A Beautiful Day

The three kittens are playing right now. There doesn’t seem to be any aggression at the moment, just play. It’s quite an unexpected turn of events, and the sounds themselves are grand. It’s like watching a fast moving movie… you can’t help but get sucked in. It’s interesting to watch the dynamics. Smooch is a rather aggressive girl, always has been, at least towards me. She was calming down then I got 2 new kittens. She’s done quite a bit of challenging them, but it’s getting better, and in the end, she still comes to curl in my lap when she needs a nap. She has been Blue’s best friend ever….let it stay that way please. I, we, didn’t think of that when we saw the kittens needing a home.

Gucci is very elusive still, although I have touched her several times. She’s fairly shy. Wiz is kinda feisty with me, but not with hubby,…..his cat. But when he’s not available, he wants to sleep on my lap…and sometimes Smooch is there…tonight they woke up and discovered each other, then stretched and went back to sleep. They’ve been playing loudly for about a half an hour now.

So, I wanted to go to the Best Buy today and now I know why I needed to go…just a bit off timing…..my Iphone is now off. It’s either the charging cord or the phone, I’m thinking phone. My weather pain is here again. The weather has been cold …in the 50 to 60 range and now it’s headed back up to the 80’s and I guess that‘s what is causing the pressure change. I‘ve been following this barometric pressure thing for awhile. My phone is out so I can’t tell you what the pressure is. I know, this is boring, eh? Ah, no…maybe not…..maybe some of you can relate to knowing when it’s gonna rain. Pains in places…mine are the ankles up to the knee but not the knee and hands up to before elbows. It’s actually a horrible ache. Just horrible. Night night.

When I woke, the pressure was at 30.09 Ok, it’s 30 now, so it’s going down. It made it very challenging to do the shearing with that heavy clipper, but I persevered. We did Edo today, the goat that Lisa, the local goat expert said was a near twin to her exceptional goat, Nanji. Remember I also said that she said the rolls on their body, like fat rolls only vertical, were a sign of quality? Well, then she was right, Edo is quality….he’s even got consecutive rolls on his ears!!! And he was a living statue, right down to the feet. This is great!!! He has some lanolin and a lot of the curls had to be clipped one at a time, so it took an hour and a half. So, how did I do it with my arms hurting? Well, I did it as long as I could, then I would stop, turn it off for a minute, then go again…..over and over. But he is done and handsome. Looks like he is now a pale gray with silver. The silver is very shiny….easy to distinguish from gray. That leaves one more of the look-alikes left…Junebug. (Sendai and Edo)

Lovey took his peanuts this morning eagerly again. Yay. He took most of the bottle last night and he’s been going to town on the mineral block. Well, since they didn’t like the calf manna mixed in the feed last night, tonight I separated them and they went to town on the calf manna. Go figure. Lovey actually smiled this morning for the peanut and tonight he stuck his nose through the fence wanting petted. No one has heard the cough in a few days so he might be over the pneumonia hump. In a few weeks, I’ll weigh him again to see if there’s any weight gain. He’s the most docile, and gentle of all my goats….He just loves people, especially Mama.

It was a beautiful day here so I took advantage and sat with most of the pens today. They all love when I do that. And that Ella!!! Ramming poor Wy on a regular basis, just for fun….why? Probably cuz she didn’t like being a mom and doesn’t want to repeat that experience. Goofy nut. Even Maya came within 3 feet….but no closer. Someday? Any day? The vacuum created by taking Lovey and Gandhi out, has created a pecking order thing in the Littles pen. Opti, poor thing is really feeling his guyness and is constantly harassing Moonee. It’s really frustrating and I have to force myself not to worry about Opti. Haha, I just looked out my window and saw Lovey laying down….and eating grass. Silly boy.

Ok, Valerie Stevens hooked me up with the link to her Etsy store. Here it is


Alrighty then. Oh wait…let’s see how much fleece Edo gave me. Yay….6 ½ pounds!!! Haha, same for his 3rd fleece as Moonee’s 1st. Well ok…..it’s that time. See ya tomorrow. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, curly locks.










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