A $2 Wedding Dress……and a goat sat on Me!

2012 is just around the corner. I’m seein some scary stuff, and I’m also seein some positive stuff. I’m not sure who’s winning at the moment. I really don’t want to put any energy into these things I’m hearing about, suffice it to say….I have to work really hard to keep my brain from dwelling on it with …yup…..worry. Worry is such strong Creation. Creation in the wrong direction though!!! That’s why I’m not gonna waste any time repeating these stories here.

I’m watching 8 Below and seeing the dog language that wields itself across the screen, shouting…watch me, pay attention. So, I’ve decided to try another thing with the Pups. Maybe, just maybe if I do 3 normal bowls and one Large, BabyGirl, leader of the pack bowl, she will let them carry off their tiny little bowls. Just an idea, worth a try….anything is at this point. Don’t get me wrong, no one is starving, but they could be healthier, and also, with them staying skinny, they can squeeze thru more places I don’t want them. I’m gonna give it a go.

As Rob Dyrdek would say…I just …Did Work! Haha, the new kittens were in Smooch’s basket bed together so I took advantage, since it’s right next to my chair, and I petted the Gucc. They were so close that I was able to pet both at the same time, letting her know that Wiz considered me safe. Work, I say, work. Baby steps. They are quite adorable. I’ve never had a black cat before, at least not a solid black, it’s interesting. And wiz, well, he’s a hoot. He likes to get frisky, but shy at the same time, and oh what a face on that one. I’m not sure if cute is the right word, or the word….interesting. Yup, that’s my Wiz.

I just made French toast at 1am. What can I say, we had the munchies. I often get them late at night and I only have one ice cream left, so….. He wanted me to do it his way, it sounded extra hard, that late at night so I veto’d that. I did it my way and just asked him…ha..coulda been better he says. Jeesh. These kids.

Man, these kittens are racing, and I do mean racing….the pitter patter is more like a clumpety clump clump….oh my goodness. And there’s only two of them. Wiz is watching from Smooch’s bed. And Blue is being so chill that I’m extra proud! Alrighty then…. It’s 2:25am. Sweetness and light…..oh dear, wiz is awake. Night peoples of the world….goodnight.

We sheared Marshall today and he has a skin issue. No, it’s not mites. Was thinking zinc deficiency but I’m not sure. Still looking into it and it doesn’t help that my internet is so dang spotty. Could be from horns rubbing during rut, but unless I know for sure, I won’t sell him. Yes, I have someone interested in a silver buck, yay…..I have some of those! Anyways, he was a good boy for the shearing, which he always is. Didn’t like the clipper noise though, he’s used to scissors. Haha, at one point I think he got tired cuz he sat on my lap. Then Jesse asked him to get up and he did. What a sweetheart. I can’t caption the photos so when you see the funny shot of the goat sitting…..he is on my lap, not on the stanchion. 😀

Lovey devoured his peanuts again this morning and he drank the entire bottle last night. His hip dent wasn’t all that denty last night, YAY. Probably the milk, but hey…..I’ll take it. He’s staring out the fence now. Just standing and staring….probably wonderin…..when’s mama comin to feed us? To pet me? Little cutie.

Tomorrow is my 11th anniversary with hubby. Last year, for the 10th….he gave me the 55 Chevy truck……which is STILL being renovated. He just informed me that I have to get up early. I said, you mean I’m not shearing tomorrow? Nope. Who knows what he has up his sleeve. Let me tell you about my wedding dress. We walked into Marshalls in California, looking for a pale pink dress for the wedding. The one I found, the one I wanted…..had an ink mark on the collar. It was marked down to 2 dollars. I bought it, threw it in the washing machine and wore it the next day to get married in. Yup, that’s me…a $2 wedding dress.

Lucy is laying eggs again under hubbys window in the duck nest. The pups can get to that nest too, so hubby saved one yesterday. Might need to try to incubate some of these. Don’t know if they are fertile cuz I never see them do the deed. Dunno, but I do know there is a huge goose egg sitting on my kitchen counter. And as I was visiting the pens to feed, Angel was definitely acting like a boy, as was Wy. One more week and the girls should go into estrus again…those who haven’t been got, that is.

Neither Lovey or Gandhi wanted to eat today. How odd. Hubby says maybe they’re waiting till it’s cooler. Not the usual MO, but ok. I know they miss the other goats…they are all the way across the yard from them. It’s probably that. Well folks, we are at page 3, so……Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, curly locks.












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