Yay…..Lovey’s on the mend

I am so blessed. After today’s excursion I tonight got to watch some awesome movies. Bringing down the House, love it even if it is a comedy. Then the new version of Ice Castles, so emotional in the end, and now? Now I get to watch Call of the Wild!!! YeeHaw and hand grenades, what a day! I know everything is on Purpose, but I’m thinking it could’ve maybe been better if we’d waited at least a week before getting the huge kitty condo. At least till after they’d slept in my lap a bit longer. Gucci only had the one night!!!!! It is always Perfect, so I shall just accept and enjoy the mad frenzy of three kittens in a 6 ft house tower!!!!! Goodnight sweet people. I really care about you!

It rained for an hour yesterday, therefore Junebug escaped the mad clipper lady for another day. Picked up my laptop and got a handy dandy bag to tote it in. Had fast food for lunch, yay, got feed early cuz we were in the neighborhood, peanuts for Lovey and groceries as well. Daggum, I blinked again and it’s Saturday tomorrow!!! No need to go to town now so who knows what’ll be on the agenda.

Lovey looked really good this morning when I gave him his peanuts. It’s almost as if he’s got a sparkle in his eyes now. Oh ya, that fancy cooler I told ya hubby had painted up for me….. Well hubby is having one made for him too and it’ll have Lovey on it!!! Cool, huh? And a cow too, White Owl, haha!!! He wanted to go pick em up now and I veto’d that cuz of the ice cream and other cold groceries. Great Christmas gift for a guy, eh Ladies? Not cheap, especially with the custom art work but just throwing the idea out there. The photo I’m putting in today is not the greatest plus it’s unsealed in this photo but I’ll post a better photo if anyone needs one. Just let me know.


Oh ya, I figured out why my IPhone won’t charge. By standing it up while charging, it bends the wire. So, I bend the wire then wrap a hair tie on and wala, charge away! And just to let ya know how dedicated to this blog I am, I will be finishing this blog up before I open my computer box to play with the new laptop. Otherwise, who knows if I’d get the blog done once I get immersed in the world of…….what’s cool on this baby and what do I no longer have that I need. Like my photo software, Thumbs Plus. Sure am hoping this allows me to post from the laptop again. (it’s after 7pm, still haven’t opened the box!!!)

I took hundreds of photos of the kittens playing on the tower last night, most of em no good….. They move Fast!!! While Gucci was sleeping, I snuck a collar on her so she can get accustomed to it cuz what is Gucci without some bling? :-D. Right now I’m headed out to throw feed bags around. Ha!!! Not!!! I’m headed out to watch Jesse throw feed bags around!!!

Got that done and replaced a water trough that keeps emptying…..guess it has a hole! And it’s metal! Yup, Loveys dents are definitely less noticeable. I’ll probably weigh him this weekend. Just bring him in the house and step on the scale with him. Then we’ll know for sure but he sure seems better and definitely no more cough. Today he stood up on the fence like a normal goat!!!! Speaking of normal goats, I told Angel and Wy they only have another week to getter done!!! Still deciding who will be the clean up buck….. Clean up as in…..make sure all those gorgeous girls are bred!

Somethin happened last night that just tickled me purple and green! A goat supply company advertised that they were looking for a fiber goat blogger. Minutes after I emailed them a link to my blog, someone suggested me to them!!!!!! No matter what comes of it, the fact that Michele recommended me is probably the highest compliment I’ve ever received. And then another gal, Julie said, i agree, MamaSheri is great! I am so honored. So honored. I really do love talking to you guys. Still beaming…

I’m really itchin to try out my new laptop so I’m gonna round up today’s photos and say…… Have a great and peace filled weekend my friends!!! I shall attempt to do the same. Oh ya, almost forgot…..checked with a local lady about selling my fiber and she added another possible buyer!!!!! Someone who makes rugs….YeeHaw! Alrighty then folks……Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. P.s, the gray goat photo is for Em, that’s Edo…..and if the large white goat photo uploads(it’s hanging up) then it is to show you the pee stained face of a buck in rut….Picasso. Also, the one where Jesse is petting the little goat..,,that’s Lovey….plus I just grabbed one more of him sticking his nose through the fence. :-d Later y’all













4 thoughts on “Yay…..Lovey’s on the mend

  1. It’s good to hear that your little fellow’s on the mend.

    And, I’m envious that your cats actually use the cat tree you have. Mine just look at theirs and continue to perch on the bookshelves. *sighs*

    • I am indeed! Huge learning curve but nothin straight angle about me!!! Playing, I’m playing.

      These cats absolutely love the tower! There’s usually at least one on it at all times!!! ❤

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

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