Wanna buy some fleeces?…….. No more buyer

Not so many reading this old blog these days. Maybe it’s cuz the goats are naked? Or maybe because I don’t talk much spiritual stuff these days…..but haven’t I said it all? At this point, I believe I have. I’ve taught you nearly everything I know….or can think of to tell. I hate hearing people say….you’ve already told that story…or, you just talked about that yesterday. I haven’t talked about the Amazon lately cuz it’s the strangest thing. On again off again. Not much to report. As for the natives trying to get their holy land…I understand they won the bid…now they just have to get the money. Or maybe they have it, I just don’t know.

You see, in my world, everything is spiritual. The fact that I saw that deer laying down, feeling safe….is very calming and spiritual to me. The fact that immediately after, a deer was in the road and ended up running alongside us…on my side….was significant as well. And there was a hawk that I saw seconds after he took off from his post. I love seeing the animals. I just love that that deer was laying down. It’s just so odd, that’s why I’m going on about it. So durn odd.

So…..I gave my first shot today. I’ve been sweating it for awhile. Knowing it was coming, and dreading it. The vet assistant shows me on her dog…then as she finishes up, the vet says….no, don’t do it there, do it on the neck…front leg/neck area. So, jeesh!!! So, we’re all out there, in the pen and I pinch the skin. He has none. He is so dang small. I guess my enthusiasm wasn’t enough. My little nearly dead baby, is not as healthy as I’ve wanted to believe. Call it denial.

Anyway, I can’t find a pocket, as the Doc called it…so hubby does. But then he doesn’t want me to shoot the shot with his hands there….lol….so I have to pinch the skin, make the tent and find the pocket…then stick the needle in, at a slight angle…and it worked….I was in…..so next I squeeze carefully, remembering my days of needles in hospitals, and being careful not to move as I pushed the meds in. Ahhhh….I did it. I did it. I really did it. Now…is that called subQ? He also taught me one time to put the animal on it’s back and shoot the needle into the thigh/butt area. Ah gosh….I’m so happy that ones under my belt.

By the way…that needle story is in itself, a spiritual thing. Me…..giving injections? Me? It is a growth thing. Any time we grow, it is spiritual. I grow everyday. Lately, it’s been with the clippers. I am wielding these big huge clippers, and doing it well. It took a few days and some butchered curls, but I think we have it now…I have it now, he, Jesse, won’t be here forever. So, for anyone out there wondering which clippers to get…I highly recommend the Lister Star. See, Jesse starts, and does most of one side, then his arm tires and I take it and do the other side, repeat and process. 😀 Cathy does the head, face and some neck, with scissors and I do the pecker, balls, and butt….the more critical areas to the goat, not the fleece producer.

It’s 2:30am, and I’m still trying to unwind from skirting a fleece. When I’m busy like that, it so preoccupies me that I don’t drink the sufficient amount of beers to attempt sleep with, and I put off just about everything when I get sucked in like that…even going to pee. It’s an obsessive kind of activity…try it, you’ll see. It’s like….one more curl, just one more curl. The same goes for me pulling curls after they are washed.

Speaking of that… I, having emphysema, really have no business skirting fleeces to this degree. As I’ve said before, I normally just take it out of the bag and stick it straight in the wash, therefore, what I then process, is fairly clean. Stuff falls out at all points of the process, but THIS? This is sending dustcoats through the house, and I’m probably throwing away way too much stuff, cuz I can’t tell if it’s felted or if it’s just the lanolin holding it. So I pitch it. I pitched a half a pound tonight. Then I realized I was skirting a Kid fleece,… what a waste of my time, after all. Someday I’ll explain that, but for now, it is very late and I need to wind down so Off I go. Sweet dreams for you, while I finish this Christmas movie….Borrowed Hearts. 2:37am.

Well, it was Popeye’s turn today. Although he was the dickens to catch, he was a very good boy. Ha, well, except he doesn’t like the inside of his back legs done, so he kept his two back legs and feet as close together as he possible could. Lol, and when I was doing his feet, he kept sitting down on the last foot, so Jesse lifts him by his knees, and I gotter done. I’m telling ya…rocks…the rocks keep their feet great!!! So, 6 ¼ lbs and one hour later, I now have gorgeous silver curls, with some with black tips….his baby coat. Naked now….the boy is all silver. Yay!!! I love the silver ones…so soft and shiny.

Lovey is up and eating, but is very weak. Someone bumped into him and it nearly knocked him down. I just don’t know. I so want to see that baby running!!!
Ha, found out I’m going to see David Allen Coe tomorrow night. We don’t usually leave the house, but hubby has a new friend who is going to the new bar for the show. Shoulda seen this coming. I really don’t like being away from the house at night….or day, lol. But really really not at night. Should be interesting…and cold. That’s the night we get the cold front. I’ll get to wear my woolies, yay!!! Jeesh, better go through em and decide what I’m taking out of the “sell” box…..so I can be nice and cozy while I listen to some old man sing country songs in a bar. Haha, reminds me of when I saw Three Dog Night, also in a bar…also very old people now. But really folks…I haven’t been to a concert in 12 years or so….and that woulda been…Ian Moore. Like I said….oughtta be interesting.

Well, it’s time to go mix up some electrolytes for Lovey and give him his sulfa meds. Hopefully I’ll skirt the right age fleece tonight. Or maybe I should rethink this…and sell Washed fleece, so I don’t have to breathe in all that dust. Maybe I’ll do a Craigs list search for top load washers. So funny…the one we gave away would have been perfect. Wonder if he’s ever used it? Yo Bryan….lol. Anyways….time to Sign off at YeeHaw Ranch, curly locks.

Well, I have to add something. I guess there is no rush to skirt any fleece tonight. My partnership is no more. It was a nice idea, that didn’t pan out. All of y’all that are willing to sell your Kid mohair fleeces for $15 a pound…as I told her, if there are truly so many people willing to sell their Kid fleeces that cheap, then go for it. I personally, would rather keep it and spin it myself. I work way too hard to just give it away. See, this all started when I thought I had a buyer for my fleeces that were stacking up. Then the yay, you have all colors turned into…I want white. Well, most of my white is still Kid. And Moonee, definitely KID, 1st cut, and at least 6 inches…nope, not gonna do it. I will either sell it for what it’s worth, or I will keep it and make beautiful things. I’m a bit upset….have been for awhile, but what can I say. So, I will find another way.











4 thoughts on “Wanna buy some fleeces?…….. No more buyer

  1. Awww! I can’t imagine trying to give a shot. I mean, I give my brother his shots all of the time, but he can verbalize whether or not it’s uncomfortable. It must take nerves and confidence of steel to take care of your animals in such a way. Well done!

    I always love the new pics of the precious animals :))

    • Ya, it wasn’t easy. I just had to make myself get brave. I must have done it right cuz he didn’t cry. I’m still feeling bad over cutting his hoof a month ago…and he didn’t cry for that either!

      Hopefully my internet will get better so I can go back to posting the photos from the laptop, where I can put captions, so you know who they are. Apparently it’s confusing cuz even my neighbor shearer helper Cathy only knows a few names. 😀 Glad you enjoy! That’s why I do it..for you…and a few other You’s!!! Thanks for the comment! ❤ and P.s, your kid is the cutest!!!!

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