Thumb typing….for the Internet deprived

Well, this is beginning to get on my nerves. The Internet thing, that is. We have 2 Internet companies and neither one works worth a squat. The sun is shining brightly and I can go nowhere. Thank goodness for IPhones but not a very pleasant way to write. Writers do Not want to tell their story by typing with their thumb!!!! No we do not!!! It’s all pretty frustrating. I had all these plans today and none have materialized.

My plans included the Internet and also some things that required Jesse’s help but he’s been in his room all day. Hubby is on vacation starting today and I got absolutely nothing done. Couldn’t shear cuz goats are still damp so my day to catch up just went to the birds. Gosh I hate wasted days!!! I couldn’t even mail myself last nights portion of the blog. I only tried around 22 times! I was however, finally able to “share” 2 of the 4 photos of the new sweater coat that Valerie finished yesterday. I’m trying to help her get some new orders by sharing so I’m at least happy about that.

Oh ya, and hubby let the Littles out and Lovey is out there eating greenies with the clan. He didn’t cough while I was out there so hopefully he’s on the recovery road. I figured out why he got sick. They have booted him out of the tiny house. He’s the smallest so they threw him out. They don’t realize that he’s also the weakest and he needs to be under the shelter. I’ll have to move Doc and Wy into another space. Can’t yet though cuz Doc would be alone since Wy is in the breeding pen. Or, guess I could move Moonie with them then I could do it now, or as soon as I get that other pen built.

Smooch now only has 2 modes. Sleeping or on an all out tare! She races thru the house, then hides and waits to pounce on whoever is coming. In her defense, it’s a cute pounce. She just jumps out, and raises her paws in the air as if she’s playing hide n seek and she’s saying…. You caught me!!! Gypsy is playing with her a tiny bit again and is able to jump on the bed and even gets onto the tall toolbox like she used to. I think she’s feeling a tad better. Smooch is sleeping across my arm as I thumb type this.

When I fed and put the Littles up, Lovey didn’t eat. It could be that he was full from greenies but he’s never been too full before. Then again, he is sick. I know, just pray as if he’s already healed. I have. Lots of horn bashing going on too right now. And blood at the base of the horns. Oh ya, Tika is back to harassing Georgia and Pearl which is causing a rebonding between the two.

Well, I have no idea how long this blog is, remember its being typed on an IPhone. Also, due to that, I am unable to put captions under the photos. No biggie. Okie dokie then, Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.










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