Just a quick one

So sorry. So busy today. Finally typed a page worth to post but no Internet on laptop. Here’s the deal as fast as I can say it. Just sat down. It’s 8:35pm. Got groceries, feed, a few cold weather items for Jesse and 2 new kittens. What? I know!!!!! They are not very socialized and I didn’t realize that. They are both hiding under my chair. Gucci is black and ya it sounds like Smoochie, but I’d already told Jesse yes before I realized. Wizard, wizzer…., is gray and a boy. He’s hubby’s.

Lovey is very weak so we had to build a pen in the dark. He’s too weak to be with young boys. He and Gandhi are now outside my window. Not happy but they will be soon. It seems that my Love is the same weight as a 6 wk old. 18 lbs. Got him stuff to make him stronger. I stop myself from crying cuz it indicates lack of belief. I gotta believe.

The concert was great, I’ll tell ya more tomorrow. I really need to relax now for the first time all day. Sorry its so short. I’m just plum tuckered. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.









4 thoughts on “Just a quick one

  1. I hope Lovely gets all fat and sassy soon. A young girl I know in Dallas saw an old dress for sale with peacock feathers and she wanted it so, but it was too much money. So now she is wanting to make one. I saw your peacock pictures and thought of that. Wizzer…LOL all the way to the loo

    • Lol, ya, wizzer! Isn’t that funny? I let hubby name it cuz it was his. Yay, a fat n sassy Lovey!!!! I see it!!! How many feathers does she need? Between me, Scarlet n Beth Donovan we could probably cover it! ❤

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

  2. my beleif is that to cry indicates great strength.
    to allow your emotions to flow, so they do not turn into disease, is wise.
    its okay to flow the tears, and it doesn’t mean you failed, its ok to feel sadness, even if he ends up turning around and getting soooo healthy and strong. I LOVE YOU and your tears

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