Lovey’s pneumonia………

Oh my gosh, my TV has been taken over…..It’s Tosh.O…for Gods sakes. Have
you ever seen it? It’s an assault to the senses and I can’t tolerate
it..wala…I’m bloggin. Next in store is Southpark…equally as asinine and
unbearable His reasoning? “I never get to watch my shows on the TV!”
Answer…true…therefore he’s got me… But at bedtime? Yikes, that sucks…
I’m used to my movies setting the stage for my sleep. This is crazy
sh_t. I can deal, but I’m just expressing my feelings. Someone’s
gotta…in this house.

I’ve had a few people express prayers for Lovey…I know that will help so
much. He’s 6 months old now and if you don‘t know his story, he was born
with his head stuck to his chest and he was either dead or nearly dead.
I know his mom thought he was dead cuz I saw the look of surprise on her
face when he cried after I kinda wiggled him in the air. She reacted as
if she thought he was dead. And he was indeed, very close. I revived him
with the hair dryer and molasses and he’s been my Love, ever since.
Course I gave him to my husband as a means to get him to care about the
goats, and he does…he cares about Lovey….and maybe Gandhi. Oh wait…..
Damey too. Ah crap….I’m on a rant…sorry. It’s just that my life isn’t
perfect…not by a long shot…but mostly, I’m very happy.
Perspectives…watch and change the Perspectives and it changes everything.

Anyway….after we revived him he spent the night in my bed. In the
morning I fed him, then waited till he was hungry again and I’d had my
tea and progressed to juice, and I took him to his mama. He was too weak
to stand…his neck was better by now but he couldn’t stand. After awhile,
I felt sorry for him and gave him a bit of bottle She smelled it and
started head butting him. I was a dummy. I didn’t know. Now I do. We
raised him here in the living room until his chewing on things became so
bad that we had to make a pen, and I grabbed my gentlest goat, Gandhi,
to keep him company and teach him how to be a goat. It was an extreme
success. My Gandhi did it and is still doing it, cuz he’s in the pen
with all assorted sizes of the same age goat. 6 months.

The size variance is remarkable Moonee is the size of a 4 year old here.
Lovey is the size of a 4 month old. Doc and Wy are bigger than Opti…I
mean…it’s crazy, the variance. That’s why I’m gonna try for fall babies.
I said it to someone today and they said do you think you’ll be able to
make them go in rut then? I said yes…that’s the goal. But I’m making
some now just in case. And when these boys are done…. One more boy will
go in and as they say…. Clean up. That will most likely be Miyagi. Yes,
he’s white, but he’s also Milky’s uncle, which makes him a potential for
pinto or for markings. Ok, enough of this…I’m off to bed now, with Tosh
playing in my ears….goodnight sweet people, goodnight. 1:44am

Just returned from the vet. His fecal was clean and his tongue was pink,
therefore, he was treated for pneumonia. Draxill or something like that
and banamine. It worked for Lovey when he was a baby, but it didn’t work
for Cherub. The shots hurt him and he cried. A very hoarse whispery cry,
then he came and buried his head in my lap and cried some more. Ahhh, my
aching heart. Sweet sweet baby. He’s back in the pen with his friends
and pushed his way thru to get the feed, so hunger is a good thing. Love
that baby. I will watch him for the next few days and if he’s not
better, take him in for a different antibiotic…but let’s count on this
one working.

There’s some other stuff going on, farm wise, but I’m not ready to go
there, just yet. Some things just take a bit of time, prayer and action.
As you know, I don’t like to talk about things that haven’t quite got
enough faith built up under the wings…to make em fly. I will say this
much. I’m discovering my worth… the scheme of things. Sometimes
things happen, just to open our eyes, to get us on the correct path.
Some people need pushes and God knows, I am one….low self esteem, causes
doubt, even if it’s old low self esteem. Old, lingering crap that I
should have evolved out of by now. It’s hard to figure. I have a
confidence now, I have my croneness and I have the beginnings of a high
quality goat farm. My new stock and my yearlings….they are my
future…..and it’s looking bright…..brighter than the stars I saw last
night behind my eyes. I’ve seen that star configuration on most nights,
and they were in my head last night, very cool. Guess it started with me
looking at the moon.

Well, the Wy bashing has finally eased up. Shouldn’t be too much longer
before those girls go back in heat. He looked relatively happy today.
And Angel, well, he was playin with his pecker so that must be a good
thing…lol. Well, once again, my internet is giving me fits. I’ve been
trying to do photos for an hour and a half, with…what…2 photos uploading
to mail. I haven’t even tried the wordpress part, jeesh! I’m going to
end this now and try something a little different…..Maybe it’ll work. I
gotta shift the stuff from the laptop to the iphone. Could take me a
bit…so….see ya Peoples!!! Thank you so much for praying for Lovey. He
sounds horrible, but he’s hungry, so…. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch,
curly locks.








2 thoughts on “Lovey’s pneumonia………

    • No comments cuz I had to cut n paste n send from iphone. No caption ability I’ve found yet! The harness is a dog one. We do things simple here with what’s on hand. Love you

      Sheri Lee Curly Locks Ranch

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