ok….I’ll say it…25 left to go!!!!!! Holy cows and goats!!!! That’s way more than I thought would be left, but dang was I wrong. We had planned on doing two today but due to the wet curls I vetoed that. Now I’ve gone and left them in the dew. Night night sweet souls. 3:20am.



Haha…look at Doc. That’s a case of want it bad… –

Milly……and Maya behind her. Milly is very affectionate. Not all goats are.


Well, not just dew, but rain. It’s been raining since I woke up. That puts shearing back a few days at least. Jeesh oh petes. So I loaded up some fleeces and headed for town. One place said come back end of the week and the other….well, I couldn’t count on them having a scale and went to 2 stores looking for one with no success, so all I ended up doing was getting kitty litter and picking up my old computer, now clean and wiped. I did get a smoothie though!!! It’s like having dessert during the day. Oh ya….got jack in the box too!!! And a Iphone charger so I don’t have to keep charging it in the RV. Do you know how many awesome kitten photos I missed last night cuz I was charging it outside??? Speaking of kittens. Gucci’s bling collar fell off a couple days ago…it was on too loose. Last night she let me put it on her while she was awake!!! Progress folks, progress. I think I will install the Print Shop tonight and see if it will give me a blank template. And tomorrow, since I can’t shear, I’ve decided to wash me some Georgia. Yum, I’m gonna love that. I only wash when I have a project in mind folks. Sure, there are bags of clean fiber in here, but they are small, remnants of other projects, which will then become other projects or one project for all. I never know. Told ya I was itchin to create.


What gloomness. Gray skies, misty air…..dark out at 5pm. (gloomness, my word) Critters are all taking shelter but I got a dry moment to feed them where it wouldn’t turn to mush. Didn’t expect to get any good photos in the rain but I think I actually did!!! And how strange is it that I tell the story one day and show the photos for it the next. Ah well, I guess you’ll let me know cuz you’re about to see yesterdays photos. Enjoy, lol.  Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch…




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