Yay for Anniversaries…kittens and purple trucks

Score two points for me. The last holdout kitten, Gucci, finally jumped onto my chair and eventually slept with Smooch and Wiz….in my lap. I took a gazillion photos, just can’t help myself. It was such a momentous occasion, her finally accepting me. Ha, and when Wiz finally woke up, he jumped onto Blue and Blue didn’t get mad. Yay oh yay, it’s finally working. Blue is becoming less possessive and more playful. I’m very grateful for this, cuz the possessiveness over food, or his…space….was holding him back from being a better dog. I keep his food bowl up until feed time and then I feed the kittens as well, and it’s working beautifully.

These kittens are so much fun. I’m really glad this happened to us, or happened for us, either way….I’m really lovin it. Right this second, smooch is playing with some spilled dry food, as if it’s a toy. 😀 And the two, are playing with each other so hard that Gucci is crying…but she’s an instigator. It’s a trip folks. What a relationship these kittens have. Gucci chews on Wiz’s tail while he sleeps…tried to eat Smooch as she slept…..interesting, very interesting. I’m not used to such violence.

At this point in time…the two, are sleeping in Smooch’s basket bed, which is actually, my tiny bags of preferred fiber for my personal use. Already washed and ready, some pulled, some in curl stage. That is the bed they like…so now smooch is sleeping in my shoe. My moccasin, which I’m gonna need in a few minutes to go night night with. Poor thing…booted from her bed. All three slept together on my lap, maybe they can do it in the basket too. Here’s to hoping.

I plan on buying a tarp tomorrow when we go out, so I can rig some form of a shelter in the Newbies pen, which consists of Georgia, Pearl, and Tika is still there too. I plan to move them in with the girls and I know they will now pair up with Etta and Bella, and )(yes, I just changed her name to Bella from Belle). Should be a relatively smooth transition. Then, if I have proper protection from the rain in the empty pen, I will move Lovey and Gandhi over there. They are plum miserable over here by themselves and as much as it pleases me to see them, I don’t want to upset them, especially Lovey. That then leaves me an empty pen that I can do several possible things with, and it makes Lovey happy.

Well, it’s my anniversary now. I wonder what the day will entail. My curiosity is up, but I will sleep thanks to the beers. That’s what they’re for…to help me sleep. Dang, the pups are howling….like wolves. Hate it when that happens…and on the other hand, I love it when that happens, cuz they are scaring away the predators…it’s the fact that there are predators that is the problem. Ya, I’m a farmer. Night night peoples. 1:26am…10/11/12 Oh holy Cow! Wowzers folks….that’s pretty darn awesome if I say so myself. Wow, well, anyway….dream big and let go. Night.

Remember I wanted to spend some money the other day? Well, my anniversary present is a new Laptop!!! Just what I wanted! I woke to a Best Buy bag in my chair with a mouse and a card reader. After feeding my Love his peanuts, we headed to Best Buy with my bag and my old laptop. Geek Squad is moving my data, yay! I’m technology challenged. It even has full Office! Guy said my old one was nearly full and probably not working real well. Ha, ya think? So, they’ll call when the new one is ready and the old one is being wiped. I had nearly 100 gig on it!!!

So, next…..to see my truck. It’s painted!!!!! Hasn’t been buffed yet though. He painted Moonee on the tailgate along with a rubber duckie on the other end. Then they showed me a fancy metal cooler same paint as the truck, with Milly and Opti painted on the front and the ranch name with southwest motif on top. Really cool! And I recognized the goats…. Big plus! Then to Chuy’s for lunch and a feed store to try Food Grade Diatemateous Earth for parasite control. Then to my favorite herb store but not right time of year. Did get replacement tomato plants though cuz didn’t make it, too hot. (pep, per and zzzz also succumbed to the blazing Texas sun)

We just left Sears where hubby picked up his gift…..a chop saw. I also got myself a handy dandy hot pink rubber bottomed tool bag as the new house for my new Lister Star Clippers….love love them!!!! And… a good pair of wirecutters…..every farm hand needs those!!! Well, 2 more hours till laptop is ready so it’ll wait till tomorrow. Headed home now and Jesse already fed the Kids so….. Oh ya, we also got a cat tower. It’s huge…..gonna have to rearrange a few things. Haha, hubby says he put last one together, this ones mine. Oh no!!!!! 😀 Gonna sign off now since I have no clue how long it is… Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!!













4 thoughts on “Yay for Anniversaries…kittens and purple trucks

    • Yay, thanks! And ya, I’m very blessed and get good gifts! Now you know why I was so stunned on my birthday! Not a single gift! Haha, it all worked out in the end. Great photos of you on Facebook!!!

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

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