That NEED to Create…and the question of What

Slow and easy was the day…mostly adjustments to the laptop, you know…like getting all my photos into my ThumbsPlus photo editor was very important and was top of my list. Mail is set up, got more of Word figured out and even made a calendar. Not an easy feat mind you, since I wanted to do a 2013 and all the templates were for 2012 and when you go to Help to find out how to change it, it says it’s like that by design and each day must be manually changed. Well, I did just that. I still have a few tweaks to make…when I figure out how, haha!! I had fun doing it, cuz as you know, I love to create. I miss creating. I haven’t done nearly enough of that lately…..with all the shearing going on. I went ahead and counted how many are left and it’s way more than I thought. I don’t want to say it out loud though. Too depressing. It rained. Rained on Thursday so I couldn’t shear on Friday and now, it has rained again. Yes we need it…. Arggh. Making the calendar wasn’t enough. My need to create is very loud and demanding inside me but I don’t know what to create. The inspiration hasn’t arrived yet but the need is so strong it hurts my belly.

I haven’t given up folks. I still intend to sell my fiber and I think I’ve made some headway in that direction. Just think, 10 years ago I would never NEVER have been able to try to sell something. There really isn’t an ounce of salesman in me. These things that are happening, well, the way they evolved I didn’t have to sell, or ask. Just an offer. You need curly locks…………..I have curly locks. Pretty simple and all it took was perfect timing and perfect following. God leads, I follow the breadcrumbs and I let Him know what I’d like to happen and He let’s me know what conditions I forgot to put on that desire. That’s a whammy. Whatever it might be, it’s a whammy and it knocks me down. But as I stand back up He brings the right stuff.

For those of you who don’t believe in God…who believe we are the ones running our lives as planned from the other side, well……then it is a download, I received a download which changed my frequency and I am now more able to attract what I need. Either one works folks. I just choose to believe in God. Hmmm, no, it’s not really a choosing. It’s a………it’s been proven to me so many times it could be nothing else…..thing. That’s just me, and my closest friend next door is a preachers wife. Some are into the Goddess, or Mother Earth….Gaia. Ha, and still others who believe we simply are, like a happy accident, and when we die, that’s it…..done, caput….never to Think again. When I was younger, I would’ve been happy to have thought that way….it would end my suffering. And now look……more joy than a soul could possibly dream up. And on that note, I shall say sweet dreams… Night.

Well, having a new spiffy clean computer didn’t help with the internet problem, so there really is no fix that’s within financial reach. It would require a taller pole…like a 60 ft or 100 ft even. So I guess we are stuck with it as it is. That just means that some days there will be photos spread out through the blog with Captions, and some days there will be no captions and all the photos are at the end. That my friends is the main difference. Right now I’m waiting on Jesse to finish downloading something, then maybe I can successfully get my photos up. I know, boring stuff……..there are times I spend an hour just trying to upload one photo. Does that give you a clue how much of my time is used up due to internet issues?

Lovey is out today eating greenies, first time since they went to their new pen. Tried to get him to come inside so I can weigh him but he was too into the grass. I’ll get him though. Yup, got him. Led the two back to their new pen with peanuts then had Jesse just carry him inside the house for me. Like I said, there could be a difference in scales, but at the vets office he weighed 18 lbs and now, here, he weighs 27 lbs…..that’s a 9 lb increase…..surely the scales aren’t that far off!!! I’m gonna take it as a good sign of weight gain. He had a bit of a cough today, and I’m wondering if there ever will be a hump that once he’s over, he’s healthy. Sweet sweet baby. And while we’re talking about improving health, Gypsy kitty is doing much better as well. Ya, she can climb the tower to the top, but that’s not the dead giveaway. It’s when she starts following me as I go from room to room, wanting petted…….that’s when you know Gyps is feeling herself. Yay Gyps!!!

When I went to feed, I sat in the Pretties pen for awhile. Maya, so dang shy, came fairly close. I asked her if she could take a step closer, just one step. She thought about it then she took that step. She took 2. Yay, getting there….haha, she’s only 18 months old!!! Of course Milly and Kachina I can’t keep away. They just stand there begging to be touched. Anywhere, but preferably under the chin or on the neck. And Moonee, gosh he’s so big and the pen he’s in has a short fence….he’s so close to being able to jump out and believe you me, he tries. Today when Lovey and Ghandi were out, I thought he was gonna succeed, he was so agitated that they were out and he wasn’t. I may have to put him with the Boys but that would be a last resort, since he’s just a baby. His size is so deceptive….and so abnormally large. At least he got some peanuts out of the deal. He loves his peanuts more than any of the others. I even got Tika to take peanuts today for the first time….and from my hand to boot!!!

Mea, I’m sorry you’re having such trouble with the Saturday off thing. Maybe I won’t take the day off, maybe I can just post a tiny update and a photo or two for you and any others who need it. 😀 Well, signing off at YeeHaw Ranch…..oh ya, in case you haven’t figured it out, the YeeHaw Ranch is anything about the farm. The Curly Locks is anything to do with the mohair that was raised at YeeHaw Ranch. Later people!!!












4 thoughts on “That NEED to Create…and the question of What

  1. You make me smile, Thank you, Moonie is looking good. Actually they are all looking good, the babies are so cute!!! Getting the curl back I see. Sat you could just post pictures:) It could be ones you didn’t get to post during the week, extras, Just thinking

    • Ah thanks. I think they’re lookin good too! I love making you smile girl. What else is life for? Ya, good idea on the extra photos. It’ll work itself out. Huggs

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

  2. Hey there… wow those are surely some cute cute cute photos, dearest mama of mine! nice photography! thanks, all you little animals for being so photogenic!……..lots of smiles and giggles here, yep…………………………… you need a taker for your old laptop? im sure in need of one! anywho……….blessings to YOU

    • ahhh………..thanks baby…so happy you’re giggling.As for the laptop, I’m not allowed. I have to keep it. He informed me that AFTER I had it wiped. I could’ve had it just cleaned, but I thought it would be useful to one of you… we pull away from the store…..he tells me. Go figure. Love you much and more to all.

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