An exquisite Gift……

So, the kitten thing. Is that funny or what? We are such softies! Poor Blue. His play space has pretty much been taken over by litter boxes, cat food and a scratch post. They sleep under my chair and occasionally they come out and play. Smooch is rough with Wiz and it sorta looks like they’re fighting, not playing. GucciGirl is very shy but I got to play with her today with a piece of yarn. Baby steps. Baby steps are better than no steps.

Lovey is doin ok today. New pen, all the feed he wants and a shiny new mineral block. I was able to see them from my chair today, how cool is that?!!! Gave them peanuts this morning and he was really into them. Appetite, yes!!! I’ll give another update at the end. I sat downstairs waiting on Jesse to come down so we could shear till 2pm, when I realized I was supposed to tell him when I was ready. Wasted day!!! You know how I hate those! Sure enough he was upstairs waiting on me to say I was ready while I was waiting on him to be ready. Oh well, so I said to hubby…… I’ve wasted my day, let’s go spend some money and eat lunch. I’m thumb typing from a new Chinese place nearby. Not bad, but they didn’t give me enough fried rice….and that fact dominated the meal. Now I have leftovers and got more rice. Yum.

Not sure where to next. It’s a mystery! Oh boy oh boy! We are at the lawyers office! Oh bummer they’re closed. 😦 😀 And next stop is……drumroll…….the plant nursery. Lol, had to tell him this isn’t my idea of spending money. Then I told him…… If you were planning to go to Taos for 2 weeks, you got $$$ Rollin around your pocket!!! Well, we left there proud new owners of probably pump number 8 that we’ve had to replace for the water fountain the animals drink from, cuz Mama broke it again!!!! Oh, and a few spinach plants. I wouldn’t let him buy the apple trees he wanted. Finally got him convinced to set up water in the garden first.

Yay, now to a Best Buy or a Staples or something! Oh, I didn’t get a chance to tell ya about my photo shoot! On Saturday, Jesse and I grabbed up my boxes of homemade goodies and I dressed up! Jeans, lol and we went around the yard and I modeled my goodies. He kept saying Why are you smiling and my answer kept being…. Cuz I’m embarrassed!!! He kept telling me they were turning out great and I was …. Ya right. Boy was I in for a surprise when I finally saw them. I actually looked pretty! I was and still am…..stunned! Jesse said When you look in the mirror are you always frowning? I said Probably, cuz all I see is wrinkles! Haha! Guess I’m not as hideous as I thought! Those photos are on the laptop so I guess I can’t show you until the Internet improves.

Well, that was a bust as well. Guess he wasn’t in the buying mood. Buying things sometimes makes me feel better when I’m down or kinda down. Was hoping for a new laptop…could help. Guess its more thumb typing for me. I deemed us…done….and we are headed home. Home to Lovey and my pups and my babies and my kittens…..and Jesse, for awhile anyway.

Also on the plus side…..remember that sweater coat that was being made for me cuz I didn’t get presents on my birthday! It arrived as we were leaving today so I get to open the box and SEE!!!! I’ll feed the babies first though. Check on my Love. Gave him a milk bottle…. The homemade kind and his meds. Hard to believe I’m back to the bottle for a 6 month old! He took most of the bottle. They don’t seem to like the Calf Manna but they got it.

Well, I’m in the Rv for The Voice! Yay, it’s a 2 hour one! On commercial I’ll run inside and open that dang box!!!!!! Oh my friggin gosh! This Lady Rocks!!!! I can’t wait for you to see this coat! But I will. I’ll get Jesse to take a photo tomorrow with me wearing it. It is beyond my expectations! Way way beyond. So if you need an out of this world coat…… Try Valerie Stevens… On FB. Well I’ll have to get you the link tomorrow cuz I can’t find it. So…. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, curly locks.











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