Food fury……and Lovey Love is still sick

Hubby brought me a dozen doughnut holes. I just remembered them. The delight is grand, as I enjoy the sugar, but I have to say, that 2 minutes after eating 6, (I shared the other 6 with Jesse), with 6, I’m already feeling indigestion. It happens to me with homemade food too, so, I dunno. Is it the flour? Ah, I’m just talking. The coyotes were out in big force last night. Scares me when they do that. Luckily, Bubba had already gotten himself stuck in the Girls pen..they hate to get stuck, but when I say Closing the gate…they ignore it and …yup, they are a stayin…at least until I decide to let them out, sometimes the next day, depending on circumstances.

Kitty…. Well, kitty is crawling everywhere she’s not wanted, and using trash bags as a scratching post. Kitty is a little devil when you correct her, but a sweetie when she wants to be. I mean a real sweetie. She melts me. I melt easily. I am a melty mess who loves her animals so much it hurts. I look at them sometimes and I ache. I wonder. I wonder about their future, our future. I know I said the future is now, as is the past, but as 2012 approaches and the more I read, the more I wonder. I don’t wanna scare you guys, but if you wanna be scared, look up…the sun…the quakes….the animals dropping dead…the UFO’s…. I dunno, maybe I’m crazy but these items keep accumulating in front of me. I usually love it when it happens that way, but this time, well….I am keeping hold of my thoughts. I am perfecting their ability. Nough said.

Just letting you know once again, that when I’m writing at night, like I usually do…. I’m writing off the top of my head. It just flows. When it doesn’t, I stop, until it flows again. It’s the writer style folks. Ebb and flow. And nightie night. 12:30am.

I’m in a real downer mood. And it’s over something simple, like food. We sheared Kitchie today. For the most part he was pretty good, but he’s one of those who are what I call, headshy. They don’t want anyone near or touching their head, and they whip their head violently when someone touches their hair, let alone try to cut it even with all that, we got him done in an hour. We are loving that aspect of the clippers, for sure. They do get hot, but they keep going, and by George, they do indeed cut the hair. These boys who have the whole ranch to roam, have very little for me to trim on their feet, all the rock I guess.

So, while we’re shearing, I notice that Lovey’s cough is once again all loose and he’s just laying there. So, off to the vet again I went. He didn’t want me to bring Lovey in, just come get the new meds….another kind of antibiotic. This will be my first shot ever to give……and here I am in a horrendously pissy mood. All because hubby didn’t stop at the restaurant. I don’t eat before I shear, and then I had to go for the meds, so it seemed logical to me to stop. Instead…here I am, writing the blog, then I have to give the meds in a minute, then I have to friggin cook the dinner. Pork chops. Lousy pork chops. Ya, I’m whining. So, point is….instead of good food, no, I’m gonna be eating pork chops…in about 3 hours. Can’t wait.
Well, I did it. I gave my first shot. I was scared, but I pushed that needle in and pushed the medicine out. Wow. Don’t wanna do it again, lol, but I’m sure I’ll have to some day. Top it off….he didn’t cry! I’m so proud of myself. And the liquid sulfa stuff I had to shoot 10 cc’s in his mouth…well, guess what? He liked it! Good thing cuz I gotta give him some each day for 5 days. Well, after we got done, hubby said…wanna go to that restaurant? YeeHaw!!! So, as we’re driving…I see a deer in the neighbors field, and another laying down. So cal and trusting, that it was laying down. I love that. Saw one more too, real close. Awesome. 3 deer. Good note to sign off on. Pray for Lovey if you feel the call. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, curly locks.











4 thoughts on “Food fury……and Lovey Love is still sick

  1. We just got our 2 pregger Boers. This is the second day and I am still amassing supplies for the BIG day (when the Angoras come). I plan on doing my own fecals and am putting all my research skills to work finding affordable supplies!!
    Just today one of the girls was pulling at some grass growing in a spot of dirt and coughed a few times. Crazy mom that I am – I was all worried! When is a cough ok – and when is it a concern??

    • I would say any cough needs to be watched. It may be somethin simple like the grain went down wrong. Just pay attention. Lovey had coughed a couple times but it wasn’t till it loosened that I got worried. As soon as he coughed though, I wormed him just in case it was that. It wasn’t worms though. You’ll do fine. Keep asking questions!!! :))

  2. You have had an exercise in fending off Fear. 99% of the Fears we experience never come to pass 😀 So, you can choose fear or you can choose Love ❤ Smoke and Prayers up for Lovey! And for you woman! Love you!

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