A bit about the boy……and a bit about the kid

I wanted to tell you about Jesse. He’s here, in my brain, in my world, no time like the present. I was living with an abusive husband. I had no plans of having a baby I might have to run with in the woods to hide. I got pregnant when he got out of prison Supposedly potent, and me thinking I couldn’t get pregnant anymore for many years. Anyway, I had him, we fought over him, much terror was involved and many attorneys. I lived with Jesse in a Government apartment and was so thrilled to get it. Not only did I get it, but I was able to get a 2 bedroom later. Before that, I had him in my closet. I had a shade door, a blue light, a crib and chest of drawers. It was a really cool baby room, just without the windows.

Jesse and I were best friends. We played everyday, he danced and performed, and had curly brown hair. I loved him more than my life….more than anyone’s life, except Summer. I even carried a gun in my overalls pocket as I moved my stuff from the one bedroom, across the street and downstairs, to the 2 bedroom, where then I experienced my alarms going off all night long, alarms which I’d set, because I was scared. Wow…never realized how deep I’d go into this. Anyway….We had a hard life, Jesse and I, but it was beautiful. We loved each other to an extreme degree. Then his daddy was murdered and I ended up in Kansas. Long story, but I left Jesse with my friend Don, until I could get back. My parents took him from Don’s, then filed for custody. I rescued him from them but then my Kansas situation was bad and I had nowhere else to live, so I asked my parents to come get him and keep him a bit till I could escape. They lied and said ok. They refiled for custody, used my magic Reasonable Visitations (which meant no visitation), and that’s when they changed his last name to theirs.
She raised him…after the age of 3. Three till 18. Before he turned 18, she told him she was kicking him out on his 18th birthday. And she did. He was homeless and walking the streets. And thru fate and jail, he ended up here for 9 months…yes, think of the connotations there…and then I set him up for success and sent him back to that very town, where he was supposed to become a DJ. Life got in the way, he ended up back in jail, then bounced around, then went to his step brothers house. All of the things he went thru from the time he left here, till recently when he came back….human. He came back a different person than when he went. The person I knew him as here was bitter, expecting, entitled, dishonest, and vain. He also had many other qualities….helpful, great with the animals, and kind to animals. He came back like I said, human. He came back as the son I knew him to be in the first place. I know my son. He danced for me. We called it steppin, and I sacrificed greatly for him before he was taken. He has risen above and become a man I’m proud of, to the Nth degree. Love ya dude.

I’m watching Jerry McGuire…the part where the dude wakes up on the football field and realizes it’s his moment of Fame. It’s really an awesome scene and it reminds me of real life. I’m thinking that it’s prearranged that each human gets at least a moment of fame no matter how small that moment may be. It could be something like winning a poetry contest, or winning a football game, or designing the perfect song, or creating the most beautiful art. A moment. That’s all it takes. If you can grab a moment. If I can. Come on people, let’s grab a moment to advertise, celebrate ourselves. If we don’t, who will, my friends.? And yes, I’m still using a period and a question mark together.
Anways, what I’ve been trying to get at all night here, is that my son has arrived. I lost him when he was 3. He has finally come home to Mama. This is the boy I wanted. A man now, but shit, I’m a Mom. So many prayers. So little time. Hehehe. I like his company. This is wondrously cool. May he be the DJ he desires and the Handglover he Is. Momentous stuff there, what can I say I have moments. don’t we all? Okie dok, well, it’s late. And I should sign off for the night. It is 1:00am exactly Goodnight sweet folks of mine. I really care about you and if you’d comment more, I’d get to know you……just a thought.
Ooohie, productive day. Sheared 2 yearlings!!! Both were absolute statues on the stand and I can’t sing their praises enough!! Ah, my boys. I miss them. They were babies I played with and now I barely see them. So good. So stickin good, they both were! They each took an hour and Sendai gave me 5 pounds of silver fiber and Miyagi gave me 6 1/12 pounds of white. This was their last Kid shear. Haha, 6 ½ was the amount I got from Moonee’s 1st shear!!! Moonee is one big baby!!!

Lovey is still coughing but it doesn’t sound so bad now. He’s moving slowly and still doesn’t look well, but he does sound better. We’ll see what he does at dinner time. Hubby brought him in the house for a bit when his tractor decided it only wanted to drive in reverse and he had to quit shredding the L. I, of course, said…. Oh, he shouldn’t take him in the house in the air conditioning. My son said…mama, you worry too much. Cathy said….that’s how her goats stay alive. Hahahaha……what fun! Oh ya….hubby came home today with a new DVD player, so Jesse and I aren’t forced to keep watching VCR tapes. We want the newer movies which are on DVD. So Yay for hubby!!! Ok…feedin time!!!
Well, he ate the hay. That’s a good sign again. Everyone is rambunctious now that the weather is a bit cooler. It’s interesting. When the boys get sheared and reenter the herd, they get sniffed…all over. That’s it. There is no ramming involved. I’ve said a million times….the girls are much meaner. I still agree with myself. Lol. Alright, well, I think I can get this done the normal way with the laptop, but I can’t get photos to upload so I shall place this up with the laptop, then add the photos with the Iphone, so once again…no captions….hopefully y’all recognize everyone!!! Ok, Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, curly locks.














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